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Fringe Sport Floor Mounted Kip Cage Review | Buying Guide

July 17th 2020

Have you ever wondered whether or not you should purchase a floor mounted kip cage, specifically the one from Fringe Sport?

For those who are looking for a steady power rack to add to your home gym, look no further.

The fringe sport floor mounted kip cage is both a heavy-duty power rack, and a pull up cage allowing you to perform pull ups, or kips without any sways or wobbling.

This is great for powerlifters, weightlifters, and cross-fit athletes who are trying to step up their game in the comfort of their own home.

The floor mounted kip cage is designed by lifting enthusiasts and comes with a handful of attachments and design modifications making it one of the best power racks in my book.

In this article, we will discuss this floor mounted kip cage, the specifications, as well as a highlight on some of its key features. 

We will also dive into the pros and cons of this power rack to help aid your buying decision, and in the end, I’ll give my final review.

What is the fringe sport floor mounted kip cage?

Although it is nicknamed the “kip cage”, at the end of the day, the fringe sport floor mounted “kip cage” is a power rack.

A power rack is a cage that allows you room to perform barbell exercises safely and effectively by allowing you to use a safety bar.

A safety bar may seem like an inconsequential addition to a home gym, but it actually has a huge psychological role.

You see, the safety bar adds an unconscious element of safety while you are lifting.

This makes it so that you are more willing to push yourself as you begin to handle weights you ordinarily would not be able to.

This results in more weight and stress being put on your muscles, and as a result, more gains.

What makes the kip cage stand out from other power racks is its inclusion of two different pull up bars at its highest point.

At the top of the kip cage, there are two pullup bars with different diameters.

This allows you to work different muscle groups based on the size of the pullup bar.

In addition, this rack was meant to be bolted into the ground.

If you want the most stability and take advantage of the rack’s 1000 lb. weight capacity, you need to bolt this rack to the ground.

But for those who are not able to do so, you could also make your own DIY weightlifting platform for cheap which will make the power rack more secure without having to bolt it into your new hardwood floors.

Here is an example:

It isn’t easy, but nothing in life that is worth it comes easy. 

And trust me you will want to bolt this to the ground, especially if you are handling heavy weight.

Fringe Sport Floor Mounted Kip Cage Picture

Fringe Sport Floor Mounted Kip Cage Cost

The Fringe Sport Floor Mounted Kip Cage costs $722 (with free shipping)!

Fringe Sport Floor Mounted Kip Cage Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Floor-Mounted Power Cage, 2 - J-Cups (1 Pair), 2 - Safety Arm Bars (1 Pair), and 4 - Weight Plate Holders (Bolts on to Rack). 
  • Dimensions: 48.5" wide, 34" deep & 90" tall
  • Floor to bar dimensions: 7'
  • Upright dimensions: 2" x 3" - 5/8" diameter holes with Westside Spacing in bench zone
  • Pullup bar width: 41 1/2" W
  • Pullup bar diameter: Standard = 1 1/4", Fat/Axle = 2"
  • Pullup bar capacity: 400 lb
  • Total Weight: 152 lb
  • Weight capacity: 1,000 lb
  • Bumper plate storage rod weight capacity: 250 lb
  • Material: 11-gauge steel with black matte powder coat
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Shipping restrictions: The way this product is packaged, we cannot ship to APO addresses.


The dimensions of the fringe sport floor mounted kip cage are standard (48.5" wide, 34" deep & 90" tall), however it is slightly taller than most other power racks.

Standing at 90” tall, or around 7.5 ft, it will fit better in rooms with large ceilings such as a garage.

The increased height makes it a better power rack for those who are taller and want to be able to use the pull up bar without having to bend their knees, hence why this power rack is called the kip cage.

UHMW lined J-Cups

The power rack comes with a pair of UHMW lined J-Cups. UHMW is short for Ultra High Molecular Weighted Polyethylene which is a type of heavy-duty plastic meant for toughness and durability.

These J-Cups are capable of storing your barbell without damaging it’s knurling, and vice-versa.

Resistance band pegs

At the bottom of the fringe sport floor mounted kip cage, there are two parallel bars that not only hold the kip cage together, but they also serve as an attachment point for resistance bands.

These are handy for intermediate/advanced lifters who want to be able to perform banded barbell lifts.

The resistance band pegs are thick, stable, and will withstand the thickest and most powerful bands.

Westside spacing

The spacing of a power rack refers to the distance between each of the individual holes on it.

These holes are where you can attach the safety bar, or the J-Cups.

What westside spacing means is that near the bottom of the power rack, the spacing or distance between the holes is smaller.

The reason for this is to allow more precise placement of the safety bar or J-Cups for exercises such as the bench press where inches matter.

For those of us who have experienced using a power rack with the same spacing throughout, we know how hard it is to choose between safety, and sacrificing of inches of range of motion off the bench press which can be significant especially in powerlifting.

11-gauge steel with black matte powder coat

Gauge measures the thickness of the power rack. A lower gauge number is a sign that it is a thicker, and therefore steadier power rack.

11-gauge steel is the typical measurement of most commercial power racks.

It is thick, stable, and is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced lifters as it provides you the most stability, and durability that any power rack can provide.

The black matte powdered coat is a standard on all power racks which serves to reduce the amount of corrosion that could occur with prolonged use.

Weight plate holders

In addition to the J-Cups and safety bars, the fringe sport floor mounted kip cage also comes along with four weight plate holders which can be bolted onto the rack.

These serve as a location to hold your bumper plates and weights so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate weight peg.

In addition, these weight plates can provide even more stability keeping the power rack weighted onto the ground.

Fringe Sport Floor Mounted Kip Cage Pros and Cons


  • Westside spacing for bench press
  • Made from 11-guage steel
  • Includes resistance band pegs, and weight plate holders
  • Weight capacity of 1000 lbs


  • Holes are unnumbered making it annoying to have to set the safety/J-Cups up so that they are the same height

Final review

Overall, the fringe sport floor mounted kip cage is a great power rack for both beginner and advanced lifters alike.

Its design features the industry standard for commercialized power racks at a fraction of the price.

It is a great cage to have inside a commercial gym, an indoor gym, or even a home gym.

It could be placed in a garage gym but if space is an issue, I would advise you to look for a different rack that would not take up so much width.

It comes with many additions, and the power rack can even be expanded more as it is compatible with other attachments available on fringe sport’s website.

There is not much to comment on regarding this power rack. It is a very decent, very stable power rack that will last you for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your Fringe Sport floor mounted kip cage today!




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