How Quick Can You Get A 225 Lbs Overhead Press

May 5th 2019

How easy is it to get a 225lbs overhead press? Could it be one of your easier lifts to progress? For many lifters, this is one lift that they struggle with. It progresses even closer than the bench press and can seriously demotivate any lifter who does not have any long term vision. Fortunately, lifting weights does not need to be complex. You can still get big and strong if you do the basics right. Training is optimized when you can nail down the fundamentals. So, let us understand how we can get a 225lbs overhead press.

225 overhead press

It can take anywhere from one year up to several years before a lifter achieves a 225lbs overhead press.

According to strength standards, if you weigh 170lbs and overhead press 225lbs, you are better than 94% of lifters. If you weigh 180lbs and overhead press 225lbs, you are better than 92% of lifters. If you weigh 210lbs and overhead press 225lbs, you are better than 84% of lifters.

These data points should be taken with a grain of salt and should not be the main focus. Your main goal should be to train hard.

Have a clear and precise plan

Some lifters may stumble into a 135lbs overhead press by just messing around in the gym. And could they stumble into a 225lbs overhead press? A fraction of a percentage most likely.

The truth is that many lifters will probably need to work very hard to do achieve a 225lbs bench press. For instance, one lifter went from a 155lbs overhead press to a 225lbs overhead press by using 5/3/1.

When you have a program that you can lean back on, your journey is already half done. All you need to do now is show up to the gym and get your working sets done.

Linear progression, does it still work?

For a majority of lifters, they have started off with a linear progression program when they first started lifting weights. After some time, you may begin to slow down at the rate you are progressing. This is not a good thing but it is not a bad thing as you now need to learn what your body responds to and what does not work.

If you hire a coach to do your programming, this can be a solution. An experienced coach can help guide you through some of the common pitfalls of programming and can hold your hand through the process. It speeds up learning while getting you results. But even with this approach, lifters must be aware of their own body sensations. Having 100% faith in your coach is great and it should be maximized to your benefit. But I take a different approach in that while your coach helps you sort through your programming logistics, you should also be learning as well. Your mind needs to keep on growing as well as your strength. If you are not learning, you are dying.

How long will it take?

The question that everyone wants to hear. Everyone wants to know how fast they can hit their goals and completely neglect the process. While many lifters want to say that they just want to hit a solid PR, you gain so much more when you dedicate yourself to a goal.

To get back on topic, it will take as long as it needs to. One 90kg lifter overhead pressed 225lbs in 3 years. Another lifter spent 5+ years strength training to overhead press 225lbs. For me, I have been strength training for over 6 years and my overhead press max is 155lbs. I weighed around 170lbs when I attempted that.

So, this question becomes irrelevant when you consider the bigger picture. What do I mean by this? Let me put things in perspective. If you focus on your training, optimize your sleep, and control your mind, would you say you are achieving your goals of getting a 225lbs overhead press?

With that thought, how much does it matter that you are spending 1 year achieving your goal versus 10 years? You may feel impatient if it takes “a long time.” That is a natural human pitfall; many of us do not like delayed gratification since we do not experience any happy emotions immediately. As a result, we want to give up. This is what a casual gym bro might do if he does not have the determination and vision to achieve what he wants. Maybe he also does not really want his 225lbs overhead press goal, which is perfectly acceptable. We are always in control of what we want. Society has let us to believe that we can blame something else for our tragedies. But if we reflect objectively, we can see that every single decision we make can be made independently. There are no chains and shackles that bound us to our everyday tasks. It is a lot of societal conditioning and slavery that programs us to think that we must do something. That we are entitled to something. That this particular “path” is what we need to do. I say NO.

To overhead press 225lbs, why does it matter how long it takes? If we claim you are doing every single thing right in and out of the gym, the time will come quicker. If you have other priorities, you are delaying your PR.

Have faith in the process

I have been strength training for a while now and I have never seen someone who regretted strength training. All the time they spent in the gym and fixing their lifestyle to make more gains… just shows the amount of sheer passion you have for your body.

We only have one life in on this Earth. We can choose to either treat our body like trash or respect it like the temple it really is. Cherish it and make it stronger.

Let us wrap this up

I gave you the blueprint on how to achieve a 225lbs overhead press - have a program and commit to it. There is no other secret exercise or magic program that can help you spike your overhead press success. It will take a lot of hard work and perspiration. If you do need more specific details, you can contact me here. I have currently added back overhead press in my routine and will be looking for some big PRs this year.

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