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FringeSport Power Cage Squat Rack Review | Buying Guide

June 30th 2020

The fringe sport power rack, also known as the “Kip Cage” is an awesome power rack suitable even for the most advanced lifters.

Unlike its predecessors which were made to fit beginner lifters on a limited budget, the fringe sport power rack is an upgrade in almost every aspect.

It is bigger, sturdier, and safer which are all important factors when shopping for a power rack.

In this article, we will go over what is a power rack, what to look for in a power rack, the specifications of the fringe sport power rack, and my final review.

What is a power rack?

A power rack is a must-have for any home gym because it gives you the space needed to perform barbell movements safely.

Power racks are essential because of the ability to use safety bars and pins so that in case you don’t succeed in a lift; you can safely rest the bar.

If you don’t have a safety bar/pin, then you will be less likely to push yourself during these barbell exercises.

Power racks are made out of steel and are made from frame that is connected on all sides except for the bottom.

This makes it so that the rack is sturdy and will not budge to the movement of heavy weight.

What is special about the fringe sport power rack “Kip Cage”?

The fringe sport power rack was designed with cross fitters in mind.

Kipping is a CrossFit movement similar to a pull up.

In order to kip properly, you need a sturdy bar which this rack provides.

At the top of this rack is a 1.5” bar that is comfortable to grip and can be used for kipping.

If you are worried about the stability of this rack, don’t worry.

You have the ability to bolt this power rack into the floor which allows for additional stability, or you can go the noninvasive solution and stack sandbags at the corners which are also sufficient in preventing the rack from wobbling.

But with the rack’s heavy weight design, I don’t think you will have much issues with wobbling.

Can this power rack be used for more than just “kipping”?

Most certainly!

Although the name is the “kip cage”, this power rack is suitable for more than just kipping.

This power rack is made similar to all other power racks in that you can also perform barbell exercises.

With the power rack, you can squat, deadlift, rack pull, etc. and with the addition of an adjustable bench, you could also perform the bench press, incline bench, and many more exercises.

The power rack also provides you a stable surface to hang items that can be used for other exercises.

You can attach battle ropes, add in a T-bar handle, and even add in a pulley system.

The possibilities are endless.

What to look for in a power rack?


The most important factor to look for when purchasing a power rack is its design.

You must take into account the dimensions of the power rack to ensure that it fits in your home.

In addition, you want to ensure your power rack is made out of a sturdy material such as steel.

You also want to make sure that the power rack is capable of handling the weight that you will be using.

Overall, there are many aspects when it comes to design of the power rack, you want to keep these questions in mind when shopping for a power rack for your home.


If you don’t know what j-cups are, they are the hooks that hold the barbell on the rack.

When purchasing a power rack, you want a rack that comes with high-quality, durable j-cups.

Doing so will ensure that your power rack will not damage your barbell and that the weight will be properly secure while lifting.

This power rack comes with 2 sets of J-Cups meaning you will have to spend less time readjusting their position for different exercises.


This power rack is highly modifiable and is compatible with other fringe sport products that can be paired with it.

Strap on a pair of Olympic rings and you can easily perform dips.

Or add a set of TRX bands so that you can perform TRX exercises.

You can even use bands to modify your barbell exercises to perform banded lifts.

Power racks are very modifiable and you can easily find ways to modify your power rack to fit your fitness needs.

FringeSport Power Cage Squat Rack Picture

Fringe Sport Power Rack Cost

The Fringe Sport power cage squat rack costs $722 (with free shipping)!

Specifications of the fringe sport power rack

  • Quantity: 1 - Power "Kip Cage" Squat Rack with 2 Pairs of J-Cups.
  • Dimensions: 47" wide, 51.5" deep & 91" tall.
  • Upright Dimensions: 2 inches x 3 inches - 5/8" hole diameter.
  • Pullup Bar Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 205 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb
  • Material: 11-gauge steel with a powder-coat.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Shipping Restrictions: Cannot ship to APO addresses.

In the following sections, I will go over notable aspects of this power rack.


Standing at 91” or 7.5 ft tall, the fringe sport power rack fits well in a typical 8 ft or 96” ceiling, or a low-ceiling garage.

The power rack is also 47” wide which is standard, and 51.5” deep giving you more room to workout.

A greater depth allows more room for the barbell to move horizontally in case you are performing any exercise that requires additional space such as, Olympic lifts.

Overall, the power rack is standard when it comes to dimensions. Be sure to make the appropriate measurements to ensure that the power rack can fit in your home.

Weight Capacity

The fringe sport power rack is capable of handling 1,000 lbs which will be more than enough for 99% of lifters.

This weight capacity makes this power rack great even for advanced lifters.

If you are currently a beginner lifter and wish to get to the advanced level eventually, this power rack will be an investment that will last you throughout your lifting journey.

11-gauge steel

The fringe sport power rack is designed with powder-coated 11-gauge steel.

Gauge measures the thickness of steel.

A lower gauge number indicates thicker steel.

The thicker the steel, the less chances the power rack will budge when handling heavy weight.

11-gauge is the standard thickness for most power racks.

Therefore, this power rack is suited for beginners all the way to advanced lifters.


  • Weight capacity of 1000 lbs
  • Comes with 2 sets of J-Cups and safety pins and sleeves
  • Sturdy 11-gauge steel
  • Power coating for greater durability and feel
  • Space-efficient


  • Some customers reported issues with assembly, but I haven’t experienced any of this

Final Review

Overall, the fringe sport power rack is a great power rack that was designed to be used for lifters of all levels.

With its 11-gauge steel, 1000 lb weight capacity, this power rack will last you a long time.

It is designed with the most up-to-date specifications, it is strong and sturdy, what more could you ask from a power rack?

A power rack is essential for any home gym. 

A power rack is a designated space for you to work out.

It has been proven that your environment has an impact on your behavior such as motivation and effort.

By spending a bit of money upfront, you are investing in your health and fitness as you will be much more motivated to work out and stay consistent.


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