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What Are The Best Power Racks For A Small Space?

August 5th 2019

So, you have a small space in your home and are looking to create a small home gym for yourself and your family. Aside from purchasing a small set of free weights and purchasing an at-home workout DVD, you may want to get a little more creative! Some things that are basically required for the fitness fanatic without a gym membership is going to be a power rack. But, you’ve been to the gym. You know those huge contraptions won’t fit anywhere in the space you created for your home gym. Don’t worry! Luckily manufacturers have realized that more and more people are working out from home and need smaller equipment. 

How Will This Fit in My Space?

Specialty at-home squat racks have been personalized for smaller spaces. There are also many that have been designed to fold away when you are done using it. This is a great advantage to those who are looking to use their gym space as a hangout space as well. Great brands such as PRx Performance have specific dimensions that will fit your style.

What Should I Look For?

You already have style and design in mind, but what you should keep an eye out for are the dimensions. Some at-home squat racks require a 9ft ceiling when packed away. That is easy to say for those using a garage or pole barn, but usually, for a basement, you may need to look a little bit harder. 

Another thing to keep in mind is definitely quality. Do your research extensively. It will give you an idea of the longevity of the squat rack and how it holds up to weight. 

Also, when you are looking into buying a rack, you are probably also purchasing a barbell and some bumper plates. If you already have those picked out, make sure the rack you are purchasing fits up to the standards of the equipment you plan to use on it. It is the same the other way around. If you have fallen in love with a certain rack, be sure to check the specs and quality of the barbell and plates you plan on using to assure longevity of all of your equipment. 

Best Power Racks For A Small Space

My list of power racks includes three foldable power racks and one standard rack. These racks require a maximum of 9’ of height to be installed, which is one of the biggest concerns for small spaces. The fold-up racks need a maximum of 60” in width and 48” in depth while the standard rack needs 68” in width and 48” in depth. So, without further ado, here are the best power racks for a small space:


  • Titan T-3 Series Tall Folding Power Rack
  • PRx Performance Fold Up Murphy Rack
  • TDS Fold Back Full Power Rack
  • Fitness Reality Super Max Power Cage


Time for the good stuff. We have investigated some great compact power racks that will fit great into your small space. Check these out:

This rack mounts right to the wall, so it’s not going anywhere. It is also designed to hold up to 1000lbs of weight and folds up into a small space to assure you can use the room freely on those off days. This is one of those at-home squat racks that do need a 9’ ceiling when folded, but only comes off of the wall four inches! A great space saver and a high-quality rack. 

Total dimensions are 39.5 x 52 x 90 inches. When upright it stands 90 inches tall and 22 inches off the wall when in use. When folded this rack is only 4 inches off the wall and 108 inches when folded.

This is a relatively new invention in the recent decade. Lifters who want to lift weights but do not have enough space in their homes to install a traditional power rack. So, the fold-up murphy rack was born. I have been looking for information about the life duration of this fold-up rack. However, I could not find anything that was more than a few years old. This would be a good thing so far since there have been no incidents. If the installation was done correctly on a sturdy wall, you should be fine for decades. With that said, if you are an elite level lifter doing over 600+lbs, you may want to do more research on whether or not a fold-up rack will last you your entire lifting career.


This rack takes up a little bit of a wider space on the wall but only comes out about 5” from the wall when folded out. This rack stands about 11ft tall when folded and 7ft tall when being used. They come with solid steel hardware, so when you’re adjusting the height of the cross bar you know it has to strength for you max weight. This rack has been tested by powerlifters and CrossFit athletes without fail! Total dimensions are 57"W x 47"D x 83.5"H and weighs 150 lbs. 

Again, this is another low-cost option that lifters can use if they are running tight on space. Again, not too many people have purchased this type of fold back racks yet so we do not truly know how long these racks should last. But based on every single machine created in the strength and conditioning world, I think you are in good hands. A lot of places make great equipment that last decades.

While this is not a collapsible power rack, it does have its advantages. Depending on the extent you would like to go with your gym as far as equipment goes, this may be exactly what you are looking for. Instead of purchasing multiple racks and equipment for a full-body workout, this cage has different attachments all-in-one overall saving you space in your home gym. This cage has an 800lbs max weight capacity with multiple bars and add-ons for multiple exercises. It includes safety bars, high and low pulley systems, adjustable leg hold-down, and extra space for fitting in benches and other equipment. Total dimensions are 68 x 46.5 x 84.5 inches at 148lbs.

A solid option for lifters looking to have a more sturdy rack while having a bit more space to utilize. This rack has the option to include a lot of different accessory parts which can also help save you a ton of space in the future.


Titan created another simple power rack that is adjustable but also has the capability to fold up when you are not using it. Notice in the headline says “tall.” Titan created a “short” version as well and you can check it out here. The difference between the tall folding power rack and the short folding power rack is that the tall folding power rack has an extra 9” in height. The tall racks fold up to a little under 8’ in height while the short rack folds up to 7’ in height.

Another key point is that if you choose to get the 21.5” depth folding power rack, you will probably not be able to squat inside. You are simply just too close to the wall. A smaller athlete may be able to get away with it but chances are that most lifters will not be able to do that. It is recommended that if you do want to squat inside this folding rack that you purchase the 41.5” depth folding power rack.

This rack is made from thick steel tubes to assure strength and durability with an added on pull up bar at the top and four adjustable J hooks for easy placing of the barbell. When not in use, this rack folds right up to the wall for easy space-saving. Total dimensions are 50 x 21.5 x 91 inches and weigh 150 pounds. 

Titan has been around for a long time. They make just about everything and anything. To see that a lot of customers are satisfied with this purchase is a very good sign. Again though, if you are in the top 0.1% of lifers in the world, make sure you do your due diligence and make sure that you are safe when lifting. otherwise, everybody else will be fine with this purchase for their entire lifetime and their grandchildren’s lifetime as well.

Let us wrap it up

Before looking into at-home power racks, be sure to know the dimensions of the space you plan on using it and if you need any more space for other equipment as well. Whichever you decide, keep in mind what you plan on using it for, how often you plan to use it, and who else is going to be taking advantage of it as well. You want to be sure that over time and a lot of use your rack will hold up with minimal wear and tear. Check for durability, materials it is made from, and the ever-wonderful previous customer reviews. Good luck on creating your perfect at-home gym!

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