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Rep Stainless Steel Power Bar V2 Review | Buying Guide

May 1st 2020

The best powerlifting barbell for home gyms 2020 might just be the REP Stainless Steel Power Bar V2.

When purchasing a barbell for your home gym, the saying “Buy cheap, buy twice” really shines.

You may think you are getting a good deal by saving money and buying a cheap $80 barbell on Amazon, but from my own experience of owning multiple barbells from Amazon and other companies, I will affirm that the price you pay matters.

Trust me, you don’t want to experience having your bar bend mid-deadlift or having one of the sleeves of the barbell fall off mid-squat, cracking the plates that were loaded on with it.

I can easily say that owning cheap barbells has been a lot more expensive than purchasing a pricier, high-quality one right off the bat.

That is why I wrote this article in order to introduce to you my favorite barbell for my current home gym.

And that is, the REP stainless steel power bar v2.

Rep Stainless Steel Power Bar V2 Picture

After my catastrophic experience with all my other barbells, the REP stainless steel power bar v2 was the first high-quality bar I purchased, owned, and have ever since.

Though I have collected a few more bars throughout the years, the REP will always hold a place in my heart as being my first high-quality barbell that has helped me reach PRs in my squat, bench, and deadlift.

With that being said, the REP stainless steel power bar v2 is a great barbell for anyone looking or interested in powerlifting who want a barbell for their own home gym.

Rep Stainless Steel Power Bar V2 Cost

The Rep Fitness Stainless Steel Power Bar V2 costs $379.

Rep Stainless Steel Power Bar V2 Specifications

  • 200k tensile, 1500 lbs. rated
  • 29mm
  • Length: 87.4"
  • Medium depth knurl
  • 810mm between outside edges of knurling rings
  • Stainless steel shaft and smooth stainless sleeves
  • Bushing sleeves
  • Snap-ring design

Plus, Rep fitness offers a lifetime warranty for bending, collar spin, knurling defects, or problems with the coating of the bar (see the specific requirements on their website).

Some of the benefits of the REP stainless steel power bar V2 are:

IPF standard design

If you are looking to eventually compete in a powerlifting competition, this bar is perfect for you. It fits all the criteria of a standard IPF barbell.

It is capable of handling heavy loads, comes in typical length and diameter you would see in a powerlifting competition and will help give you the maximum carry over to the bar you will be using during your competition.

Training with the bar you will be competing in will greatly aid you in your competitive endeavors.

Nothing is worse than training with a bar you thought was 45 lbs. but was actually 40 lbs. and not realizing it until after the competition when you missed your final lift (thanks Amazon).

Medium depth knurling

The knurling on this bar is of medium depth which makes it similar to a medium sandpaper-like feeling.

The knurling is of diamond pattern which serves to maximize your grip surface area.

The knurling is of very high-quality. The medium-depth allows you to have a stronger grip without ripping up your hands like an aggressive knurling would, and it includes a knurling in the middle which is helpful for keeping the bar on your back while you squat.

Stainless steel shaft

The prime feature of this product is that it is coated with a stainless-steel finish.

Stainless-steel is the best kind of finish you could have on a barbell due to its anti-corrosive properties.

In other words, it takes hell of a lot longer to rust, allowing it to last a lot longer.

This is very useful for those who are sweat a lot, live in a humid environment, or for those who know that they are not the type to take overly take care of their bars.

Bushing and smooth sleeves

Bushing sleeves allow a smooth but not overly smooth spin like bearing sleeves would.

This is helpful for those who need to roll the bar in order to set up the deadlift.

In addition, the sleeves are of a smooth finish making it a lot easier to put on or take off weights. In addition, the smooth finish will not scratch or chip away your weights.

REP Stainless Steel Power Bar V2 Pros and Cons


  • Coated with stainless steel which means it will last a long time without rusting, especially if you are a heavy sweater or live in a humid environment (I’m looking at you Florida)
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Though I know powerlifters don’t lift for photoshoots (or do we?), the fact that the bar is well-designed, and fits perfectly in any home gym is a plus for me.
  • IPF approved, maximum carry over during competition. 

Nothing is worse than finding out the bar you’ve been training with in the last few months is actually a 40 lb bar (thanks Amazon). 

Though this may seem miniscule, at the higher levels of competition, 5 lbs can make or break you. 

  • Life-time warranty. If you ever worry about your bar bending, or the metal coating rubbing away, fear no more. Rep fitness will guarantee to replace your bar as long as you meet the requirements. 
  • Very high-quality build and design. Will be sure to last you for years
  • Medium depth knurling (also a con below) is good for those who want to train without getting their hands torn up such as during the squat and bench press
  • Smooth sleeves allowing you to easily stack weight on or off the bar.
  • Center knurling perfect for keeping the bar on your back during heavy squats


  • If you are like me and prefer a more aggressive knurling during certain lifts like the deadlift, you might not be super pleased with this bar for deadlifting. However, it is perfect for squats and the bench press.
  • A bit more pricy than other barbells but as stated before, the quality makes up for it. Stainless steel bars are traditionally more expensive than zinc and steel bars because they last a lot longer.

Final Review

Overall, the REP stainless steel power bar v2 is a bar that I recommend to any newbie looking to get into powerlifting who wants to add a barbell to their home gym.

Though it is a bit more pricy than other barbells on the market, it’s high-quality makes up for it.

Stainless steel is the best material for barbells as they are great for preventing corrosion. 

As stated in the introduction, you will save much more money by spending a bit more upfront than cheaping out, buying a cheap bar, and having to purchase another bar in a couple of years due to the rust ruining the bar.

The only qualm I would have with the bar is that I prefer bars with a more aggressive knurling for the deadlift. 

I find the aggressive knurling to help increase my grip strength. 

Although I didn’t have any problems with the REP power bar knurling, I did sometimes wish they were a bit more “grippier.” They were perfect for squats and the bench press, but the deadlift was where I wanted the slight edge.

But don’t let my personal experience dissuade you from purchasing the bar. 

I can’t overstate how great this bar is especially for beginners who are looking to get into powerlifting. The knurling type is my own preference and you might find the medium depth knurling to be comfortable for you and your own purposes.

In addition, because of the medium grip knurling, this bar is also suitable for Olympic weightlifting in case you decide to experiment later on in the future.

Overall, a great bar for beginners and veteran powerlifters alike looking to add something to their home gym.

Get yours today!

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