How to strength train during the holidays

December 27th 2018

It is tough enough to try and exercise throughout the year. Adding in the holidays just throws everything out of schedule. Exercise becomes even less of a priority, as your to-do lists continues to grow and grow.


Especially for strength training. It may feel like you have the entire world on your shoulders since you will be lifting heavy. Pile on stress and everyday work, and that will guarantee you a recipe for disaster.


Which is exactly why you should continue to strength train during the holidays. Working out and staying active will give you energy, reduce stress and allow you to enjoy your holidays treats even more.


So, how can you find that balance? Here are some foolproof advice to help you make sure you are prepared for the holiday strength training workouts and to make sure your holiday season is filled with gains and prosperity.


Be Prepared


If you are not sure about your schedule, you need to plan for the worst-case scenario. It is bad enough if you do not have a schedule to go by but it does not do you any good if you cannot adjust to the hectic holiday rush.



I invite you to try these strategies in order to make sure you have ample time to strength train during the holidays. Life happens so it does not do us any good to sulk. Instead, we should look for alternatives.



  • Workout early in the morning or late at night. It is not perfect or ideal. But regardless, you need to get in the work needed to make gains.

  • Circuit workouts. If you are really pressed for time, a quick 15 minute session will do. Strength training at home is possible.
  • Find out the holiday schedules for nearby gyms. Do a quick 30 minute workout at nearby gyms. You do not want to be surprised that they are closing down early or just flat out not opened.
  • Workout with your neighbor. Do your neighbors workout? Nothing is great that a community that lifts weights. Help each other out.


Make a Plan in Advanced


If you are travelling or going to do new activities, you need to plan. It will really be night and day. Figure out your options so that you can be prepared to do organic strength training workouts during the holidays. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Find out if the hotels have a gym. Do they have weights?

  • If you are staying with friends and family, ask if they have weights and workout equipment.

  • Look up nearby gyms and use a guest pass.

  • Speak with the family about your goals of strength training during the holidays. Chances are they can give your many local suggestions on how to make sure your trip is fruitful.

  • Strength training at home is an option as well. Come prepared with the best strength training exercises and do a quick 15-30 minute workout.


Barbell workouts


If you want to try something fresh, these two routines are two strength training workouts I have tried in the past. They will get the job done and help you get stronger.



One of the most important lessons to learn is that you need to be realistic and be willing to adapt to change. Holiday schedules are tricky and does not work well for everyone, so you can only do your best. Try to do as much as you can and just pick up where you left off when you get back home.

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