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How Much Should You Be Spending On A Hex "Trap" Bar?

March 24th 2020

Your hex bar purchase will stay with you for decades so it is best if you make sure that you know what you are paying for.

How much should a hex bar cost you?

Before you even think about the purchasing price, you should focus more on the quality of the bar.

Yes, this is highly important because you would rather spend a lot on quality material that lasts you 300 years versus spending very little and having it break next year.

Makes sense right?

But now, what qualities should we look for when deciding on whether or not we should purchase one hex bar over another.

In this article, we will shed light on these questions and much more!

How much does a hex bar cost?

Depending on your specifications, a hex “trap” bar can cost as much or as little as you want. 

Weight capacity, material, finish, loading depth, and knurling are just some of many factors to decide upon.

So, here are our top pics for what hex bars you should purchase:


  • Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar v2
  • Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar
  • Rep Fitness Trap Bar
  • American Barbell Hex Bar
  • American Barbell Dual Height Fat Grip Hex Bar
  • Fringe Sport Hex “Trap” Bar




Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar v2

Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar 

Rep Fitness Trap Bar

American Barbell Hex Bar

American Barbell Dual Height Fat Grip Hex Bar

Fringe Sport Hex “Trap” Bar

Weight Capacity







# of handles







Overall weight







Length of sleeve







Distance between handles







Overall length














Overall, the Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar v2 has all of the features that a hex bar should have.

You will not be disappointed with that purchase.

Or any of the hex bars on this chart if you are realistic with your expectations and know exactly what you are looking for.

Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar v2

The Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar V2 shows how much a trap bar can improve from its previous design.

With 16” in length, you can load up plenty of 45lbs since Olympic 45lbs plates will have a 1.3” thickness while Standard 45lbs plates will have a 1.5” thickness.

I do not need to be a math genius to prove to you that you can load up your trap bar heavy.

With one of the smallest distances between the handles, I find this a plus.

Unless you have a genetically large shoulder width (chances are, you don’t), there is very little upside in having a trap bar that is a bit wider.

Granted, that was the standard before and maybe it was easier to make.

Nevertheless, these are improvements that are better for the lifter.

And speaking of improvements, this hex bar is rackable on J-hooks in a power cage along with having an 810lbs weight limit.

Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar 

The Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar is the first version of the trap bar for Titan and it did not disappoint.

It is a more budget-friendly option compared to the v2 model.

But it can still hold its ground.

With a 500lbs weight limit capacity, it can still be used for a great workout.

It has a 9.75” length for its sleeves, it makes sense that this equipment can only hold about 500lbs.

It just cannot carry that much weight in general.

However, it does carry some cons.

For one, it is not rackable but nearly all trap bars are not racked in any J-hooks.

I usually see trap bars either lying in the middle of the gym floor or stored away in the corner.

You will most likely never run into an issue racking the hex bar unless your training calls for it.

Another design feature to be aware about is its handle width, being 24.5”.

This was standard back in the day.

If you are a shorter lifter, you will be doing snatch grip hex bar deadlifts or shrugs.

There is no way around it.

Its overall weight is 55lbs, which is not bad.

You know this piece of equipment can take a beating if its empty bar weight is relatively heavy compared to its competitors.

Rep Fitness Trap Bar

The Rep Fitness Trap Bar is probably one of the most standard trap bars you will ever see.

You probably have seen this or a similar design in your commercial gyms.

With 4 handles, 55lbs in empty weight, steel material, chrome finish, not rackable and a 500lbs weight limit, that is almost as standard as you can get.

You even have the 25.5” handle widths.

Again, if you are a shorter lifter, you will find that this will make you do a pseudo-snatch or full snatch grip lift, whether it is deadlifts or shrugs.

But this trap bar can take a beating!

You will not be disappointed in this purchase if you do decide to have a commercial gym feel to your home gym.

American Barbell Hex Bar

The American Barbell Hex Bar adds more versatility to your gym equipment.

Though it is the only hex bar that has two handles on this list, it adds a unique feature of being able to be racked into a J-hook in a power cage.

Aside from the Titan Fitness V2 hex bar, this is the only other company that designs its hex bars to be used inside a power cage.

A noteworthy feature.

Everything else is very similar, wide grip handles (25”), 40lbs in empty weight and 16” in sleeve length.

American Barbell Dual Height Fat Grip Hex Bar

The American Barbell Dual Height Fat Grip Hex Bar adds some Strongman flare into your equipment status.

It has 4 grips as most hex bars.

The only difference is that all the grip handles are thicker than a normal barbell diameter.

So, if you do not want to carry Fat gripz around or you are training for Strongman, this is the trap bar for you.

In fact, if you are even thinking about doing Strongman, it would be in your best interest to make your training harder, not easier.

And with a fatter grip handle in this American Barbell variation, you get exactly that, a much harder exercise.

On top of this benefit, you can also rack this hex bar inside a power cage via the J-hooks.

It weighs about 55lbs and has almost a 17” sleeve length, so you know it can handle some heavy workouts.

Strongman style…

Fringe Sport Hex “Trap” Bar 

The Fringe Sport Hex “Trap” Bar may not look like much but its compact design and high weight limit will definitely change your mind.

It has a 600lbs weight limit with 10” sleeve lengths.

It only weighs 45lbs and has a 56” length.

It is even has a slightly smaller grip width of 23.375”.

If you are looking for very dense equipment that can also handle a heavy workout, this is the hex bar for you.

The only con is that it is not rackable inside a power cage.


This buying guide would not be complete if there was not a section dedicated t your frequently asked questions!

How much does a hex bar weigh?

A hex bar can weigh between 40lbs-60lbs.

Most hex bars will be in between the 45-55lbs weight range.

If you know the specs of the hex bar in your gym, you can find the weight.

Just flip it over on its side and check the inside of the sleeve. 

There should be a brand name there.

If not, it has been my observation that a lot of the chrome-finished 4 handle hex bars are around 45lbs.

The black oxide finished hex bars can range, depending on its hex bar design, number of handles, etc.

Regardless, you should take control of your training and know about what bars you are using in the gym.

Do not leave it up to chance for your progress.

How long is a hex bar?

A hex bar can range between 56” to 85/86” in length with most hex bars being either 56” or 85/86”.

Why is this the case?

Many reasons actually.

One, some companies value the approach of making their equipment compact, durable and budget-friendly.

Nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, some companies want their hex bars to be heavy-duty and can muscle heavy weights for a long, long time.

As a result, their sleeve length needs to be longer and this creates an 85” or 86” total length.

You also have a few outliers that are in between these two lengths.

This is not common but these variations do exist.

What are some hex bar exercises I can do?

This is a list of the best exercises you could do:


  • Hex bar deadlifts
  • Hex bar shrugs
  • Hex bar static holds


You can also do some heel raises to target your calves but most lifters will probably focus on the first three exercises first.

I have seen some people doing hex bar rows and hex bar lunges but this would depend on your hex bar design.

There are some hex bars made with an open design (like this one) but usually, for strength training, you would never need to do lunges or rows in a hex bar.

Focus on what works.

You do not need to be creative and reinvent exercises using different pieces of equipment.

With a good barbell, you can get a lot of training done.

Can you do squats in a hex bar?

It may feel as though you are squatting with a hex bar but you are still doing a deadlift.

The reason for this is that the trap bar deadlift activates more quads due to your form.

In a hex bar deadlift, you are not pulling the slack as much out of the trap bar.

As a result, your hamstrings will not need to work as hard and your center of gravity is different from that of a barbell deadlift.

In that position, your body is not limited in the sagittal plane and as a result, you can lean more forward which promotes more quad activation.

Are hex bar deadlifts better for you?

Hex bar deadlifts and barbell deadlifts can both help you reach your strength training goals.

The hex bar deadlifts have more quad activation while a conventional barbell deadlift will activate your posterior chain more.

Nevertheless, having the hex bar deadlift as a main movement is not a bad idea.

It just depends on your training goals.

For most people that want strength results, using a barbell deadlift is the most straightforward approach.

There is very little risk and that much to gain,

The hex bar deadlift is a wild card in that some people can attest to its effectiveness while others say it that there are much better exercises.

What should you do?

Start training and ignore any claims.

You may a judgment call for yourself and decide whether or not using the hex bar deadlift is appropriate for you.

Is a hex bar deadlift easier?

For most lifters, a hex bar deadlift will be easier because you will be using more quads to stand up with the hex bar weight.

With a neutral grip and a much easier technique to learn, this is a perfect storm to have a bigger lift on.


This concludes our guide on how much should you spend on a hex bar.

There are many factors to consider but we disgested them all for you so that you can make a smooth decision.

The hex bar is an excellent tool for anyone looking to get strong.

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