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Fringe Sport Squat Rack Review | Buying Guide

June 2nd 2020

When shopping for your home gym, one of the key components you need is a squat rack.

There are many different types of squat racks out on the market, all of which can be used for different purposes, and the squat rack made by fringe sport is a great squat rack for beginners that won’t break the budget.

The fringe sport squat rack is a space-efficient squat rack that allows you to perform all your barbell exercises in the comfort of your own home.

This squat rack can easily fit indoors of any home or apartment and can be easily assembled and disassembled for portability.

This tool is multi-functional, has loads of customization options which means just a small investment can result in many exercises and exercise variations.

If you are a beginner just getting started in strength training or are a seasoned weightlifter who is just starting your own home gym, you can’t go wrong with purchasing fringe sport’s squat rack.

In this article, we will dive deep into what to look for in a squat rack, what the fringe sport squat rack offers, as well as my personal take on the squat rack.

What to look for in a squat rack?


The most important factor to look for when purchasing a squat rack is its design.

Design can include anything from the type of material used in its construction, to how much space it occupies.

After all, there could be the perfect squat rack on the market, but it’ll be of no use if it’s too big to fit anywhere on your property.


If you don’t know what j-cups are, they are the hooks that hold the barbell on the rack.

When purchasing a squat rack, you want a rack that comes with high-quality, durable j-cups.

Doing so will ensure that your squat rack is not damaging your barbell (or the other way around) and that the weight will be properly secure during lifting sessions.

Weight pegs

Ever wonder how those with home gyms store all their weight?

Some people have their separate weight rack to hold weights, but that just costs more and takes up more space.

I prefer my squat racks to have their own weight pegs so that the weight I want to use is easily accessible, and easily stored.


Speaking of flexibility, I don’t mean how easy the squat rack can bend, but rather how many ways you can customize it.

Great squat racks can be easily customized to adjust for different heights,

This can be important if you wish to perform different exercises without having to take out the screwdriver and spend 5 minutes readjusting the j-cups.

Therefore, you want to find a squat rack that fits all your needs.


Of course, you cannot purchase any squat rack if the price is not right.

Generally, you want to look for a squat rack that is in your budget. 

You can probably cheap out by purchasing a lesser quality squat rack.

But make sure you at least read through my experience with purchasing a cheap power cage and whether or not it was worth it.


Checking the welds and material of your pins. 

It used to be that pins are made of the same material as the squat rack but there are light-weight polymers that are even stronger than steel that more companies are adopting as new pins.


The same goes for safeties as well.

Some safeties are made with cloth that has been stitched up to form a  powerful barrier to catch any falling barbell.

Weight capacity

This should be over your squatting limit.

Nobody wants to risk their safety in a flimsy squat rack.

Hole spacing

This should be around 1”, also known as Westside spacing.

Many lower-quality squat racks or power cages have a 2” hole spacing (the one I am currently using is a 2” spaced).

Fringe Sport Squat Rack

Fringe Sport Squat Rack Cost

The Fringe Sport Squat Rack (with a pull-up bar) costs $277 (w/ free shipping)!

Specifications of the fringe sport squat rack

  • Dimensions: 84.5" tall x 49.5" wide x 46.5" deep
  • Space-efficient 4'x4' footprint
  • Constructed of 2" x 3" powder coated 12-gauge steel tubing
  • 5/8" hole diameter
  • Pair of J-cups included
  • Built-in weight horns (5.5 inches long) for rock-solid stability and plate storage.
  • Floor bolting option offers a permanent stability option.
  • Tested for 450 lb weight capacity
  • Durable matte black, powder coat finish, with black powder coat on the J-cups.
  • Uprights have Westside spacing for precise heights (starting 22 inches from the floor). 
  • J-Cups can be set as low as 13.5" off the ground or as high as 70" off the ground. Made with UHMW plastic to protect the finish of your bar.
  • Pull Up Bar - 1.25" diameter (no knurling)
  • Add any of our 2"x3" rig accessories to this rack: Dip Bar, Spotter Arms, or additional J-Cups.
  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns and free shipping!

Fringe Sport Squat Rack Design

The fringe sport squat rack is a space-efficient workout tool that can be easily stored in the garage of any typical home.

The fringe sport squat rack was made with a powder coated 12-gauge steel tubing.

Steel is a very durable material and the powder coat helps to prevent it from rusting.

The squat rack also comes with a pair of j-cups, built in weight horns for storing weights, as well as a pull up bar at the top.

The J-cups are made with a UHMW plastic which protects the finish of your bar. This is important as it helps to increase the lifespan of your barbell, especially if it has a strong knurling that you want to maintain.

In addition, the squat rack can also be bolted into the ground which offers maximum stability.

Bolting into the ground is important for those who are capable of lifting considerably heavy weight as you don’t want the squat rack to tip over while you are trying to rerack the weight.

This equipment is also capable of handling 450 lbs which will take you years to achieve if you are a beginner so don’t worry too much about outgrowing this machine just yet.

Overall, the great design of the squat rack places it in a high spot on my list.

Fringe Sport Squat Rack Flexibility

The fringe sport squat rack is very flexible in that you can add any of the other accessories fringe sports offers on their website.

You can add a dip bar, spotter arms, or additional J-cups if they suit your needs.

The squat rack also comes with a pull up bar at the top which can be used for pullups, kip-ups, or it can hold any other equipment you might use such as TRX bands.

Overall, the added flexibility of the fringe sport’s squat rack at a low price is what makes it one of the best squat racks at this price point in my book.

Squat rack pros and cons

In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of using a squat rack.

We will also touch upon the pros and cons of owning a squat rack as well since this is one reason why many home or garage gyms exist.

Squat rack pros

Can perform multiple exercises with just a squat rack

The squat rack is an essential component of any home gym as it allows you to perform many barbell exercises, most notably the squat.

All squat racks consist of a frame that is held together to allow you to rest a barbell on top.

This makes it so that you can easily begin front squatting, back squatting, overhead pressing, or performing any other type of barbell movement in the comfort of your own home.

With the Fringe Sport squat rack, this gets the job done.

Can be upgraded to be more heavy-duty

There are many different types of squat racks suited for different purposes.

You can get a minimalistic squat rack that allows you to perform the squat and fit a bench underneath which is what the fringe sport squat rack offers.

And you can also get a power rack which is capable of handling the heaviest of weights without budging an inch, and as a result, it is much more expensive.

Whichever type of squat rack you are considering on getting, I recommend that most beginners start out with a basic, minimalistic squat rack such as the fringe sport squat rack.

Pays for itself over time

You will no longer need a gym membership. 

You will save time driving to and from the gym.

You can now work out in the comfort of your own home.

With the Fringe Sport squat rack, you can accomplish all of your muscle and strength building needs.

Squat rack cons

Needs space 

If you are a renter or live in a small place or apartment, it can be tough to have a squat rack in the middle of your living area.

It might disturb your neighbors.

You could damage the building.

It is a real problem to deal with and for a lot of lifters, a squat rack cannot be purchased due to their living constraints.

Sorry, this is just real life.

Additional costs

Purchasing a squat rack is just one item to complete a home gym setup.

You will need barbells, plates, maybe even a bench press setup as well. Minimum. 

This can add up if you do not budget correctly and you should expect to pay this price upfront for the comfort and availability of your own equipment.

This does not even include possible specialty bars like the Titan Fitness Cambered Bar that you may want to include in your training equipment.

Final Review

Overall, the fringe sport squat rack is a great squat rack that can be used to train any of the barbell lifts.

It is easy to assemble, durable, and doesn’t take up much room in the home.

In addition, it is also highly customizable allowing you to add on a dip bar, spotter arms, additional j-cups, and plenty of other additions offered on fringe sport’s website.

All in all, this tool is a great bang for your buck, will allow you to train all of the compound and barbell lifts which will aid in your growth and development.

If you are looking for a squat rack capable of handling heavy weights but won’t break your wallet, then this might be the squat rack for you!

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