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Titan Fitness Rackable Camber Bar Review | Buying Guide

May 16th 2020

If you are looking to add a little variation to your training, you should look into adding this camber specialty bar created by Titan Fitness.

Specialty barbells help you to train your main lifts by adding an additional stimulus that a normal bar cannot provide. 

In this article, we will be specifically reviewing the titan rackable camber bar from titan fitness.

We will go over what a camber bar is, the specifications of the bar, and then we’ll dive into the pros and cons of this specific bar.

So, what is a cambered bar?

What is a cambered bar?

A cambered bar is a specially designed bar made to help improve your control and stability during the squat and/or bench press.

The bar is designed to be thicker, has a lower center of mass, and weighs more than a normal bar.

In addition, a cambered bar introduces the factor of oscillation as the bar is free to move and swing like a pendulum.

The added oscillation factor is the main purpose of the bar and training it will lead to improved control and stability throughout your lifts.

Due to its design to allow for a lower center of mass, the cambered bar places more emphasis on the posterior chain and lower back compared to a straight bar.

In addition, the camber bar does not change the mechanics of the normal barbell squat or bench press allowing training with the cambered bar to carry over to all of your competition lifts.

Benefits of the cambered bar

This bar is beneficial for intermediate-advanced lifters who want to improve their control of the bar and stability under load.

Another benefit of the camber bar is that it is especially useful for those who experience shoulder issues when trying to perform the barbell squat.

Due to the way the bar is designed, you do not need as much shoulder flexibility and mobility as you would normally need in order to grip the squat on a regular barbell.

In addition, you can perform the same variations as you normally would with a straight barbell such as paused squats, tempo squats, box squats, front squats, and even on the bench press.

Titan Fitness Rackable Cambered Bar Picture

Titan Fitness Rackable Camber Bar Cost

The Titan Fitness Rackable Camber Bar costs $177.99 (with free shipping)!

Titan Fitness Rackable Camber Bar Specifications

  • Weight: 85 LB
  • Overall Length: 88” 
  • Overall Width: 18”
  • Bar Diameter: 1.5”
  • Sleeve Diameter: 1.95”

Increased range of motion

Due to the lower center of mass, the titan rackable cambered bar allows you to sit even deeper into your squat which provides a greater training stimulus for your lower back and hamstrings.

This is great for bodybuilders trying to target those areas and for powerlifters who are trying to get more explosive when coming out of the hole and for maintaining depth.

Heavier bar

Keep in mind that this bar is 85 lbs unlike your standard 45 lb barbell.

You may not be able to do the same weights you normally would use while squatting but the benefits of the bar will come by increasing your tightness and stability which in turn will make you stronger, as opposed to a regular barbell which will allow you to lift as much weight as possible.


Most camber bars nowadays are rackable but you may stumble upon older camber bars that do not allow you to rack it.

The titan rackable camber bar is rackable on standard power racks, squat stands, or wall mount rigs.

As long as you have any one of this equipment, you can fully take advantage of this camber bar by overloading it, getting closer to your 1-rep max making it more similar to your competition lifts.

Accessory Lifts

The bar was designed so that you may have even more variability by combining it with accessory lifts, especially if you are doing squat variations.

Squatting slow enough with the camber bar is one thing but incorporating a pause or a tempo with it adds a bunch more variability.

With the camber bar, you can easily adjust your training to suit your needs.

Here are some of the accessory lifts you may perform with the cambered bar.

  • Paused squats
  • Tempo squats
  • Box squats
  • Front squats
  • Bench press variations (paused/spoto/closs-grip)

Pros and Cons of the Titan rackable camber bar


  • Decreased stress on shoulders – because of the design, you can perform the squat while keeping your arms at your sides decreasing the amount of mobility needed at the shoulders. Really great for those who are recovering from shoulder issues but still want to train their lower body.
  • Forces you to stay tight throughout the entirety of the lift – Because of the oscillation aspect, the weights swing with the slightest movement. Forces you to stay tight and solid.
  • Can perform accessory lifts with the bar
  • Compatible with normal-sized collars and weights – unlike other specialty bars that require special collars/weights, you can use the ones you currently use for your normal-sized barbell.
  • Can perform lifts you would not normally be able to perform – such as the overhead press if you have a short ceiling.


  • Rackable but may be awkward to store – unless if you store it in your squat/power rack which may be annoying to constantly switch around with a normal barbell. Especially if you are only using the camber bar once in a while.
  • Lacks center knurling – difficult to set up and center yourself on the bar
  • Cannot be stored in a vertical bar holder

As you can see, most of the cons of the bar come with the fact that it is tricky to store.

You definitely don’t want to just leave the bar on the ground as it will be susceptible to damage and rust, but you also may not have a wall-mounted rig to store the bar.

If this is the case, a wall-mounted rig or a vertical bar holder is something you might want to think about as you can use it to store your regular barbells and store your camber bar on your squat/power rack.

Overall, not too many downsides in the bar. 

It’s hard to screw up a cambered bar as it is just a solid piece of metal. 

The lack of center knurling makes it a bit more difficult to set up but you can easily counteract this with a piece of tape.

Should beginners purchase a cambered bar?

Though the bar is a great tool to improve stability and teach bracing, I don’t think beginner lifters should be using it.

This is because beginner lifters should be more focused on learning how to squat properly before adding variations to their exercise program.

One of the reasons why is because the bar is much heavier than the traditional barbell at 85 lbs.

Beginners may have trouble squatting this amount of weight, especially while the bars are swinging.

Unless if you are a beginner with extreme stability issues that even training with a normal barbell won’t help, or if you have the money to spend if you believe you will use it later on, then the bar is fine for you.

If you are a beginner having balance and stability issues during the squat, try to incorporate paused/pin/tempo squats which train your balance and stability while allowing you to use a regular barbell.

I do not recommend this bar to beginners unless if you fit specific criteria to perform compound movements with this specialty bar.

Final review

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the bar. 

The bar wins for me on its price and value.

The titan rackable camber bar is a great specialty bar for anyone trying to improve their strength and have a weakness in staying tight throughout the squat or bench press.

Equipment like this is what the pros use that gives them the edge up on their competitors.

This is a great tool for intermediate-advanced lifters who are looking to add a bit more variation into their lifting.

It is also a great bar for those who are new and starting to get into specialty bars.

So, what is holding you back?

Get your Titan Fitness Rackable Cambered Bar today!

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