How can strength training improve your life?

May 19th 2018

How can strength training improve your life?

When you hear the phrase "strength training," you may immediately think about huge bulky guys who do nothing but go to the gym and eat a lot of food. While this stereotype fits a minority of strength athletes, a lot of people who are strength training are just like you and me. We all live our own lives and love to increase our own strength.

So, how does strength training improve our lives? There is no doubts that strength training allows us to enjoy our time here on this planet. The physical challenges strength athletes face in the gym translates to an incredible amount of developed qualities in your life.

With that said, here are six ways in which strength training makes a positive impact in your life.

1) You get stronger

This is the most obvious benefit. You will get stronger. Period.

By being stronger, you can tackle on more physically demands in life. You can perform more hard labor for your family is needed. You can demonstrate your strength in outdoor sports, which will definitely impress your friends and family.

2) You feel better

After tough workouts, you will want to take a good rest. You will find that after sleeping your 8-9 hours a day, you will feel like a million bucks.

You will feel incredible; you just slept like a baby all night. Not only that but you will also be more equipped to tackle on the rest of the day.

3) Confidence boost

Strength training is a long process. By taking it one day at a time, one workout at a time, you may find that your mentality has changed.

You will feel more assertive in life. You will feel more confident. Little life nuances do not seem to bother you anymore. Why is that?

Because you have developed your body through hard work and improved your self esteem. As a result, it is very natural to feel very powerful and confident after strength training for some time.

4) Humbles you

Strength training will have its ups and downs. And when you go down, you will hit rock bottom.

Strength training humbles you. It keeps your ego in check. This is crucial since many newer lifters think strength training can be casual and they do not respect the compound movements. They do not take it seriously.

As a result, many of the newer lifters will find that when they attempt one rep maxes, they fail. If they do not fail, they lift with very dangerous form. Newer lifters may wonder why they have not gotten stronger. Is there something that they are not doing?

And the truth is, there is not anything more they can do. If they are training hard, eating well and recovering harder, the last component to face is time. Time is the last factor if your training, nutrition and rest are all maximized. However, many lifters, including some elite lifters, will face tough life challenges that may put some restraint on one or some combination of the three factors to develop strength.

Strength training humbles you. You cannot be impatient. It takes time to grow and if you are honest with yourself and do things the right way, your body will reward you with life changing Prs.

5) Teaches you about persistence

Strength training is not all fun and games. There will be times. There will be many times where you may feel like quitting.

Pushing your body to the limit, you may have suffered an injury, which is a major setback to all strength athletes. So, what can you do? How can you keep getting stronger without going to the gym?

You will learn about persistence and grit. To toughen up when the life gets difficult. If you are unable to go to the gym, can you find some pain-free movements to get stronger in the meantime? Can you find alternative programs to work on while your body recovers?

Strength development is not always linear. Everyone needs to go through their own path to develop into their strongest self.

6) Can improve other areas in your life

With all the character and personal developments made through strength training, it will 100% translate into other areas in your life.

Everything will seem easier and more manageable. Life's ups and downs will not affect you as much.

Life's chores will not be as bothersome. You will see that family pressures and work stress do not irk you. In other words, life is no longer in control. You are in control of it.


Strength training can be a wonderful option to improve your quality of life. In addition to physical benefits, strength training also helps you unlock new areas of your life to explore. And to experience life's treasures and to live each day to the fullest, you are in control of your path. So, let us all strength train and reach closer to our untapped potential.


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