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Titan Pro Sled System Review | Buying Guide

May 16th 2020

The Titan Pro Sled System, is it something you need to purchase?

In most gyms, we can see those who are into getting bigger hogging up the dumbbells and cable machines.

We can see those who are trying to get stronger on the bench press and squat rack, but rarely we do we ever see people pushing/pulling the exercise sled other than in training montages of MMA fighters on YouTube.

And why is that? 

In my opinion, the exercise sled is a great equipment that is heavily underutilized in most gyms and is seen to be used by most professional athletes and there is a reason for it.

An exercise sled allows maximal training efficiency by working the whole body at once, in a functional manner, something that training with dumbbells, barbells, and machines is unable to provide.

Watch any routine of any pro athlete whether it may be a football, basketball, or even tennis player and you will see them utilize the sled in order to build maximum pushing/pulling/explosive power in their sport.

In this article, we will be reviewing the titan pro sled system. 

We will discuss what it could be used for, it’s specifications, it’s pros and cons, as well as whether or not the sled is a good equipment for you to use.

What is an exercise sled?

An exercise sled allows you to train your entire body in a functional manner as you run/push/pull the sled over a distance

The sled is a tool you can incorporate in your indoor home gym and could even be used outdoors as long as you purchase a UHMW plastic ski liner in order to protect the bottom of the sled.

Outdoors, it can be utilized on all types of terrain and hard surfaces including grass, turf, concrete, and asphalt.

Exercise sleds have an area that you can load with weights allowing you to work your muscles even harder.

There are also a bunch of accessories that you can attach to your exercise sled making it an even more versatile tool to add to your home gym.

Overall, the sled is a great tool used by many athletes to train in a more sport-specific, functional manner, and can train multiple body parts at once.

Titan Fitness Pro Sled System Picture

Titan Pro Sled System Cost

The Titan Pro Sled System costs $224.99.

Titan Pro Sled System Specifications:

  • Weight: 111 lbs.
  • Footprint: 24-in x 40-in
  • Skid width: 3-in
  • Steel: 2-in x 3-in 11 gauge and 1/4-in plate steel
  • Plate tube height: 20-in
  • Push Pole Height: 39 1/2-in
  • Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.

Is sled pushing cardio?

The sled is good for those who are into sport-specific training and/or functional training.

Though the sled is great for building whole-body strength, it is not as effective for targeting the smaller muscles that dumbbells and barbells can help isolate.

Lifters can think of sled training as a hybrid training tool at best, and a very elite, low stress cardio tool at worst.

But what the sled makes up for is that it allows you to train your entire body, and a large number of muscle groups at once in a functional manner.

Sled exercises are compound lifts that train your lower body, core, and upper body all at the same time giving you the most efficiency if you are pressed for time and are only able to perform one exercise.

In addition, the sled is great because it allows you to train in a functional manner.

Training in a functional manner is important for maximizing carryover of your strength.

For example, throughout daily life, you are rarely lifting an object with perfect form like you would when performing a deadlift.

For the average person, your day-to-day activities may be lifting and carrying something over your shoulder and carrying it over a long distance or pushing/pulling something when trying to redecorate your house.

This is what I mean by functional strength training.

Having a strong bench press is useless if you are doing something that doesn’t require just strong pecs but also the ability to combine it with a strong lower body.

Training with the sled will help you build up this skill allowing you to perform functional movements a lot more efficiently.

If that is the case, then sled exercises may be for you!

Benefits of the titan pro sled system

Pair with titan sled accessories

Titan fitness offers a wide array of accessories that you can use in order to transform the running sled so that you are able to perform many more exercises.

This is a simple exercise tool that can be tuned up in order to allow more advanced exercises by combining any of the following accessories.

The following accessories are available for you to add to your sled:

  • Single arch
  • Double arch
  • High bar
  • Low bar
  • Double handle
  • Lawn boy handle
  • Wheel barrow
  • Wrap-around rail
  • Replacement shoes

These accessories can allow you to modify your sled allowing you to turn it from simply a push/pull tool into more advanced exercises such as weighted sled runs or even rows.

Weight capacity of 750 lb

Unless you are strong enough to haul trucks, I don’t think you’ll be meeting the maximum weight capacity anytime soon.

This is not a toy, it is a training tool used by serious lifters in order to get stronger, faster, and more explosive.

With a high weight capacity of 750 lbs, this sled will work even the strongest athletes without reaching close to the maximum weight capacity.

Sled Workouts 

Here is a great vid on some of the different types of exercises you can perform with the sled.

The sled is a great tool that trains your entire body through functional movements and to help you get stronger.

Work your glutes, chest, triceps, and hamstrings to push the sled while adding heavy weights on top of it.

Make it even harder by increasing your speed, training your explosiveness by pushing the sled as fast as you can.

Work your back and lats as you row the sled towards yourself.

Throughout all of these exercises your core and back will remain active making it a true whole-body functional exercise.

With just one equipment, you can perform so many exercises giving you the most bang for your buck.

Final Review

Overall, the titan pro sled system is a great sled that allows you to customize it with a variety of modifications making it a very versatile equipment for any home gym.

Push, pull, and do all types of movements and activities with this sled. 

You are only limited by your own imagination.

It will work your entire body to help build size, strength, endurance, and explosiveness.

It is a true compound exercise that does not have you lifting one weight for 5 reps, but to push/pull a weight in designated time or for a designated distance, strength that is more applicable to use in the real world.

(On a separate topic, ever wondered what your body would look like if you did only compound lifts?)

It is an exercise equipment used by many professional athletes and when I think of people who are extremely fit, professional athletes are the first group of people that come to my mind.

To end it off, here is an analogy that I think most people can relate to.

Ever have trouble pushing a shopping cart packed with cement/soil at home depot?

Well by training with the titan pro sled system, you will not have this problem any longer.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your Titan Pro Sled System today!

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