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Cost Of A Bench Press? Best Bench Presses For Your Buck

Updated February 29th 2020; March 27th 2019

What is the best price for a bench press?

A bench press setup can cost as little or as much as you want it to be. How much you spend on a bench press depends a lot on your training goals.

There are a lot of different variables when choosing a bench press, so how do you know which one to purchase.

One of the most important moments in your fitness journey is to build your own home gym.

With it, you can safely and effectively lift out of the comfort of your home.

But there are 100s of bench press equipment to choose from.

This is not even including specialty and customized bench press setups, which can well go into the thousands.

This is exactly why this guide was created, to offer you the autonomy of choosing the best bench presses for your money.

After all, gym equipment is not cheap. We want our equipment to last as long as we are still working (and even beyond).

I have listed the bench presses from the cheapest to most expensive.

There is also an additional section for bench press equipment alternatives since we all have different dreams for our ideal gym setup.

Let us get started:

CAP Barbell Standard Bench Press

This is one of the most budget-friendly bench press setup available.

If you are a beginner or just need something temporary for a home gym, the CAP Barbell Standard Bench Press is the bench press I would recommend if money is tight.


The bench press is 57” in length, 25” in interior width(between the two bench press stands) and 45” in height.

This is a much narrower bench press than you would typically see in commercial gyms.

According to the specs, this can only fit a 5’-6’ bar.

Unless you have a space issue, you can fit a regular Olympic barbell, which is 7.2’, on the bench press.

Just account for the additional space and weight.

Weight Limit

The entire bench press setup has a weight limit of 500lbs.

So, if you weigh 200lbs, the max bench press you can do is 300lbs.

Extra Features

You cannot adjust the rack height.

You can also do incline and decline bench presses with this model.

It also has a leg attachment that allows lifters to do some knee extensions as well.

This is the catch though...

There are several things you should be aware of other than looking at the price:

  • You will not be using a standard size barbell
  • You will probably not be benching over 2 plates on here.

So, for even the average beginner lifter who comes across strength training and is thinking about lifting seriously, this is not an appropriate bench press for you.

Body Champ Bench Press

If you are looking for a more comfortable feel for your bench press that also has a bit more functionality, the Body Champ Bench Press may be the setup for you.


This bench press is 76” in length, 38.5” in interior width (between the bench press stands) and 54” in maximum height.

This is a regular-sized bench press that was meant to accommodate a 6’ or 7’ Olympic barbell.

Weight Limit

The weight limit is 300lbs, excluding the lifter’s bodyweight.

Extra Features

The rack heights are adjustable. You can do incline and decline bench presses.

There are weight holder pegs on the side of this equipment.

There are also adjustable parts that can let you do the following exercises as well:

  • Leg curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Ab crunches

What is great about this for the beginner lifter

It is almost perfect.

You can fit a regular barbell.

You can bench upward of 300+lbs.

Even more if you are careful and do not want to test your equipment's durability.

It is not too complicated and is fairly standard.

There are minor catches

However, we want a real analysis of this bench, including the negatives.

Firstly, there are a ton of nuts and bolts connecting this piece.

In order to make this machine fairly low cost, it would need to be broken up into multiple parts.

Unfortunately for the lifter, this comes at the expense of stability.

Secondly, the hooks are deeply shaped and will be difficult to unrack.

Some lifters may want the added security of a deep hook to prevent any accidents from happening.

Trust me, if you strength train for even one month, you will realize how painfully inconvenient it is to have deep hooks.

Therefore, we want our bench press setup to have low hooks so we do not need to clear the hooks so drastically.

If you are training with a partner, this may be manageable.

If you are training by yourself, this is a recipe for failure if you have not been training for at least a few years.

Still though, it is extremely annoying and you would rather avoid this from the get-go.

Valor Fitness Olympic Bench Press

This would be what you would find in a commercial gym.

So, if you want to emulate that feeling with a reasonably sturdy bench, look no further than the Valor Fitness Olympic Bench Press!


This bench press is 53” in length, 47.5” in internal width, and 44.5” in height.

The two rack positions are at 19” and 23” from the weight bench itself.

Weight Limit

The weight limit specified is 450lbs.

However, some lifters have noticed that the weight holders flex a little when under a 300lbs+ load.

Extra Features

There is a platform used for spotting the lifter.

The bench press was meant to be used for flat bench only.

This bench will get the job done

Just bench press almost has it all.

It can accommodate a regular barbell.

It can load up weight fairly well.

The only thing not great about this bench press setup is that it has moderately deep hooks.

Again, deep hooks will be the bane of your bench pressing experience, with or without a spotter.

Granted, a lot of commercial gyms have these sort of bench presses.

However, if you can avoid this, I would highly suggest doing so.

Otherwise, this is not a bad place to park your investments in!

Titan Bench Press

If you are serious about your bench press gains, you will need something that will last a lifetime.

If you need a bench press setup that can hold 1000lbs without fail and something can you can use forever, the Titan Bench Press was meant for you.

Titan Bench Press


The bench press is 51.75” in length, 24” in internal width, and 54.5” in height.

The bench press height is 17.5”, with adjustable 1” increments.

Weight Limit

This bench press can hold up to 1000lbs in weight.

Extra Features

The rack heights and safeties are adjustable.

This bench press was meant for flat bench press only.

Nearly ideal bench press setup

This bench press rack has it all.

It has fairly shallow hooks, which is good.

I have seen shallower hooks but this one is great still.

One key component that you need to be aware about is that this bench press has small incremental adjustments.

This is absolutely a game-changer since most bench press setups have only 2-3 hooks to rerack the weigh on.

So, if you are a taller lifter, shorter lifter, or have interesting arm leverages, you will not enjoy going to a commercial gym.

Especially if you are a powerlifter and need to practice a specific bench press technique.

With this bench press rack, you can practice to your heart's content.

Then, what is my complaint?

It is bulky, big and can ONLY be used for the bench press.

Body-Solid Flat Olympic Bench Press

This is the standard go-to for all commercial gyms, the Body-Solid Flat Olympic Bench Press.


The bench press is 68” in length, 50” in width, and 48” in height.

Weight Limit

Manufacturers have informed lifters that this bench press should handle at least 800lbs.

Extra Features

There are three fixed hooks to rack your weight.

There are no safeties.

This bench press was designed for flat bench press usage only.

If you are looking for that commercial gym feeling, this is your bench press setup.

This is one of the exact racks you may find at your commercial gym.

Again, it is not great because it has a U-shaped hook which makes unracking the bench press awkward.

It also does not have small adjustments to be made.

Additional Alternatives

Valor Fitness Bench Press Stands

The Valor Fitness Bench Press Stands come without a weight bench, which means you need to purchase one separately.

However, they do have their benefits - safeties, and flexibility.

At the same time, you are trading these benefits for a decrease in stability (Bench press stands will shake).

Nevertheless, if you are really tight on space and serious about your bench press progress, you will need equipment that can handle your bench press limits.


These bench press stands are 28.5” in width and 53.5” in maximum height, 38” at its minimum height.

You can use any size barbell since you can adjust how far apart to set up your bench press stands.

Weight Limit

Due to its sleek design, the specifications state that the max weight it can hold is 700lbs.

Extra Features

There are weight holder pegs on the back of each stand.

The safeties and rack heights are also adjustable.

The bench press stands are used for either flat or incline bench presses. You cannot squat with these stands.

Using Your Squat Stands

Who says you can’t bench press in your squat rack?

You can also make use of your squat stands if you have already purchased a weight bench.

Good Size for a Bench Press

Typically, you would want a full-size bench press to accommodate a 7.2’ Olympic barbell.

Good Qualities for a Bench Press

Your bench press should have adjustable hook heights at the very minimum.

This would make bench pressing much more pleasant since you can do various accessory movements and also unrack/rerack the barbell easily.

Another great quality to look for is having safeties.

Of course, we do not want to utilize the safeties at all if need be.

However, they do help reassure the lifter that he is safe to attempt any high-intensity sets on the bench press.

J-hooks are another commonly overlooked component for a great bench press.

Typically, a lot of bench press setups have jagged hooks, which can ruin many lifter’s setup by pulling their scapula out of position.

Having J-hooks eases the lifter to clear the hooks and be in an optimal position to bench press.

Leave my bench press equipment inside or outside?

In the long term point of view, your equipment will last longer if you protect it from the weather.

Extreme heat, extreme cold, and rain can wear down your equipment.

With that said, some people are not able to have a basement or indoor gym.

So, leaving your bench press equipment inside a garage or partially open warehouse will just have to do.

There are plenty of people that have trained in a garage or warehouse for decades with the same equipment exposed to the outside weather conditions.

So, the best option is to protect your bench press equipment as best you can.

The next best choice to have bench press equipment to shelter.

Should I purchase my bench press equipment that includes a barbell and weight?

This is a good starting point for almost all lifters.

However, if you are planning to train for a long time, get a quality barbell with higher-quality barbell weights.

I can attest to this from experience. I purchased some equipment that came with 300lbs of weight with a barbell.

I have also purchased another barbell because my mentors recommended it to me.

You could instantly tell the difference.

So, there is no right or wrong answer.

It really depends on your monetary constraints.

For a majority of lifters, get the weight set.

It will take some time before you can outlift all the weight you purchased.

But if you are 100% committed (you should be), get better quality equipment.

You will see a difference in your training experience.

How long should my bench press equipment last?

Your bench press equipment should last a lifetime.

Nobody would purchase any gym equipment if they knew it will only last 5-10 years.


This goes hand-in-hand with equipment care.

Make sure to respect the equipment and it should be a very long time, if ever before you need to replace your equipment.

However, a lot of manufacturers may make today's products will the intent to have them replaced.

Unfortunately, this is the state of our production lines but I do see that it may not have as big of an impact to strength training equipment.

Strength training equipment manufacturers know that their equipment will take a beating.

It is guaranteed. 

So, they need to make it durable so that customers can vouch for them.

Unless you buy equipment that does not fit your specifications in terms of locations and usability, I would not worry about how long your bench press setups should last.

They will withstand your pressure of training.

Just make sure you are getting the best qualities that you are able to purchase.

Again, here is the list of things you should be looking out for (in no particular order):

  • Small adjustments
  • Shallow hooks, J-hooks
  • Ability to do other compound exercises by reusing the same equipment
  • Not too many parts to nut and bolt

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