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FringeSport Hybrid Barbell Review | Buying Guide

October 1st 2020

The FringeSport hybrid barbell was made to do it all - powerlift, Olympic weightlift, crossfit, everything in between… but does it have a good review?

To this day, thousands of different types of barbells have been made.

Some were made as specialty bars to suit special purposes.

While others were made to constantly improve upon the barbells that are used in commercial gyms, and look for ways to innovate them whether it may be improving quality, cutting costs, etc.

But as time goes on and as the limit of how much a barbell can be innovated nears its end, manufacturers start looking to supply barbells to fit different niches and fulfill different needs.

With the rise of cross-fit over the last decade, many companies started to make barbells designed solely for cross-fit athletes, hoping to be the brand cross-fit athletes can rely on.

Same goes for Olympic lifting, strongman, and any other strength-related sport that is set to develop in the near future.

And with these changes comes the fringesport hybrid barbell.

The fringesport hybrid barbell is a barbell that suits strength-athletes of multiple fields.

Fringesport seeks to rid the day where athletes need a different type of barbell for each sport.

They seek to make one barbell, to rule them all.

Jokes aside, the hybrid barbell is what fringesport offers to the world of barbells, creating a strong, aggressive barbell that could be used for powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, cross-fit, and many more.

This all-in-one approach is meant for strength-athletes who compete in multiple fields, or for strength-athletes who want to start competing but are not sure yet where they want to specialize.

Regardless, in this article we will go over what the fringesport hybrid barbell is, it is specifications, pros and cons, and then a final review.

What is the fringesport hybrid barbell?

If you haven’t been following our latest series on the fringesport barbell family, the hybrid barbell is part of this family.

The other members include the fringesport wonder bar, Bomba V2, Fringesport weightlifting bar, and the fringesport power bar.

As mentioned in the introduction, what sets the fringesport hybrid barbell apart from all the other barbells is that it seeks to suit multiple strength-related fields all in one.

Let’s say you want to get into powerlifting but are also a bit interested in Olympic weightlifting.

By purchasing the hybrid bar, you could save yourself from having to purchase two bars for their specific sports.

After all, a powerlifting bar will be completely different in terms of flex, knurling, ring marks, spin, etc. than an Olympic weightlifting bar.

In fact, using a powerlifting bar for Olympic weightlifting might not be completely safe or suitable, making it harder to perform the lifts with correct form, or cutting short the barbell’s life as it wasn’t meant to be lifted a certain way, and vice-versa.

That is why for those who are still unsure of which sport they want to specialize in, who want to be able to perform a vast array of exercises, or for those who currently already train in multiple fields, the hybrid bar is an excellent choice for a barbell as it is a one-size-fits all.

What can you do with the hybrid bar?

Basically, anything you would normally do with a traditional barbell with the ability to do them all effectively.

With this bar you could train the big three and squat, bench, and deadlift.

You could also perform Olympic-style lifts with the snatch, clean and jerk, power clean, etc.

Although this bar can perform both types of lifts decently, it will still be a step down from bars that were specifically designed for powerlifting, or for Olympic-weight lifting.

And that’s a given. A tool that can perform multiple functions will be outclassed by a tool that was specifically designed to perform one function.

As a result, if you decide to commit and dive deep into powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting just know that you may have to consider purchasing a specialty bar sometime in the future.

But for beginners and most lifters, this won’t be much of a problem.

FringeSport Hybrid Barbell Picture

FringeSport Hybrid Barbell Cost

The FringeSport hybrid barbell costs $420 (with free shipping)!

FringeSport Hybrid Barbell Specifications

  • Weight: 20 kilograms / ~44 pounds
  • Collars: 4 Needle Bearing
  • Bearings: Four bearing in total, two per sleeve.
  • Weight Capacity: 2,200-pound limit
  • Tensile Strength: 216,200 PSI
  • Yield Strength: 206,900 PSI
  • Whip: Slightly stiff, moderate-whip shaft
  • Spin: Fast, predictable spin
  • Best Use: Built for experienced, strong lifters who combine Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, and WODing.
  • Material: Matte Chrome Shaft and Sleeve, Manganese Phosphate "Sleeve Collar"
  • Length: 86.75 inches
  • Sleeve Specs: 16.3 inches Loadable Length and 2" Diameter
  • Shaft Specs: 28.5mm Diameter
  • Knurl: Deep Double Ring IWF + IPF Knurling. Light Center Knurling.
  • Product Design: Austin, TX, USA
  • Machined & Assembled: Taiwan
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects and bending.

In the following sections, we will go over some of the specifications which separates the hybrid barbell from any other barbell you might encounter.

28.5mm shaft

With a slightly larger diameter than traditional Olympic weightlifting barbells (28 mm), the extra width reduces the flexibility of the barbell making it better to use for slower, powerlifting-styled lifts (squat, bench, and barbell).

The downside is that it might be harder to put on or take off certain weights that were originally designed to fit a 28mm bar.

Variable knurling

The knurling on this bar is not uniform.

Near the outer rings of the bar, the knurling was designed to be aggressive but blunted meaning it will add to your grip-strength without cutting up your hands like a powerlifting-styled barbell knurling would.

Meanwhile, the knurling near the center of the barbell are moderate so that they don’t end up scraping your shins when performing the deadlift or any Olympic lift in the similar position.

The center of the barbell is also designed to lightly bite on your shirt when performing squats, or any squat variation, preventing the barbell from drifting off-center.

Overall, the unique design and variable knurling allows for this barbell to be used for a variety of purposes.

High precision needle bearings

What also makes this barbell special is that it was designed using high precision needle bearings which add to more spin, making it easier to perform Olympic lifts.

Though spin is not necessary for powerlifting-style lifts, they shouldn’t affect your lifts that much if at all unless you have somebody spinning the weights before you perform your lift.

FringeSport Hybrid Barbell Pros and Cons


  • High weight-capacity
  • Moderate bend (good for both powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting)
  • Variable knurling
  • High precision needle bearings
  • Matte chrome shaft (corrosion resistant)


  • Larger diameter makes may make it harder to put on/take off certain weights
  • Because it was designed for broad use, it won’t be as good of a bar than powerlifting-specific or Olympic weightlifting-specific bars

Final Review

The fringesport hybrid barbell fulfills a needed role in the current marketplace.

It is a barbell that can be used to perform a vast array of exercises sufficiently.

Those who perform slow, powerlifting-styled movements want a stiff bar that has little flex, made of bushings so that the weight doesn’t move, and a strong knurling so that their grip doesn’t budge.

Meanwhile, those who perform Olympic weightlifting want a barbell that is flexible so that they can use the momentum during their lift, they want bearings so that the spinning weight adds to the momentum, and they want a moderate-light knurling so that they can easily change their hand position and grip.

The hybrid bar offers a mix between both of these styles.

So, if you are in the market for a new barbell but are unsure on which exercises you plan on performing, or want to have the option of performing all exercises, then the fringesport hybrid barbell may be for you.




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