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Updated April 23rd 2020; January 14th 2018

I ended up trying to search for the best workout routine and I think I have some answers for you.

This is a result of 6+ years of trial and error as I advanced my strength levels from a beginner level into the intermediate zone.

And from there, I am training to surpass the intermediate level to be advanced.

So, let us dive into who should do which workouts... 

Our objective here is to pick workout routines that will get you to your goals the quickest, essentially the best bang for your buck on time.

In the strength training world, this will include barbell training almost 100% of the time.

Best workout routine for college students

College students have the freedom and flexibility to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

They should play towards this strength.

At the same time, you need to be efficient...

Starting Strength

Starting Strength is a full-body general strength training barbell program and was written by Mark Rippetoe.

It is a 3 days a week program that focuses primarily on the squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press.

I ran Strength Strength twice during college and I made a tremendous amount of progress.

If I could do it again, Starting Strength would be the first program I would run.

For more about what numbers you may hit during that time, you can review my Starting Strength training log

Best workout routine 3 days week

If you are not doing Starting Strength, I have another variation to offer you:

Greyskull LP

Greyskull LP is a full-body general strength training barbell program that was written by John Sheaffer.

It is a 3 days a week program that primarily focuses on a balanced approach to training, which is centered around 2 days of squatting and 1 day of deadlifting per week.

I ran Greyskull LP once and it has a bit more accessories and plug-ins compared to Starting Strength.

Again, I have also documented my Greyskull LP training log so that you can see what numbers I was hitting around that time.

Best workout routine for skinny guys

Under-developed men can begin to develop amazing physiques by deciding on what their primary goal is:

  • Strength
  • Hypertrophy
  • A combination of the two


For the strength-focused beginner, choosing a powerlifting style barbell program is one of the simplest and efficient ways to jumpstart your progress.

Your workout program should be focused around the squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press.

With that said, Greyskull LP and Starting Strength are some of my go-to’s in terms of programs that will get you results if you put in the effort.

NSuns LP

Another great routine that I keep hearing around is NSuns LP (it’s free!).

It is a linear progression program that can be done 4-6 days a week and has a lot of community support if you ever decide to ask any questions about specific parts of the program.

I am also available if you decide to reach out to me as well…


For the muscle building focused beginner, you should choose a bodybuilding style barbell program.

This will ensure that you make progress as quickly as you can.

You have an option to either lift heavy or light since both tactics can be used in order to develop muscle.

It is a common misconception that you need to do heavy weightlifting to develop muscle.

But if you can gain some strength at the same time while building muscle, many lifters would say “why not?”.

Fierce 5

Fierce 5 is a bodybuilding-style barbell program that will definitely get you results.

This is a free program so you do not need to worry about any costs.

You just need to stay hunger for information and keep learning.

Both strength and hypertrophy

This video sheds some pitfalls to avoid when trying to aim for multiple goals when trying to assemble and create the best workout routine.

This can be coined as powerbuilding since you are combining both strength and muscle growth in your goals.

For the beginner, this can be achieved for the short term.

However, eventually, you will run out of juice and you cannot sustain these high intensity, high volume sets.

You will lose motivation, cannot hit PRs or worst, get injured.


Nevertheless, if this is your firm decision, there are programs that include both of these goals, one of which is Kizen Training.

I ran a free “off-season” program from them and I attached my training log.

Overall, this is your choice to make.

Best workout routine including cardio

Some people may think that their exercise is a nice jog or run.

But in reality, you need both resistance training and cardio for the most functional and powerful body.


5/3/1 Forever is the current program I am running and it is by far, one of the best workout programs I ever used.

It relies on strength training principles so that you continue to get stronger each month.

It also emphasizes the importance of GPP, general physical preparedness, which involves your cardiovascular health and general conditioning.

Normally, this is significant for young adults and athletes but everyone should have a solid foundation in their conditioning.

Best workout routine for night shift workers

For night shift workers, the best workout routine is not a matter of what to do, but when you are doing it.

Nightshift workers can be given the best workout program in the world but if they cannot be consistent, they will fail.


So, what program should they do?

They should first identify their goals and select a program that is appropriate to their desires:

  • Strength focused
  • Muscle building focused
  • A combination of strength and muscle

You could select some of the programs I mentioned above as such as Starting Strength, 5/3/1, or Greyskull LP.

It really does not matter significantly in the end.

Then, the most important thing they can do is to work out before going to their job.

They need to focus on making sure they are consistent with the program and work out after waking up from their sleep.

This is to make sure that they can establish consistency.

Best workout routine for natural lifters

The only difference between workouts used by natural and unnatural lifters is that unnatural lifters can prolong workouts and make faster progress than a natural lifter.

Nothing more.

Since I am also a natural lifter, I have only used barbell programs that I believe would serve me well.

So, here is a list of barbell programs that would suit any natural lifter:

Best workout routine for vertical jump

There are many athletes that will shoot videos about how their home workouts improved their vertical jump.

I am willing to bet that if they did any kind of resistance training, they would be jumping even higher.

But they could be a genetic limit to jumping ability.

We will not let that stop us.

We will attempt to change our genes and try to force our body to adapt.

This is a jump higher program that should produce significant results.

Ultimately, I believe that your vertical jump program should have the following exercises:

  • Plyometrics
  • Cleans
  • Some squatting variation


There are literally thousands of workout routines on the internet and every coach will tell you that their program is the best for you. 

However, despite what the coaches say, you need to do what's best for you. 

Now, is your coach right? 

And how do you know for sure?

This can be a very daunting task since you do not want to select a wrong program that could set you behind on your road to success. 

You want to select a workout that fits your life and helps elevate what you stand for.

Essentially, you need to pick a workout that you want to do and just do it.

See you when you get jacked and ripped.

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