What is the best diet?

February 19th 2018

Looking to lose some weight?

Losing weight now

5 lbs? 10 lbs? 20 lbs? 100 lbs?

Are you trying to find the quickest way to lose weight? Trying to shed off your excess body fat so that you can finally have your ideal body?

Or maybe you need to get on a diet to stay healthy? Eating too much fast food? Wished you can get on the perfect diet so that you never worry if you consumed too much fats and carbs?

Maybe you want to supplement your training by eating well. After all, you want to eat well in order to train well. But what are the best foods to eat?

So many different questions and scenarios but they all point to one question ? what is the best diet?

Most fitness gurus would point you to a certain direction.

Mixed directions

  • "Oh, paleo is the best! You are eating just like your ancestors."
  • "You should do low carb. Carbs make you fat."
  • "Do IIFYM. You can eat whatever you want."
  • "Starve yourself. You can lose weight quickly."
  • "Try this magic powder. Guaranteed to lose 30 lbs in 2 months."

How should you react to these fitness gurus? Are they lying to you or speaking truths?

They do have flashy advertisements and a ton of clients who claim that their diet works.

Then again, they are just after my money and exploiting one of my weaknesses.

What is the right answer?

All of the above? None of the above?

Well, they all work. Only if you can execute the plan.

If you enjoy the paleo style diet and love eating a more natural style diet, go ahead and do that.

If you enjoy eating a low amount of carbs and you are feeling great, do that.

You see a common trend? You need to pick a diet style you can execute.

But back to the main question, by answering two questions:

  1. Are you accomplishing your goals from a diet perspective?
  2. Are you enjoying your diet lifestyle?

Answer to Question 1

It is either a yes or no. Are you in the process of fulfilling your goals, nutrition wise?

If you have any answer other than yes, re-evaluate your goals. Are they realistic? Or are you not honest about your approach to your diet?

For example, some expectations you may have for your diet are:

  • feeling energetic
  • losing 1 lb every 4 weeks for a year
  • enhancing your life
  • eating enough nutrients to function properly in daily life

The goal is up to you to decide. Be specific but realistic at the same time.

Answer to Question 2

Are you enjoying life?

If you answered yes to question one, how is your well-being?

Are you suffering from your diet? If you answer is no, good job! Keep doing what you are doing.

If you answer is yes or anywhere in between, it is time to make a judgement call.

Going on a diet can be a short term plan but it is most effective when you consider it for the long term.

If you are suffering from your current diet and you are achieving result, it is ultimately up to you on whether or not to continue.

Does being miserable justify your results? Maybe? Maybe not?

I do not know the answer for you. But I do know that you need to live life to the fullest and enjoy it.

Suffering from a diet may be something you want to do. Maybe not. But the world is your oyster.

Make the most of it.

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