How to build a stronger body in a natural way through strength training?

February 16th 2018

Ever dreamed of hitting your dream PRs tomorrow? Wished you could get stronger instantly so you can hit PRs at your next competition?

Me too. I have also wanted to get stronger as fast as possible.

So, let me share one tip with you.

Linear progression

One of the fastest ways of getting stronger is to do a linear progression style of program. This particular style guarantees to get you stronger faster.

If you are successful in today?s workout, you increase the weight for the next workout. And that?s it! How amazing is that.

For example, if you squat 3 times a week and start off doing 135 lbs. If you increase 5 lbs each workout for 3 months,

5 lbs/workout * 3 workouts/1 week * 12 weeks/ 3 months = 180 lbs / 3 months

135 lbs + 180 lbs = 315 lbs

If you are successful with your linear progression, you will have gained 180 lbs on your squat.

And this is as fast as you can progress. You are limited by how much stress your body can recover from.

This is another reason why we see so many different workout programs - because you

cannot linearly progress every workout forever.

However, this should not stop us from trying to get stronger.

If every workout cannot be incremented in weight, why not increment every two workouts? Or do weekly increments? Or instead of changing the weight, increase the number of sets or reps?

You are only limited by your creativity and constant negativity.

For example, if you can only increment 5 lbs on your squat each week for 3 months and you are starting from a 135 lbs squat,

5 lbs/ 3 workouts * 3 workouts/1 week * 12 weeks/ 3 months = 60 lbs / 3 months

135 lbs + 60 lbs = 205 lbs

You will end up with a 205 lbs squat at the end.

This might not look like much but continue this progression for a year.

5 lbs/ 3 workouts * 3 workouts/1 week * 52 weeks/ 12 months = 60lbs / 12 months

135 lbs + 260 lbs = 395 lbs

You will end up with a 395 lbs squat at the end of a year, which is an incredible amount of progress.


If you are looking to gain and maintain strength in the fastest way possible, structuring a linear progression style of program is the best solution.

This way, you will be able to perform enough volume for necessary stimulus while constantly challenging your body to adapt to the stimulus.

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