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Fringesport 20kg Axle ?Fat? Bar Review

April 21st 2020

In this article, we will review the Fringesport Axle “Fat” Bar for your training needs.

Soon, you will see why functional training reigns supreme in the lifting world.

American Barbell Camber Bar

Fringesport 20kg Axle “Fat” Bar Specification

  • Weight: 20 kilograms / ~44 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7 feet long and 2 inch diameter throughout entire bar.
  • Loadable Length: 15.5 inches.
  • Bar Shaft: 50mm
  • Sleeve: 49mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Collars do not rotate (This is one solid bar)
  • Standard collars fit on this fat bar.
  • Powdercoat matte black finish

How much does the Fringesport 20kg Axle “Fat” Bar cost?

This axle bar costs $177 with free shipping!

How much does an axle bar weigh?

The Fringesport 20kg Axle “Fat” Bar weighs 20kg or ~45lbs.

Usually, axles bars weigh between 20-25lbs and can be much shorter (5’ in length).

Strongman axle bar

Strongman events will use an axle bar that is at least 2” in diameter.

Training with the Fringesport 20kg Axle “Fat” Bar will condition your body to get ready for any axle event.

Whether you are cleaning and pressing, deadlifting or doing some other carrying event, the main point is that you make your training as similar to, if not harder, than the actual Strongman events.

For a sample of what Strongman training with an axle bar looks like, this is a reference video you can look at.

(You have been warned; jokes, humor and other serious laughing conditions may be present in the following video.)

Benefits of axle bar training


  • Increased grip strength
  • Increased deadlift strength
  • Increased hand strength


If you do not compete in Strongman, axle bar training is a great way of making your workouts difficult.

It removes the comfort of a regular barbell and gives you a challenge your hand and grip will hate you for.

If you do compete in Strongman, it is essentially a staple to do axle bar training since it will be guaranteed that you will be pressing weight overhead or doing a heavy deadlift.

It will even help carry over to your grip as well in loaded carry events or deadlift holds.

Really, what a blessing (and curse) axle bar training allows us to face.

Axle bar overhand grip deadlifts

One of the best ways to train both your grip and your deadlift is by doing axle bar double overhead grip deadlifts.

Doing this exercise variation with light weights for a training block or two can dramatically increase your deadlift over time.

But if you want to switch up your axle bar variations, you can definitely try to do axle bar mixed grip deadlifts.

In fact, here is another video of a strong lifter who does a lot of Strongman lifts to supplement his powerlifting movements.

This is a video of Jessie Norris advocating the axle bar deadlifts:

Axle bar overhead press

Another way athletes can train using the axle bar is by doing overhead presses.

If you want to mimic Strongman competition events, you should read about axle presses and the different types of cleans and presses.

To sum up the article, you have 3 main cleans:

  • Full clean: You will pull the axle from the floor to shoulder height in one swift movement. This is similar to the cleans that Olympic lifters do.
  • Hitler clean: You use a mixed grip (overhand and underhand) to overcome the thickness of the axle, pulling to shoulder height in one move and then switching back to a conventional grip in a manoeuvre similar to a Nazi salute (hence the name!)
  • Continental clean: You use your stomach or belt as a mid-way resting point before pulling the axle up to shoulder height.

And you also have three main pressing forms:

  • Strict press: With no leg movement, you will use 100% of your upper body to press the weight over your head. This is the most challenging pressing movement.
  • Push press: You will dip with their legs before exploding upwards, combining the strength of their legs and shoulders to get the weight overhead. This is the most popular way to press any weight above your head, whether in Strongman competitions or in training.
  • Jerk: As its name may imply, this is the jerk technique of Olympic weightlifters. However, many Strongman competitors may not use this technique since Strongman equipment is both awkward and heavy.

Fat gripz vs axle bar

Using fat gripz on a regular barbell is harder than using an axle bar due to the fact that the fat gripz has a silicon surface.

You can expect your 2” axle bar deadlift to be 20-25lbs greater than 2” fat gripz deadlift.

So, in order to determine which you should get over the other, you should refer back to your training goals.

Figuring out how to get closer to your goals in the best effective way possible will remove a lot of headache and frustration from your life.

For instance, are you training for a Strongman competition? If so, it would be in your best interest to get an axle bar especially if your Strongman competitions include an axle pressing or axle deadlift event.

Final Thoughts

The Fringesport axle bar is a great specialty barbell to supplement your training goals.

Really, the only complaint I can think about is that the finish might get worn out fairly quickly if you keep dropping the bar and let it get banged up.

But honestly, you would not care as long as you are able to complete your axle presses, cleans or deadlifts.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your Fringesport 20kg Axle “Fat” Bar before it is all sold out!

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