What Experts Are Not Telling You About Lifting Weights Daily

February 12th 2020

If you are trying to lift weights every day for the benefits, I am afraid you have been lied to.

Of course, most entertainment sites you read articles on have been feeding you lies.

What you know about strength training and resistance training may not be true.

Let me prove my point with this example:

If a woman wants to do heavy squats, bench presses and deadlifts, will she get bulky?

If you answered yes, you must continue reading as I debunk this myth that people should lift weights every day.

If you answered no confidently, you can review your knowledge and fact check me.

The media attributes lifting weights as good.

As a result, you want to do only the best things for your body. So, you want to lift weights every day.

This is a fair assumption. However, it is flawed if you want the optimal results.

Why You Should Not Be Lifting Weights Everyday If You Want The Best Results

These are several reasons why you should not be doing resistance training daily:


  • You have no clear, concise and measurable goal
  • You will not be able to progress meaningfully
  • You increase your risk of injury
  • You may neglect other areas of your life
  • You may not include any cardio


You have no clear, concise and measurable goal

Your fitness goal should also be realistic.

One very common goal is to lose some weight.

If you are guilty of having this as your goal, you need to understand that if you have not reached this goal, it is because you have not properly set any to begin with.

If you want to lose 10lbs and you are 300lbs, this is doable with the help of lifestyle changes, diet manipulation, and exercise.

However, if you are 120lbs and you want to lose 10lbs, you are not being realistic.

Also, you do not need to lift weights every day to lose weight anyway.

I am also pretty sure that many people who try to lift weights every day are not doing it for progress in their weights.

In other words, they do not want to increase their resistance and they are quite comfortable with the weights they are doing.

So, you really have two issues here:

  • Not having a goal to improve your resistance training
  • Not having a more specific goal for how resistance training can help you

You will not be able to progress meaningfully

You will not be able to recover properly if you are attempting to lifting heavy weights everyday.

If you have not been lifting weights seriously, you do not truly know how taxing and tiring it can be to lift heavy and intense weights at the gym.

In fact, if you were, you will be looking for a break.

Especially if you are doing compound movements like the squat, bench press and deadlift.

If you cannot recover properly for the next workout, why are you even there?

You increase your risk of injury

With not progressing properly, you also increase your risk of injury if you work out everyday.

Tendonitis, strains, joint pain are all common symptoms of what you could possibly see if you are not aware.

Because you really have two situations:

  • You lift everyday but use light weights - this will net you zero progress. You are wasting your time
  • You lift everyday but use heavy weights and try to improve - you will sustain an injury

And this exactly happened to me when I thought it was a good idea to lift weights everyday in high school.

Because everyone talks about how it is great to lift weights and how it is beneficial to be strong.

So, I connected two and two together and had a hypothesis that if I lift heavy weights and try to improve everyday, I will get stronger faster!

The result?

I was bench pressing 5 times a week (almost everyday) and tried to push myself each session for 3 weeks.

I strained my right rotator cuff and had to carefully build myself back up.

This is not something I want you to face - both wasting your time or injuring yourself.

Learn from my mistakes.

You may neglect other areas of your life

If you are wasting time in the gym, why not do something you actually enjoy and can produce tangible results?

Spend the extra time to read on the best bench press accessories you could add that might help you.

Or read about different diets, like the longevity diet and how it may impact your life if you make small changes in your eating habits so that you can live an extra 25 more years?

How would that change your quality of life?

What I am saying is that you should not waste time at the gym, be more productive and eliminate areas in your life that are not serving you.

You may not include any cardio

If you are actually being serious at the gym, you also need to work on conditioning.

You may not be doing any if you are lifting weights 7 times a week.

How do I know?

If you are making progress lifting weights, you have no energy to even move.

All of your resources and thoughts will be directed towards lifting weights.

It is not a bad decision but most people do not want to JUST lift weights.

Running, walking, anything that forces you to move your body is good for you.


It allows the heart to work and pump blood throughout your body.

It improves your cardiovascular health and while you cannot see what is happening internally, keeping your health healthy by exercising it will do wonders.

Are there any benefits to lifting weights everyday?


You are forced to move

In our current society, almost everyone has a desk job.

Plus, they live in the city, filled with technological advances.

Everything is just a push of a button away or a swipe on the phone.

People are just not moving.

So, by lifting weights everyday, at least you are doing something other than being a couch potato.

Exposure to new knowledge

It may be archaic but before the internet was around, lifters pass information through word of mouth.

So, for beginners, this can be the first exposure they get to lifting weights.

Good advice or bad, it creates new neural pathways to form and for novice lifters, this can be the start for a lifelong journey.

Lift until it does not feel heavy

If you are not aware of the Greek tale about Milo Of Croton, it’s about a legendary Greek warrior that built his great strength by lifting everyday.

However, his calf grew the same rate as he grew into a man. The average weight of a male bull is 2400lbs. 

You can see where this can get a little farfetched.

Nevertheless, this is a common strategy used today by many bodybuilders.

In order to progress with weight, they lift until the weight feels light and continue from there.

The only issue with that is that our current generation is way too emotional and will not progress at a rate proper to their strength levels.

This is one reason why programs are created - to hold the lifter accountable for each lifting session.

So, how should I start lifting weights?

One of the best beginner programs available is Starting Strength

You lift weights 3x a week, which is plenty for a beginner.

And as you progress with weight, you will wish you had more time to recover from.

Why is this one of the best programs?

I ran it twice and documented my experience with it here

All my training numbers

Lessons learned.

What the cons are.

What I wished was included.

I try to learn no stone unturned.

So, if you truly want the benefits of lifting weights, it starts off with both education and execution.

Both go hand in hand when you start to lift weights.

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