Amanda Lawrence is crushing her deadlifts #Roadto650

February 6th 2019

Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence continues to prepare for the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, hosted in Columbus, Ohio. The events are from February 28th to March 3rd, 2019.

The 21-year-old is 3 weeks out of the Arnold and the powerlifting community should brace themselves for an incredible event. She has hit a 565lbs for a double.

Speedy 565# dub before hitting 4's @ 520# ? @powerliftingmotivation

3,590 Likes, 66 Comments - Amanda Lawrence (@miss.amanda.ann) on Instagram: "Speedy 565# dub before hitting 4's @ 520# ? @powerliftingmotivation"

Now, that was impressive. Though she was using straps and did not fully lock out those reps, it is her style of training. If it has worked for her in the past, why fix what is not broken? Only the results can tell if these training tools will have any impact on her performance on the platform.

Using straps

In modern-day powerlifting, many lifters and athletes are shown using straps in their training. In fact, I would claim that a majority of serious lifters have used straps in their training at one point. I mean, why not? If you are like a majority of lifters, your grip is probably the weakest part of your deadlift. As a result, you would need to use some training tool to train the bigger muscles of your body.


In addition to that quick 565lbs for a double, she hit several sets of 4s at 520lbs, which was not shown on her Instagram. It is incredible that she is handling 500+ pounds on a regular basis. However, we must remember that she has a goal to hit a 650lbs deadlift. She needs to be training heavy in order to accomplish this goal.

In that same week, she has also hit a 585lbs deadlift for a top single. This is big six wheels for deadlifting or six plate club. She went on to hit some back off sets, 3 sets of 4 reps at 510lbs and 2 sets of 4 reps at 495lbs.  

Back at it today with a 585lb single! Hit a 3x4 @ 510lbs, & then a 2x4 @ 495lbs after. ALMOST TIME FOR THE GRAND PRIX! ?? OH & BTW! Super excited to announce that I am officially an @sbd.usa athlete now! More to come. ? @colewarren_shp

6,797 Likes, 117 Comments - Amanda Lawrence (@miss.amanda.ann) on Instagram: "Back at it today with a 585lb single! Hit a 3x4 @ 510lbs, & then a 2x4 @ 495lbs after. ALMOST TIME..."

It is just incredible to witness but I would not expect anything less from a true competitor.

Back off Sets

Amanda Lawrence implements an old technique used by many lifters, back off sets. These back off sets can be used for a variety of reasons, depending on the lifter. You can work to accumulate more training volume by adding more sets and reps for your exercise.

Another benefit of using back off sets is to practice proper technique. Form and stability are underemphasized when it comes to training. Everyone and their bros would want to hit the big PR.

But in order to get to that, you need to put in the work - doing perfect reps every training session will ingrain technique habits that your body should adapt to. The body is trying to help you, not make things harder. It may seem difficult at first but over time, form and technique will be second nature to you.

And just a few days prior to that 585lbs top single, she nails a 570lbs deadlift fairly easily.

570lbs for a nice sangle. ? 4'ish weeks until the Arnold! @colewarren_shp Thanks @rpstrength for helping me out with my nutrition for this prep. I give a lot of credit to them for my progress. There's no guess work with their templates. Your meals are all planned out for you with loads of food options. Use code "amanda10" for a discount on your purchase. #rpstrength #teamrpstrength

5,484 Likes, 102 Comments - Amanda Lawrence (@miss.amanda.ann) on Instagram: "570lbs for a nice sangle. ? 4'ish weeks until the Arnold! @colewarren_shp Thanks @rpstrength for..."

The sky is really the limit for Amanda Lawrence as there are only weeks left to prep for the Arnold Classic 2019 in Columbus, Ohio.

A little over a month ago, Amanda Lawrence absolutely crushed a 585lbs squat. As we already noticed, she is obliterating her previous personal records (PRs) from the 2018 Raw Nationals. The sky is the limit for her and that is always a good mentality to adapt especially if you are powerlifting.

I am excited to see strength records being taken to the next level and by the way, Amanda Lawrence is training, she will not disappoint.

Images used from @miss.amanda.ann Instagram page.

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