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American Barbell Camber Bar Review and Analysis

April 21st 2020

Did you ever stop to think about why, when, and should you use a camber bar?

In this article, we will review the American Barbell Camber Bar and what makes it great.

American Barbell Camber Bar

American Barbell Camber Bar Price

Currently, this specialty bar is priced at $199.  

American Barbell Camber Bar Specifications

Weight: 40LBS

Shaft Diameter: 1.910”

Overall Length: 93”

Loadable Sleeve Length 15.625”

Sleeve Diameter 1.910”

Camber Height: 16.50"

How much does a camber bar weight?

The American Barbell Camber Bar weighs 40lbs.

Other camber bars tend to weigh between 65-85lbs, so this is one of the lighter variations of the camber bar.

Why Use A Camber Bar?


  • Decreased shoulder and elbow pressure while squatting
  • Another exercise variation
  • Adds another training variable (instability) 


The camber bar has a reputation of being used to develop squatting speed, squat depth, and also rehab injuries.

The camber bar can also be used for other exercises such as good mornings, lunges, calf raises, and step-ups.

Also, for more information on how exactly you should train with a rackable camber bar, here is a very educational demo video:

Camber Bar Squat Benefits


  • Weight is positioned differently compared to a barbell squat
  • More stress on your posterior chain


Closing Thoughts

The American barbell cambered bar is a great bar but you have to know what you are doing.

Also, you should know why you are purchasing this specialty bar over a regular barbell.

If you have identified your weaknesses and the camber bar is one solution to your issues, I have no doubt that this piece of equipment will serve you well for decades to come

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