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Cost Of Weightlifting Straps? How To Find Your Best Pair

April 1st 2019

How much do weightlifting straps cost?

Weightlifting straps cost between $10-40 USD, depending on the brand, quality, and material. Typically, more expensive lifting straps will seek to maximize comfort, durability, and strength.

When you ask a fitness expert, bodybuilder, powerlifting, strongman, or even an Olympic weightlifter about lifting straps, you will find that they will fall into one of two options. One will say “I love straps” and continue to talk about how they strategically use their straps to help them get closer to their training goals. Another group will say “Straps? DO NOT USE THEM!” and begin to lecture you on the dangers of using straps. They will mention all the cons, such as not developing grip strength, not being man enough, etc. So, who is really right?

Technically, both sides do share a common interest - to get stronger. As educated lifters, it is our mission to find the best possible tactic in order to get stronger. We must learn from our ancestor’s mistakes and evolve strength training. So, both answers must be accepted. Yes, we do need to train hard and not use straps. At the same time, lifters must be practical and accept that using straps as a tool to get stronger is a great way to improve performance. Weightlifting straps, when used effectively and at the right time, will result in you getting more gains.

Many experienced and elite lifters will not debate on the effectiveness of weightlifting straps. You see them using straps all the time in training. However, when these same lifters are asked if regular gym-goers should use straps, answers and remarks are scattered. Some experienced lifters, who are also teachers, may be able to relate to a strength training beginner. Others may not convey a message that an intermediate may understand. As a result, there is a huge fog of confusion and differences of opinion on what to do with straps.

One question is definitely not a debate though - what are the best weightlifting straps? We have identified several of the TOP weightlifting straps that really stood out from their competition.

Here are some of the common wrist straps that you should try out.

What are the best weightlifting straps?

1. Harbinger Padded Cotton Wrist Straps

Harbinger Padded Cotton Wrist Straps

The Harbinger Padded Cotton Wrist Straps cost about $10 USD. It has a 21.5” extended length strap with a 1.5” width to increase the grip surface available. These lasso wrist straps are also armed with Plush Neotek pad cushions to enable wrist comfort. Double stitched cotton straps with merrowed end tabs, these wrist straps were meant to last.

2. Bear Komplex 3 Hand Grips

Bear Komplex 3 Hand Grips

The Bar Komplex 3 Hand Grips cost about $40 USD and are made of leather. They are a more modern wrist strap in that they modified the material to fit like a glove but function to help your grip. These are usually called “hand grips.” They are usually made with two or three hole options that come in different hand sizes. The quadruple stitching ensures maximum stability and comfort; they will not dig into your hands or wrists.

3. Dark Iron Fitness Wrist Strap

Dark Iron Fitness Wrist Strap

Dark Iron Fitness Wrist Straps cost around $22 USD and are very common weightlifting leather suede wrist straps. They can be used by both men and women and are offered in 2mm or 3mm thickness. The leather material tends to last longer than other cotton-made wraps. Dark Iron fitness lasso wrist straps provide a soft sensation on the skin. Also, these straps are essential in the prevention of wrist muscle tearing and ripping. They are flexible and offer a non-slip gripping.

4. Rip Toned Wrist Straps

Rip Toned Wrist Straps

Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps cost around $11 USD and are used in lifting and strength training. They are made with high-quality cotton with a neoprene padding for your wrist. At 23” long, Rip Toned offers a lifetime warranty for their lasso lifting straps along with free membership access to their exclusive website.

5. Stoic Wrist Straps

Stoic Wrist Straps

Stoic Wrist Straps cost around $20 USD and are a single loop wrist strap made of genuine leather. With specifically targetting Olympic weightlifters, the Stoic single loop wrist straps are still be used for bodybuilding, powerlifting or any general lifting. They can be used by both men and women and offer immediate customer support for any issues with their products.

6. DMoose Fitness Wrist Straps

DMoose Fitness Wrist Straps

DMoose Fitness Wrist Straps cost around $10 USD and are a lasso wrist strap made of cotton, padded with 4mm of neoprene for the wrist. These wrist straps are 1.5” in width and 24” in length. Designed with odorless technology and reinforced stitching DMoose Fitness offers a lifetime guarantee for their product as they are confident in its quality and effectiveness.

Do lifting straps prevent calluses?

Lifting straps will not prevent calluses since you are not gripping the bar correctly. Lifters usually try to get the best grip possible on a bar, which pinches the skin and causes calluses.

There are some ways to prevent calluses. The most economical way to prevent calluses is to grip the bar slightly above your calluses so the bar does not pinch your skin. However, this will not feel like a strong grip for a long time unless you keep on practicing it for years. On the other hand, you can stop doing any barbell pulling movements to let your calluses heal. This is highly not recommended. Alternatively, you can wear gloves to add more comfort to your hands. However, this is also not recommended if you are planning to on gaining some serious strength. However, if you are a casual lifter who want to take care of your hands, who am I to judge?

Do you clean your wrist straps?

Typically, people do not clean their wrist straps since newer and more modern manufacturers create cheaper and odorless wrist straps.

I have had my wrist straps for over 4 years now and I have not cleaned my wrist straps once. I am confident that many other lifters also do not clean their wrist straps.

If your wrist straps do develop an odor or are heavily soiled, washing it with soap and warm water and line drying it should be sufficient in cleaning it. Otherwise, it would be more cost efficient to get another pair since they are practically almost giving wrist straps for free with these very low prices.

Do I need weightlifting straps?

Gym-goers do not need weightlifting straps to go to the gym. However, weightlifting straps are a beneficial tool to use when your grip is shot and you cannot grab onto anything with full strength. Weightlifting straps are a hidden cheat code that everyone should know about if you are serious about gaining some gnarly strength.

Are lifting straps good?

Lifting straps are good for more advanced and elite lifters who understand their bodily limits. Lifting straps help people to continue their workout even if their grip will not cooperate. With that said, all beginners and intermediate level lifters should not think about using straps, which causes a lot of confusion in the lifting community.

Statistically speaking, a majority of the people do not lift. With a small percentage that do lift, a majority of that small percentage will be beginners, intermediate lifers or casual lifters. From that small percentage, advanced and elite athletes are rare. So, when the average Joe sees a world-class powerlifter or strongman using straps, they think they can get stronger by imitating what the pros do. Almost always not the case.

You need to start training correctly first and start building your strength from the ground up. Lifting straps are great, only if you use them appropriately. As a beginner lifter, you should definitely focus 100% of your time to continue to build your deadlift strength and forget about using straps until you have at least 2 solid years of training experience. You will learn much more about grip strength and training if you do not band-aid the problem from the start.

Do lifting straps help?

Lifting straps do help lifters push pass any limiting grip issues on pullups, deadlifts, barbell rows, cleans, and snatches.

Do straps help during a deadlift?

When a lifter’s grip is too fatigued, straps can be used to help continue deadlift training since straps help the lifter to still hold onto the barbell.

Wrist Wraps vs Wrist Straps

The purpose of wrist wraps is to provide your wrist support when doing heavy lifts that involve any compression and extension of the wrist joint. The purpose of wrist straps is to provide grip support for a lifer when attempting heavy lifts.

What are wrist wraps for?

Wrist wraps are used to protect your wrist from excessive extension and compression. Typically during heavy bench presses and overhead presses, your wrists are under a lot of stress to remain stable and wrist wraps can be used to absorb some of those stresses.

However, wrist wraps should not be used to mask any glaring mobility or flexibility issues. Like all gym training tools, they are meant to make training easier when used appropriately and for the right reason. Not addressing muscular weakness and immobility is a poor way to learn, which increases your risk of injury.

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