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Three Plate Trees That Will Change Your Racking Experience

Updated March 5th 2020; September 15th 2019

Do you need to purchase a plate tree?

Or is it something that just takes up random amounts of space?

How organized is your home gym?

Do you have large plates lying around?

Is it messy and unorganized?

It can be quite discouraging to have your plates in chaos on the floor.

A plate tree keeps your workout area safe, clean, and organized.

In order to get the most out of your workout, you should make an investment to declutter your space.

A worthy piece of equipment to consider is a home gym plate tree. 

Home gym plate trees come in a variety of flairs, materials, and weight capacities.

The first step is to determine what fits best in your space.

Do you have a small home gym?

Maybe a plate tree could help free up some space.

Even if you have a larger area, it makes for some comforting organization that enables you to locate the weights you need without having to sort through them on the ground.

Some plate trees have wheels.

That is more of a preference and more applicable if you anticipate needing to move it on a regular basis.  

A few considerations when thinking about which plate tree would be best for you in your home gym is how many rows are needed, the weight capacity, and overall durability.

Most trees have one to three pegs on each side.

The most ideal is three pegs on each side.

The weight capacity is dependent on your personal fitness goals.

On average, the plate trees can hold about three to five hundred pounds.

The heavier duty trees have a weight capacity of one thousand pounds.

An optimal weight tree should be durable and last several years.

They are made of steel and made to last.  

Here are some noteworthy home gym plate trees that you will discover to be an essential addition to your home gym. 

Home gym plate trees, should I buy one?

Though home gym plate trees are not a necessity, they are highly beneficial to avoid clutter in your gym. These are three of the best budget-friendly home gym plate trees you can get to start organizing your gym:


  • Body-Solid GOWT Olympic Plate Tree Bar Holder

  • Deltech Fitness Olympic Weight Tree

  • Titan Fitness Olympic 2” Weight Plate Rack Tree & Barbell Holder Organizer Stand


Body-Solid GOWT Olympic Plate Tree Bar Holder

Body-Solid’s GOWT Olympic Plate Tree Bar Holder is an Olympic weight tree and bar holder.

It is practical and appears to be a solid addition to any home gym.

It stands at 40 inches high and is 20” length.

The tree itself weighs approximately 31 pounds.

It is stacked with six 2” by 8” plate posts and has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.

It is designed with a central weight-load system to remove the risk of tipping over.

The rack also includes space to store your Olympic bars.

The price is relatively cheap and can fit under any budget. This tree also carries a lifetime warranty.

Overall, there are a lot of good things riding with this plate tree.

One consistent advantage across the board was that it is a good product for the price.

The storage for the two bars extremely convenient.

The tree has been defined as “very compact,” which for those with a limited amount of space find very appealing.

Since it is compact, it does not hold as many plates as expected.

It holds about six plates per side. While most say it holds “enough” plates, it may depend on your personal needs and fitness goals.

Another plus that is apparent is the quick assembly time. 

However, there are some cons.

One is that the posts do not have pre-drilled holes, so that is something you will have to center and do yourself.

Another common issue is stability.

Many lifters are accustomed to putting 45-pound plates on any post, but you may find that on this weight tree that it “does not fit” or is not sturdy with too much weight, even under the 1000 pound capacity. 

Just something to be cautious about.

Deltech Fitness Olympic Weight Tree

Deltech Fitness Olympic Weight Tree is a sturdy and affordable plate tree.

First, it will not take up much space in your home gym as it is only 20” by 18.”

It includes six 5-8” pegs with 1-5” pegs on the top, and it fits 2” Olympic plates.

It fits almost any budget. Even with a small footprint, it holds an impressive amount of weight.

There is no listed weight capacity but many lifters have noted that they have been able to place over 500 pounds on the tree.

Assembly for this tree should only take about 5-10 minutes.

It is easy to put together by attaching the base to the tree with the four bolts, and it is ready to use.  

One of the main cons is the white paint and color.

Many lifters have complained that the paint scratches as soon as you add weights to it.

This will be expected if you are using any metal plates.

Another con is the leveling feet for uneven floors.

The functionally over appearance have kept our strength community satisfied even though there are some minor critiques.

It makes this tree a worthy addition to any home gym.

Titan Fitness Olympic 2” Weight Plate Rack Tree & Barbell Holder Organizer Stand

Titan’s Olympic Plate Tree is a nice clean addition to your home gym.

It is also a budget-friendly addition and you will not break bank trying to upgrade your plate holding situation.

This tree has a 1000 pound capacity and not only holds a variety of weight plates but also holds two Olympic barbells.

It is complete with six steel pegs, and its feet are specially designed to sustain the weight to prevent damage to the floor when the tree is at its maximum weight capacity.

The rack stands at just over 50” tall with its base dimensions at 24” x 24.”

This tree also stores two Olympic bars, which is a popular feature among lifters.

It can fit a number of weight sizes with 18.5” between plate bars.  

The pros are the tree’s functionality and overall quality.

The plates slide on and off the pegs easily without bumping on other plates above or below.

This plate rack will get all of your plates off the floor and allows multiple 45-pound plates on all three posts.

Unlike the other trees mentioned above, this one is fairly tall.

This is beneficial because you will not need to bend over as much to pick the plates you need.

As for the cons, it is not as compact as the other two but works well with a little more space.

The cons across the board have to do with the durability and materials that make up the tree.

The welds have been reported to be crooked, and many have complained of poor workmanship.

It was also noticed that the tree’s base seems “wobbly” no matter how much the bolts are tightened.

While this may not deter you, it is very inconvenient for any gym owner.

Another con is the assembly, which can be a hassle again.


Now, our budget guide would not be complete if we did not answer some frequently asked questions and do a Q&A:

What is a plate tree rack?

Plate tree racks are primarily used to store weight plates.

They can be seen as vertical plate trees (as shown above) or as horizontal plate racks.

Horizontal plate racks tend to only store 45lbs standard sized plates.

However, if you are using bumper plates, these plate racks are a popular option to store your bumper plates.

How are plate trees with wheels?

In my opinion, vertical plate trees with wheels are not recommended.

This decreases the stability of your plate tree and places an abnormal amount of stress on the wheels.

If you do need to move your vertical plate trees, you would need to do it the old-fashioned way.

With a buddy, using something that has wheels, etc.

Some companies may think they have an innovative product by having plate trees with wheels.

But having anything >400lbs on wheels and is not firmly stationary onto the ground is a huge liability.

For horizontal plate racks, these all come with two wheels at the opposite end of the handle.

Are there plate trees with a bar holder?

Yes, the Titan Fitness Weight Plate Rack Tree and the Body-Solid Plate Tree Bar Holder does include two slots to store two barbells.

It depends on the manufacturers though.

There are some plate trees that will include a bar holder to store the barbells right next to the weights.

At the same time, there are companies that will design their plate trees with the sole purpose of storing weights.

Which is perfectly fine too and you might notice a small price drop as a result of this missing feature.

Is there any difference between bumper, Olympic and regular weight trees?

Bumper and Olympic plates all have the same diameter of 450mm (17.72″) regardless of weight.

As a result, certain plate trees will not be able to accommodate this storage because standard metal plates are all different sizes.

If all of the storage pegs are made with different sizes, you know that the ideal customer must be the owner of metal plates.

Similarly, if a weight tree has equally spaced storage pegs, then you know that it was designed for someone with bumper or Olympic plates.

Therefore, the Titan Vertical Plate Tree and a horizontal plate rack would be perfect for bumper plates and Olympic plates.

And if you have metal plates of different sizes, you would need to stagger your plates with the Deltech Fitness Weight Tree or the Body-Solid Plate Tree.    


There you have it, three very budget-friendly, awesome plate trees that you cannot live without. 

Hopefully, these will be some nice additions to your home garage gym. No more leaving your plates on the floor and having your home gym (sanctuary) looking like a dump.

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