Do You Have A Burning Desire For Strength Training?

April 29th 2019

Are you getting the results you want from strength training? Do you see yourself improving? If you are not, do you even care about strength training? For many lifters, the reasons for going into the gym may be superficial. Big muscles, getting hotter for the opposite sex, getting stronger for a sport - the list can go on and on. But what does it mean to have a burning desire for strength training? Are you incorporating a Spartan mentality?

Burning desire for strength training

To truly have a burning desire in strength training, you must steadily incorporate all of the following strategies:


  • It is all you can think about
  • Use imagery
  • Picture yourself as a champion
  • Structure your lifestyle around strength training
  • You know deep down it is what you want
  • Surround yourself with like-minded lifters
  • Have a fire burning inside


What does it take to have a burning desire at the gym? There are a couple of steps that can determine whether or not you have the fire inside of you to continue pressing on, even if it can get tough.

It is all you can think about

You are dreaming about strength training. You wake up and you just think about your training again. You go down to eat breakfast - strength training is on your mind. If you are a student, you are still thinking about strength training - all the sensations at the gym, feeling how your muscles are working when you are lifting heavy weights. It is an awesome feeling that you do not want to forget or even want to stop thinking about.

This constant focus on strength training and working out is what drive you. You can feel yourself in the gym even though you may not even be there


It is one thing to just think about the gym. But you also imagine yourself hitting record level PRs. You imagine the exact sequence as well. You vision yourself putting the weights onto the barbell. You do your pre-PR walk and pep talk. You grab onto the bar the exact same way - left hand first, then right. You step under the bar for your squat. Left foot first, then right. You begin to squeeze your back together. You take a deep breath and brace your core. You stand up. You take one step back with your left foot. Another step with your right foot; your right foot will get into the final starting position. Lastly, your left foot will get into the starting position.

You also see that you go down and pop right out of the squat hole for an easy PR.

Your mental imagery of hitting new PRs will run through your mind all day. You will feel that you want to pump yourself up as well.

You are already a champion

Part of already envisioning yourself hitting record level PRs is that you also picture yourself a champion. That you have already achieved all your goals and are holding yourself up a a higher standard.

Some less passionate believers will argue that this is all wishful thinking and a big puff of smoke. Do not worry about what others think. All great ideas were once dreams and thought experiments. How did they become a reality?

One part of the process is to have a burning desire for what you believe in. So, if you have the burning desire to strength train, you are already on your way to greatness.

You structure your life around strength training

Are you grabbing life by the balls and telling it what to do? Or are you letting life control you in every possible way? We only live one life.

You will know that you have the burning desire to strength train when you do not let your circumstances define you. You are doing everything right outside the gym. You get a lot of high-quality sleep instead of partying. You researched and eat a diet that will help your body stay healthy. You are researching recovery techniques and methods that help you continue to train hard every training session.

If there is a family event on the day of your training session, you make sure that your training gets down no matter what. Ideally, you do not want to miss your family event but when push comes to shove, we all know what will be missed if it comes down to crunch time.

Down to the core, you know it is what you want

How do you know you want to strength train? How do you know if you really want it? That is a question many lifters face on whether or not to continue to pursue the higher depths of strength training. Can you envision a life without strength training? Neither can I.

There is a grounded feeling you get when you go to the gym and exert your body. You know that moving and gaining strength, especially during modern times, is right for you. Your body has experienced the sensations of lifting heavy weights and it cannot get enough of it. So, you decide you want to make it a reality - to live a life full of strength training endeavors.

And for those on the in-between crossroads, I invite you to do this. DO IT. Commit to strength training and give it 100%. You have been called to your path and now your journey awaits. The masters and disciplines are waiting to gift you the knowledge and wisdom when you need it. You just need to start the quest.

You surround yourself with like-minded lifters

Your passion is like a magnet. It will attract all the like-minded people who will help you achieve your goals. Sometimes, you will be like a bee going to all the different plants because you are attracted to it. In other times, you will be glad to receive all the rewards and knowledge bombs from others.

Surround yourself with people who can better you. Create a group of people who have the same vision as you and offer different strengths. We are all unique and it is vital for success to introduce yourself to the world. Invite whatever blessings will blow your way while making sure that you actively seek what you want.

You feel the fire inside of you

Everyone has unlimited power deep inside them. Whether or not we can tap into this power source is another story. When you strength train, you may feel some radiation of your power. It feels fiery. It feels intense. It feels like a pressure valve about to pop.

This may be what many lifters think is the burning sensation inside of them. This burning sensation is a part of your burning desire. It is a part of the equation and will come to serve you well.

Finals Thoughts

Your burning desire for strength training may start off small. It may be just smoke at first. Eventually, it will begin to burn with great intensity. Evolving into a small ember, then a small fire and eventually into a roaring inferno. Strength training has no limits, so do not enforce any onto yourself.

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