Do These Things To Absolutely Crush Your Next Workout

August 12th 2019

If you’ve ever wondered about how to pump yourself up for a workout, this article is for you. For some people, going to the gym for a workout is something they look forward to all day. Don’t worry if you aren’t one of those people; I know I’m not.

Check out this list of 12 ways to pump yourself up for a workout. Put a few of these ideas in play every day and you’ll be looking forward to your workouts in no time!

How To Pump Yourself Up For A Workout?

1. Remember Your Why

Why are you working out? Is it to be healthier? Is it to have more energy for your new job? If you are only going to the gym because people say it is the thing to do, you may find yourself losing motivation quickly. Figure out why you want to accomplish your goals in the gym and then think about that often. 

2. Develop a Mantra 

Positive self-talk is a big deal to your brain. It has the power to completely alter your thinking. A mantra is a few keywords or phrases that, when repeated, help you to shut out the negative self-talk and focus on one thing. (Booth, Jessica. 2018). To help you get pumped up for a workout, develop a fitness-related mantra and repeat it to yourself many times in the hours leading up to your workout. It can be anything that makes you feel good about yourself, your body and your health. Try this simple phrase, or come up with your own: “I am strong and capable.” 

3. Steal Energy from Others

This is just another way to say try group exercise classes. There’s something so energizing about a room full of other people working hard right next to you, loud music, and not to mention the enthusiastic instructor.  Even if you are tired and lacking motivation when you start the class, there’s no doubt you’ll be pumped up by the time you leave. Most gyms have a variety of group exercise classes geared towards full body workouts. Ask the staff if you aren’t sure which would be best for you, and then try a few until you find a format and instructor you like.

4. Find a Workout Partner to Share Your Pain

Group exercise not your thing? Find or meet a workout partner to help you get pumped up for a workout. It’s an innate desire to impress others, so a workout partner will help you get your game face on. A partner can also help you stay accountable to showing up for the workout, as well as inspire you to lift just a little bit heavier once in the gym. Ask around your friend group, post on social media, or chat up someone you see at the gym at the same time as you. 

5. Set Your Goals

This may sound cliche, but setting your goals is very helpful in getting excited to work out. Without goals, you could easily pass up your time to workout in favor of something else, or worse, waste your time in the gym if you do make it there. According to a recent article on, a thoughtful and well-structured goal can give you the extra motivation to keep going when you want to quit. The article recommends making your goals measurable, specific, time-bound, easy at first, and your own. (McCoy, Jenny. 2019)  

First, think of a longer-term goal, be it to run a marathon, lose 20 pounds, win a powerlifting contest or train for a body-building competition. Once you’ve established that, set your intention for each particular workout ahead of time. Knowing that your workout today will be lower body strength training and 10 minutes of core work will pump you up more than going in without a plan. 

6. Study Up

Believe it or not, there is a lot of science and anatomy involved with looking good on the beach. Once you’ve thought about and established some goals, it’s time to put them into action. Look into some basic workout principles or consider hiring a professional trainer or coach. Armed with some knowledge and a general understanding of why and how your daily workout leads you to your larger goals will get you mentally ready to tackle it.  

For instance, 5/3/1 Forever teaches you very practical programming, which is invaluable. Starting Strength arms beginner lifters with one of the most basic programming methodologies in order to continue getting stronger. So, there are always new things to learn; your mind just needs to be open to other possibilities.

7. Prepare Ahead

Gather everything you’ll need for a kick-butt workout, pack your gym bag from the night before, and leave it by the front door. Having everything prepared and ready to go will make you feel accomplished even before you set foot in the gym door and ensure that your workout goes smoothly once you get there. Not sure what to prepare? Read the next four tips for ideas. 

8. Music

It’s no coincidence that so many people on the gym floor are plugged into headphones: according to an article posted on the National Center For Health Research website, a recent study suggests that listening to songs you enjoy likely increases your serotonin levels, putting you in a better mood for your workout. (Markell, Jenny.)

Prepare ahead by creating a playlist of all your favorite songs and making sure it’s accessible on your smartphone or tablet. If your schedule allows, start listening to it even before you arrive at the gym to get pumped up. 

Music not really your thing? A good audiobook or Ted talk could work similarly to music by distracting you during a mundane workout. 

9. Dress for Function, Fit and Fashion

Pump yourself up for a workout by preparing your fitness wardrobe ahead of time. Select key pieces that fit you well and flatter your figure. Make sure each piece is functional to meet the demands of your chosen activity, such as moisture-wicking fabric. Lastly, choose pieces that are trendy and make you feel good when you wear them. 

10. Eat To Perform

Food is life. Food will directly impact your performance. Food affects your mood. If you haven’t yet realized that in life, it’s high time you do. Nutritional psychiatry is a new field that looks at the correlation between what you eat and how you feel, and according to an article put out by Harvard Medical School, studies are finding that what you eat directly affects the structure and function of your brain. (Selhub MD, Eva. 2018). 95% of serotonin, your feel-good hormone, is produced in your gastrointestinal tract and the production of serotonin is largely affected by your gut bacteria. (Selhub MD, Eva. 2018). When you eat a healthy diet that is free of processed foods and added sugars, your gut bacteria thrive, and your mood increases. The best way to pump yourself up for a workout is to eat healthy, clean foods all day, every day! 

11. Take a Pre-Workout Supplement

In addition to eating a clean diet, many professional athletes and amateur gym-goers alike prescribe to taking a pre-workout supplement. There are many different pre-workouts available on the market today, and you should be sure to study up (see tip #6!) and do your research before deciding if one is right for you. Certain supplement ingredients are better for certain activities. For example, creatine, caffeine and citrulline are known to be best for strength and power exercises such as weight training, while nitrates and BCAAs may be better for long-lasting endurance activities. (Tinsley, Grant. 2017)

12. Warm Up 

Lastly, try pumping yourself up for the best workout by properly warming up. This should include foam rolling, core activation exercises, and/or light stretching to ensure your muscles are pliable and able to neurologically respond. You can use this time to repeat your mantra and remember your why as well. 

A bonus tip: begin with the end in mind. Remind yourself that you will feel better after a workout, both physically and mentally, and that feeling will stay with you for the rest of the day! 


Hopefully, some or all of the above tips will help you figure out how to pump yourself up for a workout. Try a few and let us know how it goes!

It is almost important to note that this is only one side of the coin for training. While many novice lifters may think that getting pumped up for a workout is a great thing, many other lifters (including myself) train by being as calm as possible. We try to limit the emotions we feel during training and just hit the weight without showing any positive or negative reactions. Just some more information for those of you who feel that pumping yourself up for a workout may be too exhausting.


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