Can I train two days in a row? Will I be overtrained?

May 7th 2018

We discussed training frequencies; people who train at drastically different frequencies per week were still able to develop strength after a few months of following the designed program. The different frequencies ranged from once a week to as often as six times a week.

It is to be expected - the more often you train, the more likely it is that you may need to train at least two days in a row

So, this begs the question, is it a good idea?

If you are making your own program, you may be wondering if training two consecutive days would be beneficial. If you choose to follow a program, you will realize how powerful it is have good programming. Good programming essentially builds a starting foundation for you to mold your strength.

Back to the main question...

The short answer is yes, you can train two days in a row. There are no drawbacks to train two days in a row and it is a very popular programming sequence many elite strength athletes use in order to continuously build strength, while tackling life constraints.

The long answer is also yes; training two days in a row is an excellent way of staying in shape and developing strength. Many strength programs include some form of two consecutive day training in order to build strength.

Many veteran strength athletes, such as Dave Ricks and Alan Thrall, have incorporated consecutive days of training in order to keep on growing. There are many reasons why they do this but the most important one is this ? it works.

If it did not, we would be training a different frequency and tempo. We would be focused on another programming style that works. Essentially, this article would not exist.

Without further delay, here are 3 reasons why I recommend someone who is programming their schedule to train two days in a row:

1) Get the hard work out of the way

In a perfect world, we would be able to strength train everyday. Rest would not be an issue and our strength progression would be linear.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. We need to careful plan out our program to avoid injury and burnout. One benefit to training two days in a row is that you get to get all the hard work out of the way. You will have more time for yourself, either for other life demands or another session of hard training.

2) Rest is coming... eventually

Because you are training two days in a row, you will probably schedule a rest day or two after the 2nd consecutive workout. By the 2nd day, you may feel as if rest cannot come sooner.

This is perfect because you will gladly and gratefully take advantage of your rest and not think twice about it. The rest will feel rewarded since you trained hard; it will be necessary at the same time since your limitations for strength growth is through recovery.

3) It is about availability

Probably one of the biggest reasons to train two days in a row is because it helps mitigate life stresses. What do I mean by this?

Picture the generic strength training: 3 days a week, Monday Wednesday Friday. At least one hour in the gym per session.

What are the odds that you will be free on those alternating days? Even if you move the schedule one day forward or backward, some people may not be available to train on the weekends due to other life responsibilities.

Therefore, people can train consecutive days to accumulate fatigue and stress in a systematic way to make sure their training is balanced. Strength athletes need to make sure that the amount of fatigue accumulated per week can be managed to allow strength progression.


Your perfect program will not work for you if you cannot manage the weekly and monthly workout fatigue and life stresses. Take advantage of this workout strategy in order to free up your schedule for other life appointments.

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