How to stop getting injured?

February 18th 2018

Life depends on us being healthy. Our work, home and social lives can be greatly affected by our physical conditions.

So, how do we prevent injury?

In my opinion, I have observed two major culprits that contribute to our suffering.

  • Age
  • Stress

Let's break them down.

  1. Age
  2. As we age, we tend to be more injury prone. Why is that?

    It could be a number of reasons:

    • less movement overall
    • faulty motor patterns
    • not enough sleep

    The list can be different for each individual and can be broken down on a case by case basis. So, we will focus on these three for simplicity.

    • Less movement overall

    As people get older, they tend to move less. No more running like children. No more dancing like teenagers.

    We become so ?grown-up? that we are limiting our bodies, by restricting our movements.

    • No time to workout
    • I need to take care of kids
    • We need to go out Saturday night

    And the excuses can go on forever.

    I find it strange how active kids are, resulting in their low injury rates. And at the same time, as we get older, injuries skyrocket and we barely even walk nowadays.

    I only see one possible solution ? be more active. Start moving more and commit to an active lifestyle.

    • Faulty Motor Patterns

    Whether these bad motor patterns were developed during childhood or adulthood, structural stress on the body can exacerbate injuries.

    Some faulty motor patterns include, but are not limited to:

    • Hunched back
    • Neck protruding in front of shoulders
    • Inward traveling knees
    • Duck or pink panther feet

    Moving in a manner that hinders the body causes gradual wear and tear on the body. Eventually, something will happen if rest is not taken or if the faulty motor patterns are not corrected. The body will survive but your quality of life will not be that great.

    • Not Enough Sleep

    As we get older, we tend to sleep less and less. As a result, the body has less time to heal and repair itself.

    This is another reason why kids are not injured as often as seniors. Kids will sleep over 9 hours and seniors will barely sleep 7 hours, sometimes even less.

    The solution? Sleep more. Try to maintain a schedule and listen to your body. Take naps too if your body is tired during the day.

  3. Stress
  4. Although physical stress can show obvious effects on the body, emotional and psychological stress can greatly impact our injury rate as well. Some of these stresses could be:

    • Stress from work
    • Stress from family
    • Personal stress

    Thus, having our emotional state being impacted and hindered will rapidly degrade our quality of life, greatly increasing injury rate.

    Not feeling good about ourselves is not a way to live life. It should be mandatory to begin to alleviate these stresses.


    Start off by being happy. Do activities you enjoy. Have a destressing routine at the end of the day. Enjoy family time on the weekend.

    Anything that prevents you from being stressed in life is going to benefit you. So, live life to the fullest while prioritizing your happiness.

    There are a million things to be stressed about but living the life you want should not be one of them.


    Age is just a number, so let us take control of our life and experience all the wonderful aspects of it. We can summarize the advice in the following:

    • Do not worry about things you cannot control
    • Focus on enjoying life and achieving your goals
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