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What Are The Best Farmer's Walk Handles For You?

Updated April 22nd 2020; September 2nd 2019

Farmer’s Handles, also known as Farmer’s Walk Handles have an unspoken reputation for being the top exercise to build muscle and increase strength. 

The equipment is relatively simple, but some models stand out from the rest. 

This exercise pushes the body in ways that other forms of strength training cannot. 

It challenges the whole body and has excelled in boosting grip strength, forearm size, and conditioning. 

The best farmers walk handles depend on your individual needs, but there are certainly some that raise the bar, where you get your benefit for the bargain.  

Best Farmers Walk Handles 

The best Farmer’s Walk Handles will look at cost, materials, and performance. Listed below are the four of the best Farmers Walk Handles on the market today:


  • Titan Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles

  • Ader Sporting Goods Black Farmers Walk Handles

  • Fringe Sport Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles 

  • Fringe Sports Farmer’s Walk Handles 


Titan Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles

The Titan Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles are affordable and serves as a more practical alternative compared to the other full-size Farmer’s Walk Handles on the market. 

Each handle weighs nine pounds with a length of five inches each. 

The handles also fit plates up to eighteen inches in diameter. 

Another note, they also fit standard two-inch Olympic plates. 

While some lifters boast on the convenience of the Titan Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles, they also point out some cons. 

As the name of the equipment points out, these are “mini” handles. 

Some athletes suggest that the minis are great for the average gymgoer but cautioned that it might not be practical for a large set of weights. 

So, overall for the average lifter, the Titan Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles are ideal. 

Their size allows most lifers to fit them in their gym bags. Another lifter said that these handles don’t graze your knees or swing commonly experienced with trap bars. 

They appear to be sturdy and efficient, and the budget-friendly price is something all reviewers can agree on. 

With all that said, Titan Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles seem to be the best mini farmer’s Walk handles on the market; in addition, hosting a reasonable price to match. 

Titan Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles Dimensions

  • Weight: 9 LB each (18 LB Total)
  • Length: 18"
  • Width: 3"
  • Height: 10"
  • Handle diameter: 1.1"
  • Handle length: 5"
  • Fits plates up to: 18" diameter 

Ader Sporting Goods Black Farmers Walk Handles

The Ader Sporting Goods Black handles are suitable for both a home gym and a commercial-grade gym. 

Each handle weighs approximately forty-two pounds. 

They appear sturdy and have a weight capacity of eight hundred pounds per bar. 

Lifters have found that these handles are perfect for building grip and enhancing upper back strength. 

They seem to be conditioned to sustain training for Strongman Competitions, cardio, and other strength training exercises. 

A con to the Ader Sporting Goods Black handles is that they are not the standard diameter. However, this may not be a con worth dismissing the overall quality of the product. 

Since they are smaller than the standard Olympic bars, some athletes have complained that using other collars results in “weights flying off.” 

But this should be obvious since you are always moving during a farmers walk. 

Having appropriately sized collars is essential for having a good experience with your farmer’s carries. 

Other gym-goers found that the clips that come with the handes move around if you slam the weight down too hard. 

They caution other lifters that it is a good product, but would not recommend dropping the handles. 

Overall, it is a solid choice and you really cannot go wrong with a heavy-duty product.

Ader Sporting Goods Black Farmers Walk Handles Specifications

  • 30 mm diameter handle with 12" Olympic sleeves
  • Durable handles are knurled for a better grip
  • Sold as a pair, weigh 42 Lbs, 800lbs Capacity

Fringe Sport Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles 

Fringe Sport also has Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles on the market. 

They are listed at $109.00. 

The handles are eight pounds each and have a weight capacity of three hundred and thirty pounds each. 

The handles are about half the size of the full-size Farmer Handles. 

They are made of powder-coated steel which restricts any slipping of the bumpers while walking and provides for a tight, reassuring grip. 

The price is lower compared to other mini handles on the market. 

The mini handles are more practical for average lifters, and the smaller size makes for a mode of easier transport. 

Like other minis on the market, they are not practical for the heavier lifters simply because the weight capacity is restricting. 

The equipment is solid and is very effective for the average lifter. 

Fringe Sport Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles Specifications

  • Weight: 8 pounds each
  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds each
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Sleeve Dimensions: 7.75 inches long with 2 inch diameter
  • Material: Powder-Coated Steel

Fringe Sports Farmer’s Walk Handles 

Fringe Sports Farmer’s Walk Handles are on the market for $210.00. 

Each bar weighs twenty-five pounds and has a weight capacity of four hundred and forty-pound weight capacity. 

Fringe Sports is confident in their product and even offers free shipping. 

The handles also have a one-year warranty, and a year’s satisfaction guarantee offering free returns. 

I even purchased these myself and I find them very useful.

However, some athletes expressed that the knurling was less aggressive than what they expected.

 However, the quality of the bars seems to be spot on, and the sturdiness meets the buyer’s expectations. 

The price is also comparable to other handles on the market. 

Fringe Sports Farmer’s Walk Handles Specifications 

  • Weight: 25 pounds each 
  • Material: Powder-Coated Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 440 pounds per handle
  • Length: 5 feet
  • Handle Specs: 9 inches long, 5 1/2 inches from main bar, 1 1/4 inch diameter
  • Sleeve Specs: 11 1/2 inches long, 2 inch diameter

Cheap farmers walk handles = Best Farmer’s Walk Handles Overall?

Cheaper does not always mean better, but with the overall strength and fitness purpose attained with the mini farmer’s walk handle models, the Titan price should override any question of choice in selecting the best overall mini farmer’s walk handle product by far. 

In comparison, the mini farmer’s walk handles compared to the regular farmer’s walk handle would be judged not merely on the performance, but on the user’s preference. 

The baseline judgment for the mini farmer’s walk handle would have to lean in favor of the Titan mini farmer’s walk handles product. 

Although the Fringe Sport Mini Farmer’s Walk Handle is basted with a powder-coated steel finish, the price tag is still only half the cost of the Titan model. 

For the average gymgoer and fitness enthusiast, the margin of diminishing returns would fit better for the wallet instead of the grip. 

In turn, the seasoned heavy lifter, bodybuilder, or professional powerlifter would have to opt for the highest performance in the farmer’s walk handle market. 

“No pain, no gain,” would more than not suffice for the additional cost associated with the most superior product. 

A preference for the minis is just that, a preference, but is not a realistic option for the professional bodybuilder or the competition powerlifter.

 Heavy-duty weight has to be held up with heavy-duty strength. 

Both models are built using heavy-duty industrial-grade material, but one edges out the other in overall use in design. 

The FringeSport model is impressive and shows that a compact or smaller handle can be used to attain or hold heavyweight.

A designed weight of twenty-five pounds is a stellar and mobile option that is rated to hold almost 450lbs of iron. 

Some people may say, “bigger isn’t always better,” but for the competitive powerlifter or bodybuilder, this cannot hold water. 

The twenty-five pound model from Fringe sounds appealing, but it does not hold a candle to the Ader Sporting Goods Black model. 

The heavy-duty forty-two-pound product will hold the weight; in which, six-hundred twenty-five pounds can be coddled on these handles, an astonishing one-hundred eighty-pound plus difference!

The farmer’s walk handle exercise is not a heavy impact exercise measured in regards to a deadlift, in which, the participant drops the weight repeatedly. 

If used properly, the collars should not be exposed to such abrasive use, when done correctly. In this case, I would say: “Go big or go home, “in terms of the regular size farmer’s walk handle.

Here, choosing the Ader Sports Black model for the serious powerlifter, Strongman, or even gym-goer would be ideal and the Titan mini model for the average fitness enthusiast’s best choice overall. 

However, if you are unsure whether or not you should purchase a mini farmer’s handle or not, you should always go for the full size. 

Unless space or money is an issue, you will 99% find yourself using a full-size Farmer’s Walk handle in training, competition or even in someone’s home gym. 

The mini farmer’s handles may look appealing at first but it really depends on your situation and your living locations. 

If you ever have aspirations of getting bigger and stronger than ever before, you should pay upfront and choose to use the full-size farmer’s handles.

Benefits of using Farmer’s Walk Handles

Using the best Farmer’s Walk Handles, you should expect the best results. 

Purchasing the equipment is the first step, and the rest is up to you. 

Farmer’s Walk Handles provide superior benefits.

Farmer’s Walk Handles will build your forearms, which will not only build muscle but increase grip strength. 

Another outcome of using Farmer’s Walk Handles is that it provides an outstanding contribution to weight loss. 

The raw power you will gain, plus the activation of every muscle will promote weight loss. 

There are many benefits to using Farmer’s Walk Handles, including the development of proper form and technique. 

This, in turn, should reduce your chances of injury. 

Put yourself in an environment where success is inevitable and you cannot help but make progress since you are surrounded by so many people making gains.

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