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3 Reasons Why You Must Invest In A Dip Belt

June 19th 2019

Dips are one of the better compound lifts to do for anyone looking to gain some serious mass in their upper body. Whenever people look around for upper body exercises to add to their program, I immediately think why they do not have dips in their routine. Unless you have tried dips for many years and have ZERO success with them, it is hard to believe why many lifters do not consider them.

Even beginner strength programs like Greyskull LP include dips in their accessories. For almost every person out there, you should be able to do dips and experience massive amounts of growth.

But your next question is this, why should I buy a dip belt?

That is the million dollar question we have for today and we will go over the 3 benefits of why you must invest in a dip belt.

Do I need a dip belt?

Here are three reasons why you should invest in yourself and purchase a dip belt for all your future workouts:


  • It is a great way to progressively overload
  • Safety is always a #1 priority
  • You do not need to rely on a spotter


1. A great way to progressively overload

If you want to build a huge upper body, investing in a dip belt will pay you dividends in the future. If you are already going over 10 reps for each of your working sets, you will need to challenge yourself more. A great way of doing that is by having a dip belt which you add more weight to make your dips challenging.

And would your progression look like? If you were already doing 3x12 of bodyweight dips, you can try to do 3x8-10 reps of weighted dips (+10lbs). There is nothing wrong with starting off modestly and working your way up. You want to gradually train your body to adapt to the stimulus. In addition to that, you will reduce your risk of injury and prevents you from ego-lifting with bad form.

Who usually benefits from progressively overloading?

Calisthenics athletes

Aside from everyone, people who perform massive amounts of bodyweight movements will see immediate benefits. After consistent sessions with weight equipment, going back to doing bodyweight movements will be a piece of cake, literally! You will feel as if you can fly!

And this makes sense. You are putting your body through more stress and when you are successfully training through any obstacles, you will reap the benefits when you return back to doing any lesser resistance.


Beginner athletes will make progress no matter what you do. However, with structured programming and a focus in the right direction, beginners have a unique opportunity to channel their efforts into making an accelerated amount of progress in a very short time.

Should beginners get a dip belt? My response would be, why not? As a tool to facilitate muscle growth and strength gains, it will get the job done when you use it appropriately. Making sure you hit all your targeted reps and sets is one of the first milestones in developing strength.


For anyone looking to put on some serious size, adding dips as one of your main upper body compound movements is an excellent choice. If you are just starting off on your hypertrophy program, you will make progress with any movement you choose. Chest presses, pushups, shoulder presses, just about any movement will work for beginners. In fact, you could probably train even isolation movements that target your front deltoids, rear deltoids, triceps, biceps and still make adequate gains.

But here is where I can help - add dips for a few weeks and then re-evaluate your progress. You will thank me later.

2. Better safe than sorry

If you ever stepped foot in a commercial gym, you will know what I am talking about. You see people putting dumbbells and plates in between their legs while they are doing dips or pullups. It looks bizarre. Do not forget dangerous as well.

By having a dip belt, you make sure that you are protecting the equipment, the gym, and your fellow gym mates. You are also placing less stress on yourself since you do not need to constantly be alert about dropping the weight and hurting someone or yourself.

3. You do not need any gym partners

You do not need a spotter to develop your chest. Usually, packs of people come to the gym to work on their upper body. For a lot of people, they just want another place to hang out in the gym. However, there is an additional safety net when you have more eyes on you, just in case the worst scenario occurs.

This is an exercise where you can be independent and do not have to rely on a spotter. So, no more long waits for the gym. You can just do weighted dips and watch your chest grow.

What type of dip belt do I have?

When I was doing Greyskull LP, I purchased a dip belt in order to continue to challenge my body. I wanted to continue progression for my dips since bodyweight dips were getting ridiculously easy. You do not need anything fancy but you do need something that will not fall apart the second you touch it.

Thankfully, we live in an age where products are made with pretty good quality. There has not been major news about dip belts snapping mid-set (Not that I have seen) or people hurting themselves by doing weighted dips. You probably have a bigger concern whenever you set outside of your home.

Additional concerns - waist size, weight limits

Depending on your training experience, these factors can range from not important to critical importance. You can clearly understand why already.

If you are a smaller lifter, it would be a better idea to purchase a dip belt that was tailored for a smaller lifter. Dip belts are one-size fits all but in reality, we know that the “average” waist size best fits. If you are a smaller or bigger lifter, you need to pay extra consideration about the size of the supporting material and the length of the chain.

In addition to the chain length, lifters also need to be aware that dips belts have weight limits. If you are a beginner strength athlete, this may not mean much to you now but the last thing you want your dip belt to do is to fail you while you are in the middle of a set. For a majority of people, this should not be a concern since most dip belts have a weight limit of around 200lbs, which is a little over four 45s plates strapped on.

Different types of dip belts

You know dips belts exist but which one should you get? There are actually several different types of material that a dip belt can be made out of. For instance, the dip belt I mentioned above was a cotton/fabric dip belt with steel chains.

Leather dip belts

Nothing much to be said here. Leather belts are made with leather and may have additional material that makes it a bit more comfortable when it rests on your lower back. Leather belts are usually equipped with steel chains.

The bigger the chain links, the more weight it should hold. So, be aware of the size of your chain links and how big are the individual chain pieces.

Nylon dip belts

Again, just as the name suggests, nylon dip belts are made up of nylon, which is already elastic and comfortable. The chains can be made up of either steel chains or nylon as well. There are some online sources that will talk down on nylon straps. In our current advanced age, the strength of materials has increased drastically. For instance, there are many polymers and fibers that replace stainless steel and other metals in many construction and design projects. So, I would not be surprised if nylon chains would surpass steel chain in terms of strength and durability.

Maybe when my steel chains break off my dip belt (if ever), a nylon dip belt would be my next purchase.

Cotton or fabric dip belts

These dip belts are firm but also flexible. There are made with cotton and other fabric is woven together to increase the strength of the support while also providing maximum comfort. They are usually equipped with metal links, so you should look a look out on the size of the metal links and the length of the entire steel chain.

As I stated before, this type of dip belt has served me well for the last 5 years and that does not look to slow down any time soon.

Let us wrap it up

I highly suggest that you invest in yourself, especially when it comes to your personal health. You should ask yourself how dips can help you get closer to your goals and what steps you need to take in order to reach your goal in a calculated way. 99 out of 100 times, getting a dip belt will be a step in the right direction.

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