Ed Coan On Different Body Types

December 28th 2018

Great advice @berrydemey Repost from @berrydemey using @RepostRegramApp - Don't believe everything just because you read it on internet. If you are healthy and not losing fat, you most likely have body type 3 . Of course there is more to it to optimize your metabolism and burn fat the most efficient way. But basically it comes down to what goes in and what goes out. @demey88 coaching.

2,152 Likes, 28 Comments - Ed Coan Powerlifter (@eddycoan) on Instagram: "Great advice @berrydemey Repost from @berrydemey using @RepostRegramApp - Don't believe everything..."

“If I believe in different body types for complete different diets to lose fat?


Yes, there are 3:


  1. The ones who eat what they need
  2. The ones who eat too little
  3. The ones who eat too much”


Images and text credits from @eddycoan on Instagram



Ed Coan is regarded as the greatest powerlifter of all time. He has set over 71 world records in powerlifting and became one of the lightest person to total over 2400lbs, meaning the sum total of his squat, bench press and deadlift.


Ed Coan reported this picture from @berrydemey from Instagram. Ed Coan really says it best here. Do not try to overcomplicate things.


If you are healthy and not losing body fat, chances are you have a body type 3. Of course, there are many technicalities to optimizing losing fat and to get it done efficiently. But in the larger scale of things, if you are not losing fat, there is a good chance that you are simply just eating too much.


Stop making excuses and really think critically about your diet. It is not complicated to change your life. You need to just change your mindset and continue to work towards your goals.

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