The Right Way Of How You Should Tackle On Mental Fatigue

February 19th 2020

If you find yourself looking for a way to push through mental fatigue on Google, hopefully, this will be the last article you will read.

Look, we need solutions.

And I am willing to provide you with some.

My ideas may seem a bit far-fetched but they are nothing new.

Thousands of people are doing them each day, executing them precisely and with tons of energy.

Am I getting you excited?

So, let us not waste a moment and go over how you have push through mental fatigue when you do not want to do anything else.

How to push through mental fatigue

Here are some strategies that can help you push through mental fatigue:


  • Taking it one motion at a time
  • Eliminate distractions
  • You must be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • You may need to just relax
  • You need to get in shape physically


Taking it one motion at a time

Set super short goals so that you can meet them each day.

By doing so, you are establishing a long term habit of success.

For fitness, if you have 3 challenging working sets, you might feel mentally exhausted.

You might just want to quit.

You feel overwhelmed that you have three more sets when your last warmups were pretty hard too.

Calm down.

Dial down your energy a bit and focus.

Focus on one set at a time, one rep at a time.

Do not think about anything else but being present with your exercise.

One rep.

Then, two.

Go for three.

Push through the muscle burn.

You get the picture.

Before you know it, one set is complete and you only have two more sets left.

For work and personal projects, again, set yourself small goals.

If you have to call 10 draining clients for the day, pace yourself for 1 right now.

Just focus on making sure you get 1 done to the best of your ability.

If you are doing personal business and have 5 things on your to-do list for yourself, breaking them up into small goals can help.

Also, focusing on one specific area for a time until it is accomplished is a good thing.

Overall, take baby steps in order to finish the entire race.

Eliminate distractions

Get some peace and quiet so that you can focus on your goals.

One drastic change you can implement is by getting your work done early in the morning.

A ton of very successful people implement this technique.

Why does it work?

You get an hour or two of peace in the morning where nobody is grabbing at your attention.

It is just you, your conscience and your work.

This allows you to focus better and get more work done.

This can be applied to fitness, work, and personal projects.

But I work better at night!

There are some people that might claim that they get more work done at night.

I must respond that you are in control of your life.

Whether you choose to do things in the morning, noon, or night, it does not matter to me.

What I do care about is that you are on track with your goals and you are hitting them every day.

But let me ask you this:

When you work on your projects at night, are you giving it 100%?

Because for nearly 100% of people who gave the early morning rituals a try, they all respond positively with how much focus, energy, and productivity they feel compared to working at night.

This is not to say that you cannot be efficient at night.

It can be more convenient.

However, compared to doing your projects and tasks in the morning, there is a drastic difference.

And you owe it to yourself to only give the best efforts to your dreams and aspirations.

You must be comfortable with the uncomfortable

If you really want to reach your goals and they are worthwhile reaching, it will be tough.

There will be setbacks and delays, some that you can be prepared for and some unexpected.

You must be willing to face all challenges with courage.

In fitness, this can be a training injury, or things not going according to plan.

In work or personal projects, this could mean net losses, losing money and failing to meet deadlines.

However, despite all of these issues, you will come out a stronger person in the end as long as you do not quit.

Do not quit and keep on pushing.

Even if you are slowly pushing, you will create future tracks that will make this journey much more easy if you face the same situation twice.

You may need to just relax

If your mental fatigue is still not going away, it may be a symptom that you need to relax and take it easy.

I know, you need to keep working or else you cannot complete the task, project or deadline on time.

But your brain is signaling to your entire body that something is not quite right.

It would be foolish to ignore these warnings.

Unless you are a chronic procrastinator or have not worked 80+ hours a week for months, you may not know what true mental fatigue is until it just hits you.

You can do better work by just taking it easy for a while and letting your body recharge.

It might not make sense now since your body is just giving you a lot of symptoms of the punishment it took all this time.

But with patience, you will see that your quality of life has improved overall after you take a short break from all your work.

This is to recover from all that mental fatigue and stress you accumulated.

You need to get in shape physically

It is commonly said that if you have a strong mind, you will have a strong body.

So, it is accurate to say that a powerful, healthy body is a good indicator that you can have strong willpower.

So, if you are not athletic, do not hit the gym regularly, or eat properly, you are feeding your mind weak habits.

And in order to fix that, you need to get in shape.

First, learn how to work out properly.

Learn strength training principles that you can build upon for life, like the current program (5/3/1 Forever) I am running. 

Then, start to religiously go to the gym, no matter what.

You need discipline in your life and going to the gym is one way of making sure that you can develop that.

No matter what event, situation, or circumstance happens, you get yourself to the gym to get in your workouts.

That is the number one priority and then you can allow life to control you (if you may).

But sooner or later, you will realize how much power you truly possess and you will begin to change your life for the better.

You will realize if you can improve your strength and physique, that you do anything you set your mind to.

Work and personal project specific, timed working

Not related to working out, but if you are working on your tasks, having timed work intervals will definitely help you push past any mental fatigue.


You are training your brain by rewarding it with a small break so that you can slightly unwind and destress from.

I have heard a lot of different timed sequences:

  • 30 minutes of work, 5 minute break
  • 20 minutes of work, 1 minute break

And this isn’t your regular work.

This is efficient, zero break and no slacking off work.

This would make many regular 9-5 workers feel a bit shameful about their productivity.

In the end, you can decide what is best for your schedule.


You need to change something in your life.

This is why the mental fatigue is showing it.

It is a sign for you to get stronger.

Maybe you need to check on your diet, hormones, sleep, stress levels, etc.

Or if you determined that you are healthy, you need to do some physical changes.

Change your habits or lifestyle routine to see if your mind will respond.

But as every successful person knows, you cannot allow your mind to take control of the situation.

It may reveal to you when you need a small break or so, but you will remain in control.

And when you are in control, you can push through mental fatigue or random thoughts that may distract you from your greatness.

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