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FringeSport Retractable Power Rack Review | Buying Guide

June 21st 2020

If you are looking for a retractable power rack because you need to save space, time, and money, FringeSport has a variation that might suit your needs.

You are looking for a new power rack to add to your garage or home gym but you cannot really decide. 

You checked how much a squat rack cost but you still need a bit more information to secure your purchase.

And you saw this unique design, a retractable power rack. Is that even safe?

Safety should be every lifter’s #1 priority and in this article, we will discuss that topic, along with many others about the FringeSport retractable power rack.

FringeSport Retractable Power Rack

FringeSport Retractable Power Rack Cost

The FringeSport Retractable Power Rack costs $522 (with free shipping)!

FringeSport Retractable Power Rack Specifications

  • Two 2" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel Uprights with 5/8" holes. Even includes westside spacing in the bench zone.
  • Easily adjustable 1.25" diameter pull-up bar that ranges ~70" - 88" from the floor.
  • Fold inward or outward to stow.
  • UHMW plastic coated j-hooks included - protects the finish on your bar. (Metric #4 Allen wrench to replace UHMW)
  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns
  • Accepts all 2x3" accessories with 5/8" pin. This product does not include safeties.
  • Weight Capacity: 800lb weight capacity
  • Dimensions: 50" wide x 90.5" high x 25" from wall when in use or 5" when retracted and stored.

FringeSport Retractable Power Rack Installation

Like all power racks, they need to be installed.

For retractable power racks, they need to be carefully installed so that you do not damage your home or the equipment.

The key steps here are that you mount your retractable power rack on the wall studs while making sure your screws and bolts are undamaged.

And speaking of being undamaged, you will need to purchase some additional parts as stated in the video above.

Your best bet would be to go to your local hardware store or you can get them online:

And as for tools, you should have them in your basement.

But just in case you do not, I will also have the list of power tools needed for this installation:

It is highly advised that you grab a friend to lend a hand while performing this installation.

It would just make the whole process a lot smoother and you are less likely to make a mistake if you have someone supporting the retractable power rack while someone is performing the installation.

Retractable power rack falling

It is unlikely that this event will occur if you installed your retractable power rack correctly and you are within the weight capacity of the power rack.

The risk is very low but the upside is high since you are saving a ton of space with this modern power rack design.

Retractable power rack installation time

Installing the retractable power rack should take no more than 1-2 hours, given that you have your tools ready.

FringeSport Retractable Power Rack Performance

Lifters, you should have full confidence in your FringeSport Retractable Power Rack.

At the same time, you should have these conditions checked off on your mental checklist as well to avoid any uneventful circumstances from occurring.

Your ceiling should be higher than 90”

This is a part of the dimensions of the retractable power rack. 

And you should also add a few more inches as well if you are going to be doing any pull-ups or chin-ups.

If you do not have enough space in your cellar or garage to clear 90” in height, your performance will suffer since you cannot perform all the exercises this retractable power rack allows you to do.

Studs are installed incorrectly

If you have difficulty finding your garage or basement studs, or even noticed that your studs are installed in an awkward way, this will make installation more tricky.


Because you need to find the balance so that your retractable power rack can be anchored securely onto the wall.

Anything less than 100% confidence in your installation could end as a disaster.

You are buying for space-saving, primarily

The FringeSport Retractable Power Rack is fairly valued in my eyes.

With that said, it is not the cheapest power rack available in the market and as a result, the price is reflected as such.

Lifters should only purchase this if one of their main goals is to save space in their homes.

Otherwise, you would just get a regular power rack and avoid the hassle of attaching it to your walls.

Repeated stress drops

Your main concern is that the weight might crush you and rip a big hole in the wall.

And for the record, the FringeSport retractable power rack does not include safeties in its purchase.

But you can install them separately; this product does allow you to do that.

So, will this retractable power rack survive a 500lbs+ squat dump?

The answer is yes, IF it is installed correctly.

Would you want to consistently dump your squats and rely on any retractable power rack? Of course not.

I like to think about it using this analogy,

Let us say you live in a brick home and there is a car speeding towards your house.

The car runs into your house but it does not penetrate the bricks.

There is a dent but nothing too serious.

You can continue to live life as if nothing happened.

But what if a second car runs into your home? And a third?

Now, you will suffer damage to your home.

And this logic applies to the retractable power rack made by FringeSport.

Yes, it can catch your failed weight a few times if you dump it recklessly.

However, there is only so much it can take; even many standalone power racks won’t be able to accept you dumping the bar so many times.

Be logical and realistic.

Closing Thoughts

This retractable power rack is one of a kind and would make a great addition to any home gym.

Even if it is in a commercial city gym, it is still a great piece of equipment.

You can do all of your barbell lifts - squats, bench press, overhead presses, you name them, you can do them.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your FringeSport Retractable Power Rack today!

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