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Fringe Sport Squat Cage Review | Buying Guide

July 17th 2020

Find out why you should purchase this fringe sport squat cage.

A power rack is a staple to any home gym that primarily incorporates barbell exercises.

A power rack gives you the space you need to perform all different types of barbell exercises while also protecting you with the use of safety bars.

The idea of safety bars might seem like just a trivial addition, but it actually plays a very important role mentally.

After all, if you are afraid that you won’t be able to complete a rep, if you don’t have a safety bar, you will be more conservative in your training and rerack the weight.

On the other hand, if you are using a rack with safety bars, you know you can safely push yourself due to the added element of safety supplied by the bars.

This is why a power rack offers much more in terms of exercise performance than a simple squat stand and these benefits are what the fringe sport squat cage offer.

What is the fringe sport squat cage?

The fringe sport squat cage is a new addition to the garage series which is fringe sport’s line of power racks for the home gym.

The squat cage is a new part of the lineup which can be seen as the power rack equivalent of the squat rack with pull-up bar which is also in the series.

The naming might seem very confusing but know that the squat cage is a power rack, while the squat rack is simply two pieces of metal that offer a place to rest the barbell, but aren’t able to hold a safety bar.

What sets the squat cage different from the squat rack is that the squat cage is surrounded by metal on all 4-sides as opposed to the squat rack which is only made up by two pieces of metal at the sides.

The squat cage allows for more exercises, as well as an added safety element due to the possibility of attaching safety bars.

The squat cage is a great addition to any home gym for those who are starting to get serious in barbell exercises.

Fringe sport squat cage picture

Fringe Sport Squat Cage Cost

The Fringe Sport Squat Cage costs $444 (with free shipping)!

Fringe Sport Squat Cage Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Squat Cage, 2 - J-Cups (1 Pair), and 2 - Safety Arms (1 Pair).
  • Dimensions: 54" Wide x 48" Deep x 82 1/2" Tall 
  • Inside the uprights: 23 3/4" L x 39 1/2" W
  • Upright dimensions: 2" x 2” - 1" diameter holes with 1" spacing
  • Pullup bar width: 38 3/4" W
  • Pullup bar diameter: Standard = 1 1/4", Fat/Axle = 2"
  • Pullup bar weight capacity: 400 lb
  • Total Weight: 152 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 700 lb
  • Material: 16-Gauge steel with a Black matte powder coat
  • Warranty: 1 year


The dimensions of the fringe sport squat cage are 48” wide x 53.5” deep x 82 ½” tall.

The width and depth of the squat cage offer a great balance between enough space to work out, and compactness.

The height is not too tall so that it can fit in a typical room in a house in the USA.

This makes it great for use in a compact space such as the garage.


This squat cage is made out of 16-gauge steel with a black matte powder coat.

Gauge is the measure of thickness of the steel.

A higher gauge number means a thinner steel and vice versa.

Usually, power racks are made out of 11-gauge steel, or 14-gauge steel.

A 16-gauge steel is a bit more on the thinner side which is lighter and will offer less stability.

As we will discuss later, it is important to keep in mind the weight capacity when using this squat cage. If you are a more advanced lifter, you should look for a cage made out of a thicker steel.

The black matte powder coating will help to prevent it from rusting.

1” spacing

The 1” spacing refers to the spacing between each of the holes on the squat rack.

The smaller spacing, the better as it allows you to adjust the J-cups or safety bar to a precise height.

This is especially important for the bench press where the slightest variation will affect your range of motion.

Two different diameter pullup bars

Unlike other power racks, this squat cage includes two different diameter pullup bars on the top.

Different diameter pullup bars will allow for different variations in pull ups.

A pull up bar with larger diameter will be harder to grip and will work the forearms more, whereas a smaller pull up bar will make it so that you are just limited by your back strength rather than your forearm strength.

This could be used for more than just pullups, however.

You could also attach a strap for TRX bands, Olympic rings, or a band.

The amount of variation a pullup bar adds to a squat cage is immense.

Weight horns

Weight horns are located on the bottom of the squat cage which allows you to store all your weights.

In addition, weight horns also increase the stability of the squat cage as it makes it a bit heavier without having you drill holes into the floor.

Weight horns are a nice addition as they are not included in all power racks.

UHMW-lined J-Cups

This squat cage comes with a pair of UHMW-lined J-cups.

If you aren’t aware, J-Cups are the hooks on the squat rack that the barbell rests on.

A UHMW lining (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) reduces the friction between the J-Cups and your barbell which increases the life expectancy of both the J-Cups and the barbell.

This is especially handy for those who own barbells with a more intense knurling which can easily be damaged by metal J-cups after repetitive racking and unracking.

Weight capacity

The fringe sport squat cage is capable of handling up to 700 lbs. 

This is higher than most people can typically lift making it a great squat cage for beginners.

However, because of it’s 16-gauge steel construction, it will not be as secure as a 14-gauge, or an 11-gauge squat cage, even if you are lifting below the maximum weight capacity.

As a result, I would recommend this cage mostly to only beginner lifters who are just working on getting to 2-3 plates in the squat.

For those who are already capable of lifting over 3 plates, then I would opt for a more heavy-duty power rack built from 14-guage or better yet, 11-gauge steel.

Fringe Sport Squat Cage Pros

  • Compact design
  • Comes with a pair of UHMW-lined J-Cups
  • Comes with weight horns and a safety bar
  • 1” spacing
  • Two pull up bars with different diameters
  • Black matte coating to help prevent rusting
  • 700 lbs lifting capacity

Fringe Sport Squat Cage Cons

  • Only 16-gauge steel which is thinner and less stable than 14-gauge, or 11-gauge steel.

Final review

The fringe sport squat cage is the next step up for those who are looking to buy an entry level power rack to perform barbell exercises.

It is a solid, well-made rack that fulfills its job in allowing you a place to perform exercises.

It seems that this squat cage was made to take the beating inside your garage gym.

But having it inside could also work, it just means that the outdoor elements won’t destroy and oxidize the metal as quickly.

The only qualm I have with this rack is that it is made from 16-guage steel which if you are capable of squatting over 300 lbs., will be wobbly when racking and unracking.

This can make it dangerous, especially at times you need to rack or unrack with more force than usual.

But, at the same time, what squat cage does not shack at 400+lbs?

You can alleviate this issue by stacking weights on the built-in weight horns, but a more reasonable solution for fringe sport will be using thicker steel in its construction.

Nevertheless, if you are a beginner and not close to the point of squatting 300 lbs., this is a solid squat cage that will last you for years until you get to an advanced level needing replacement. 

This is a great investment for beginners and intermediates who are just getting started with barbell exercises.



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