Why Your Gym Environment Could Make Or Break Your Training

February 25th 2020

Surrounding yourself with people better than you, and with like-minded lifters can be worth a lot more than you can physically calculate. 

A great gym environment will help you elevate your training by providing a great environment to learn, perform your compound movements and establish long friendships.

When choosing a gym, you might have put more weight on the location of the gym, the equipment it has, and how much it costs per month.

However, one important factor that most lifters don’t consider is their gym environment.

Your gym environment is composed of the general demographic of the gym, the equipment that is available, and the general attitude of the staff.

The gym environment is a very important factor to keep in mind when selecting a gym because your environment can have an impact on your results, motivation, and consistency.

This article will discuss why the gym environment is so important as well as some of the key factors that you should pay attention to when selecting a gym so that you are choosing the right one that is suitable for your goals.

To begin with, let’s get into why the environment of the gym may have an impact on your lifting.

Importance of environment for your goals

You may have heard of the sayings to surround yourself with good people or to put yourself in an environment designed for success.

These sayings are true for weightlifting as well.

Surrounding yourself with serious lifters who are looking to get stronger is one of the simplest things you can do to get stronger yourself.

By surrounding yourself with these types of people, you feel the pressure, motivation, and drive to work as hard or even harder than them.

It is from these environments that you will find the most growth.

To help you understand this theory better, let’s use business as an example for example.

Let’s say you are interested in running your own business but don’t know where to begin.

You would find much more progress by joining a business meetup, speaking to established business owners, or by surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests in starting their own business.

By doing so, you can work your ideas off of each other’s ideas, ask for advice, and get a better understanding of different fields you may not be knowledgeable at.

This is opposed to working on trying to make a business by yourself without surrounding yourself with the right people.

You are at a higher chance to fail because you do not have the right environment to stimulate your growth.

The same is true for weightlifting.

In the right gym environment, you constantly surround yourself with those who wish to achieve the same goals as you.

In the right environment, you can ask those with huge arms what their arm routine looks like, or those who are strong what powerlifting routine they follow.

By doing so, you are able to constantly grow as a lifter by following the advice of those who have already accomplished what you set out to accomplish.

Surrounding yourself with people who are achieving similar goals as yourself is very important for your development as a lifter.



Other benefits of finding the right gym environment

Now that you understand the main benefit of being in the right gym environment, there are a few other benefits that being in the right environment can provide.

Training Partners

When you are in the right gym environment, you can easily find other lifters to become training partners.

The best training partners are those who have similar strength levels to you, and that also have similar goals to you such as strength training.

Finding a gym partner might be more difficult in a commercial gym.

Having a training partner can help you stay consistent with your program, as well as make you push yourself.

When you are bench pressing by yourself, you might get away with holding more in the tank if you are worried about failing the rep.

However, with a training partner, someone who can hold you accountable that makes sure that you truly are giving it your all.

In addition, training partners are great for keeping you consistent in going to the gym as you don’t want to disappoint them.

Training Intensity

The gym environment has an impact on how intense you train.

Training with more intensity will lead to more muscle growth and development because you are giving it your all to put the muscle under load.

Have you ever heard of the idea that men are able to lift more weights when there is a hot woman nearby?

It’s true, just the presence of an attractive female will help boost your testosterone levels.

A similar effect can be seen in a gym that is filled with meatheads.

When the gym is filled with people who are looking to achieve similar goals as you, it is much more rewarding and motivating of an environment to lift in.

You get a sense of needing to prove yourself to everybody else, as well as the pressure to push yourself more to equate the intensity of the gym.

An analogy to this would be being able to study better in the library.

In a library where the environment is naturally quiet and there are little to no distractions, it’s no wonder you might get a lot more work done faster.

Your environment and the people you surround yourself with have a bigger impact on you than you might have been led to believe.



Sense of camaraderie

In a gym where everybody is striving to reach similar goals, there is a sense of camaraderie that can transcend simply your lifting results.

The gym is a time you will spend at least 1 hour for multiple days a week in. If you go to a commercial gym where all the members are coming and going like a walking door, due to their lack of commitment, you will not be able to develop as deep of a companionship than in a gym where everybody is relatively consistent.

If you are planning on spending so much time in a gym, why not spend it with people that you care about or with those that share similar interests such as yourself?

What makes a good gym besides having mandatory equipment?

Besides having mandatory equipment, a good gym is one that allows you to go consistently and perform all the lifts you require.

A good gym does not have any strict rules on what lifts you can or cannot perform.

A good gym is one that is cleaned frequently which shows that the gym owner cares about the equipment and the lifters.

A good gym can be identified by the gym culture and how clean the gym is maintained.

If people are not reracking their weights, it might be a sign that the gym owner is not very involved in their gym culture.

There are a lot of important factors that can impact how well you perform in the gym, and the gym environment is one of the simplest ones that most lifters overlook.

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