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Buying Guide | Titan Hex Trap Bar V2 Review

April 24th 2020

In this article, we will discuss why you should purchase the titan hex bar v2.

Are you tired of looking through pages and search results on the web?

After this review, this should be the last on your search.

Here, we will answer your concerns about why you should purchase the titan hex trap bar v2.

American Barbell Camber Bar

Titan hex trap bar v2 specification

  • Overall Length: 85 1/2"
  • Handle Spread: 22"
  • Handle Diameter: 1.25"
  • Handle Length: 24.5"
  • Weight Sleeve Length: 16"
  • Weight Sleeve Diameter: 48 mm | 1.89"
  • Weight Capacity: Tested at 810 LB over a 24 hour period.
  • Weight: 60 LB

Titan hex trap bar v2 cost

The Titan hex trap bar v2 costs $255.99 (with free shipping)!

Titan hex trap bar v2 weight

The titan hex trap bar v2 weighs 60lbs.

Hex trap bars usually weigh between 45lbs-60lbs, depending on your brand. This is the most common range of most commonly manufactured hex trap bars.

I tried to locate some that weigh 30lbs but I cannot seem to find any.

There are some trap bar variations that weigh 70+lbs as well.

Best trap bar

The best trap bars should be made of steel, have a sleek design, and good knurling.

For the best materials available, you may need to pay more for your trap bar but it really depends on your budget. 

Titan hex trap bar v2 pros

Clean design and build

The Titan hex trap bar v2 has clean weldings and an even coat.

It would be difficult to detect any product defectiveness from first glance unless there was something majorly wrong already.

Medium knurling

I do not know about you but all my bars should have decent knurling.

The knurling is not super aggressive where it will just cut your hands readily.

This is a plus for a specialty bar.

Cost friendly

This is not the cheapest hex trap bar but it is also not the most expensive.

With that said, it is built well and adds a ton of value to any home gym.

Money is well-spent and you will not be left wondering what if...

Titan hex trap bar v2 cons

Sleeve diameter

The titan hex bar v2 sleeve diameter is 48 mm (1.89") while a barbell plate hole diameter is usually 50.8mm (2”).

Depending on your product batch, this can invite loose fitted barbell plates to be loaded on your hex bar.

But this should not be a concern since there are many solutions to make sure your plates do not wobble around on the hex bar sleeve.

For instance, you could just add another plate.

Or just use some collars.

Is a trap bar the same as a hex bar?

Yes, the trap bar is the same as a hex bar.

A trap bar is a specialty bar shaped as a hexagon. 

Over time, many people have shorten this name into a “hex bar.”

Cheap hex trap bar

A cheap hex trap bar does have a pro going for it (a lower cost) but you sacrifice product quality and durability for the sake of a few bucks.

Is that worth it?

Tough to say but allow me to share this example to illustrate a point:

Do you know why rich people purchase expensive things?

Why do they not purchase “cheap” items?

One perspective is that they purchase these items because they are made of the highest quality of material.

As a result, the item will last much longer and can be worn more frequently.

On top of that, you will also want to use these items more since they make you feel confident and they are serving its purpose.

Compared that to a cheaper product, it breaks more easily.

You need to replace it often.

In a way, you end up paying more for the cheaper item than if you purchase a higher quality item.

Just a small takeaway for those who contemplate purchasing a cheap hex trap bar over a “more expensive” version.


Titan fitness definitely improved its design from its previous hex bar and the customers will not be disappointed.

Unless you are looking for a specific handle width or weigh limit, the titan hex trap bar v2 just provides the best value for your purchase.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your titan hex trap bar v2 today!

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