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Hulkfit Power Cage Review | Buying Guide

August 18th 2020

When looking for an affordable rack on the go, the hulkfit power cage might fit your criteria.

When shopping for a squat rack, Amazon might be the last place on your mind.

Amazon usually gets a bad rap compared to other fitness brand names such as Rogue fitness or REP fitness but are these negative preconceptions justified?

While it is true that perhaps all of us had some sort of poor experience with Amazon in the past, we most likely have had more positive ones than negative ones.

After all, if you think Amazon has bad products, then why would you continue shopping on it?

From my experience reviewing products from a variety of sources, including Amazon, I think most of the hate is unwarranted.

Although there might find some crappy products on Amazon, there are also a few gold nuggets that can be found on the free shipping, instant-delivery site.

One product of which I will be discussing today is the Hulkfit power cage.

In this review, we will go over what exactly is the difference between a squat rack and a power rack, the specifications of the hulkfit power cage, it’s notable features, summarized pros and cons list, and my final review on the power cage.

What is the difference between a squat rack and a power rack?

A squat rack is a rack designed primarily for the squat (hence the name) which consists of a minimum of two stands with J-cups to hold the barbell.

Squat racks may come with additional features such as weight horns to store additional weight, a pullup bar at the top, and safety bars.

On the other hand, a power rack consists of four pieces of steel connected together to form a “cage.”

By welding four pieces of steel together, a power rack is usually much more secure than a squat rack. 

Another benefit of the power rack is that the safety bar has two points of attachment compared to only one point on a squat rack which is capable of handling more weight.

A squat rack will have less weight capacity than a power rack, but the benefit of a squat rack is that they are usually less expensive and take up less space.

In addition, unless you are an advanced lifter who is training to break a world record, chances are, the differences will be slim when comparing a squat rack to a power rack.

At the end of the day, the purpose of the squat rack or power rack is a platform that allows you to store a barbell, and safety bars to keep you safe.

Power cage is a term used to refer to both squat cages and power racks. 

The hulkfit power cage is more similar to a squat rack, but we are using the more accessible name for outreach purposes.

Hulkfit Power Cage Specifications

  • 800-Pound weight capacity
  • Pull up bars, weight holders included
  • J-Hooks, dip bars included
  • H-Shape for stability
  • Height: 81-inch
  • Width: 44-inch
  • Depth: 46-inch
  • Product weight: 110 Pounds

HulkFit Power Cage Dimensions

Standing at a height of 81”, width of 44”, and depth of 46”, the hulkfit power cage is comparable to squat racks of other name brands such as Rogue and REP fitness.

With a height of 81”, the hulkfit power cage is small enough to fit in any standard-sized room in the USA.

However, be sure to dedicate enough space to account for the length of the bench, barbell, and any other equipment you plan on using.

Another factor to take into consideration is that at a height of 81” or 6.75 ft, the pullup bar may be less suitable for taller individuals as you may have to bend you knee when using it. 

This might not be a dealbreaker for most people, but it can be depending on your fitness goals.


This power cage is designed from 12-gauge steel.

Gauge measures the steel’s thickness. A smaller number means a thicker piece of steel, and the thicker the steel, the more stable the squat rack will be.

Most of the power cages on the cheaper side of the spectrum are 14-gauge, and the lowest gauge-steel I’ve ever encountered for a power cage is 11-gauge steel. 12-gauge is certainly a good in-between gauge number.

12-gauge steel allows the rack to be both lightweight and stable.

In addition, this power cage is made with an H-shaped base which enhances the cage’s balance and improves its stability so that you won’t have to worry about it wobbling at any time when racking or unracking weights.

Overall, this power cage is thick, strong, and will last you for a long time.

Weight capacity

At a weight capacity of 800 lbs, the hulkfit power cage’s weight capacity is comparable to the weight capacity of squat racks from all other name brands.

This weight capacity will certainly be enough for all beginner, intermediate, and even advanced lifters as only one in a few lifters will ever reach the weight capacity.

However, keep in mind that weight capacity usually refers to the maximum number of weight that can be handled until the machine breaks or fails.

As you are able to lift heavier weight, the power cage will be less stable which can make it dangerous and less suitable even though it has not reached its maximum weight capacity.

So, keep this in mind when you decide to purchase this tool. I recommend those who are capable of squatting over 300 lbs to look into purchasing a power cage with at least a 1,100 lb weight capacity.

Weight holders, rubberized feet

The hulkfit power cage comes with weight holders at the base of the power cage.

Weight holders are great for storing weight and help to keep the power cage even more steady.

This squat rack also comes with a rubbered feet which also works to enhance its stability.

The rubberized feet help prevent the squat rack from budging without having you to bolt the rack onto the floor.

It also helps to protect your floor in case you plan on setting this tool on some hard-wood vinyl (which I would not recommend)

Additional features: J-Cups, pull up bar, dip bar and safety bars

The hulkfit power cage comes with a pair of J-cups, safety bars, pull up bar, and dip bar.

The J-cups and safety bars are important for holding the barbell and for protecting you in case you fail a rep.

The pull up bar and dip bars add more exercise versatility as you are able to perform bodyweight exercises.

You can use these bars to hang additional exercise equipment like bands, TRX bands, Olympic rings, or any other piece of equipment you have in mind.

These accessories are the icing on the cake as they add a lot more versatility while using this power cage.

Hulkfit Power Cage Pros and Cons


  • 12-gauge steel thickness
  • 800 lb weight capacity
  • Does not take much space
  • H-shaped base design for maximum stability
  • Comes with J-Cups, dip bars, and safety bars
  • Easy to quickly readjust J-cups and safety bars


  • Some of the paint on the rack came chipped
  • J-Cups don’t have a rubberized cushioning to protect the bar

Final Review

The hulkfit power cage is a great power cage for a beginner/intermediate lifter that is good on the wallet.

It contains everything you would want in a traditional power cage, and more!

With its intuitive design and plenty of additional features, the hulkfit power cage rivals the power cages of more well-known fitness name brands such as Rogue or REP fitness.

Despite what your preconceived notions might be on purchasing fitness equipment from Amazon, I urge you to give this one a shot.

It is truly a golden nugget.



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