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How Much Do The Best Adjustable Weight Benches Cost?

April 1st 2020

For those who are just getting started with weightlifting, building a home gym, and have no clue where to start, this article will give you a general overview of the different types of benches that are out there and what the best one is for different goals.

For starters, a weightlifting bench is imperative for all home gyms.

Unless if you plan on performing all exercises standing, or lying down on the floor, a bench will serve as a stable surface allowing you to perform a variety of exercises.

There are many different types of benches. 

You have flat benches, incline, and decline.

You can choose to purchase a bench for all the different angles, but to make things even more convenient, you can purchase an adjustable bench that allows you to change the angle to whatever fits your needs.

In this article, we will be discussing what an adjustable bench is and what is its purpose, as well as our recommendation for a few of the best adjustable benches that are currently on the market.

What is an adjustable bench?

An adjustable bench is exactly what its name suggests.

It is just like a regular weight bench, with the addition of being able to adjust what angle you want the back of the bench to be set at.

An adjustable bench is great for those who want to do exercises at an incline, or even a decline.

By being able to incorporate incline and decline exercises, you are able to perform far more exercises and work an even greater variety of muscle groups than those simply worked on a flat bench.

An adjustable bench is a necessity for all home gyms because of all the benefits it can offer.

Some of the exercises you might want to do require a surface with a stable back so you can support yourself.

Well, with an adjustable bench, you can simply raise the head of the bench and there’s your stable back.

All in all, an adjustable bench is a must-have in all home gyms.

They are not that much more expensive than a regular flat bench so if you are in the market for a bench, then an adjustable bench will be your best bet.

What to look for when purchasing an adjustable bench?

Adjustable benches are not crazy special.

As long as they can do their job as being a stable surface and able to support your body weight during all your exercises, it should be sufficient.

But there are some subtle differences between benches that might be a big deal for you depending on what type of lifter you are and what your goals are.

For example, most benches are lined with a smooth material designed for easy cleaning.

This can be great, especially after you finished exercising and sweating all over it.

However, the downside may be that the sleekness might allow your body to slide on it while performing an exercise.

So, take into consideration what kind of grip you want for your adjustable bench.

Another factor you may want to take into consideration is how much of an incline and decline the bench can handle.

Most benches are designed to handle an incline of up to 90 degrees so that the head of the bench is perpendicular with the floor.

However, not all benches are designed to be used with a decline.

If you are looking for an adjustable bench that can handle decline, you want to make sure the bench can handle your desired decline setting.

After taking into account some of the factors that play a role in your decision making on what type of adjustable bench you want, here are some of our recommendations on the best adjustable benches that you can order online.

For those who want the best bang for their buck

If you are looking for an all-around great adjustable bench that is the best bang for your buck, you cannot go wrong with the Flybird adjustable weight bench.

This bench allows you to adjust between 10 different positions of the back and seat very quickly with its well-designed locking mechanism.

The bench is lined with high-quality leather making it durable and set to last for ages.

In addition, this bench is foldable allowing you to easily store it in a closet when you are not using it.

Overall a great bench that can give you the best bang for your buck.

It does its job, by being a stable surface for you to perform exercises on and is adjustable.

The Steelbody Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

The Steelbody Deluxe Utility Weight Bench is the jack of all trades.

Here are some of its strengths:

  • 2” thick padding
  • Canvas vinyl coverings for your comfort
  • 6 adjustable positions for the back rest
  • Foot pads to prevent floor scraping
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • 300lbs weight limit

For those who want to be able to perform decline exercises

For those who wish to be able to perform decline exercises, you can’t go wrong with the Feiredun adjustable workout bench.

The Feierdun weight bench allows 8 different positions, with 1 position being a 30-degree decline.

Similar to the Flybird adjustable weight bench, the Feierdun is capable of handling 700 lbs., is covered with a leather cushion, and has a quick and easy-to-use locking mechanism for adjusting between different angles.

The added benefit is that it allows users to set a decline position to allow you to perform decline exercises.

FringeSport Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

FringeSport has an awesome decline bench press that you cannot go wrong with.

These are some of its strengths:

  • 1000lbs weight limit
  • Lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee for 1 year
  • 7 ladder positions, from 85 degree incline all the way to -20 degree decline
  • Vinyl coverings for support
  • 2.5” thick cushioning
  • 2 wheels for easy transportation

What more could you ask for an adjustable weight bench?

And to be honest, I purchased a flat weight bench back in 2016 and it has served me very well.

It even caught a 425lbs squat fail! (but it destroyed my cheap barbell).

And while the bench does seem a tiny bit crooked from the incident, it is still getting the job done.

But I thought I wouldn’t be thinking about doing any incline or decline exercises.

How wrong was I in this thinking experiment…

If you are serious about strength training, learn from my mistakes and get yourself an adjustable weight bench, something that can handle heavy-duty strength training.

What type of exercises can you perform on an adjustable bench?

If you still don’t believe me in the versatility and use of the adjustable bench, here is a list of some of the exercises you can perform on an adjustable bench that you cannot perform on a flat bench.




  • Incline dumbbell bench press targeting the upper chest
  • Incline dumbbell curl targeting the long head of the biceps
  • Seated shoulder press targeting the anterior deltoid
  • Seated triceps extension targeting the long head of the triceps
  • Incline dumbbell flies targeting the upper pecs 
  • And many more!


  • Decline dumbbell bench targeting the lower chest
  • Decline crunches to target the abdominals
  • And much more!

To be quite honest, an incline bench has a lot more exercise variations that you can perform than a decline bench so unless if there is an exercise that you really want to perform that requires a decline, then getting an adjustable bench with just the incline levels should be suitable for most lifters.




An adjustable weight bench should not cost more than your power cage.

That is for sure.

Nevertheless, make sure the specs and quality are spot on before pulling the trigger.




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