Why Am I Losing Interest In Going To The Gym?

May 22nd 2019

Are you losing interest in going to the gym? Does your motivation seem to fade whenever you think about going to the gym? You are actually not alone. There are many people who actually face this issue. They know the importance of going to the gym and trying to get their body in shape. However, there seems to be a catch. They hate going to the gym. It sucks and they cannot will themselves into it.

As someone who has been strength training for over 6+ years, I empathize for a lot of athletes. This is not an easy path. Otherwise, everyone would be big and strong. It would not mean anything to actually take care of your body and live your life in a healthy way. So, here are some reasons why you are losing interest and what you can do to overcome these state of minds:

Losing interest in going to the gym

Here are some of the reasons why you are losing interest in going to the gym:


  • You have been doing the same boring routine for weeks
  • Your goals have changed
  • You are not getting results


You are doing the same routine for at least 4 weeks

Did you know that most athletes need extensive planning in order to achieve their goals? For some powerlifters, strongman competitors and bodybuilders, they need to construct a workout program a year in advance. This may also include a nutrition plan as well. But the key point is this.

Workout programs are supposed to be simple and easy to follow. It was meant to be so that we can do a program for a prolonged period of time. Otherwise, why would we want the hassle of trying to remember a new routine in order to make progress? For instance, if we want to gain functional and maximal strength overall, what would be the best exercises to do? Many strength coaches will 100% agree that compound barbell movements will help increase your strength more efficiently. This would include the big 4, the squat, the bench press, the deadlift, and the overhead press. As a result, many general strength training programs, especially for beginners and intermediates, will typically run a workout A and workout B routine and alternate them. This is what creates that boring but effective workout program that you may hate to do.

Solution 1 - Time to work on your discipline

There is a reason why you started resistance training. Back when you first researched and started lifting weights, you knew what it would take. But when you are smack in the middle of a program, it is way different than thinking about the plan. Now, you are forced to be uncomfortable and it sucks.

Did you know that it is that discomfort that is the building block for your success? You cannot build your strength or muscle without lifting heavy weights. Lifting heavy weights, by nature, is going to be a challenge Your muscles and body need to work together in order to pick up resistance. So, you know well in advanced that lifting weights will be a physical challenge.

This is precisely why you need to stay disciplined and stick to your workout plan even though it is boring. Being able to get through this adversity will help you go full circle in your lifting journey. Without this challenge, you can never grow to be as strong or as big as you want to be. There is no shortcut formula or magic exercise you can do in order to get big and strong.

Your goals have changed

At first, you loved lifting weighted because you needed to put on some muscle and gain some strength. After a few years, you found that you achieved your goals. Yet, you are still going to the gym. But now, you find that your motivation for going to the gym was not as strong as before. As a result, you may skip a session this week. A few sessions when you are busy. All of a sudden, you are not really being consistent with going to the gym.

You found that your goals were slightly met and that you need to set new goals. But you did not so you are in a weird limbo area where you do not have a direction for where you want to take your fitness.

Solution 1 - Start strategizing

This could take a few hours or a few days. You need to take as long as you need to. If you are a thinker, you need to work more on your action muscles - so think less. If you are a doer, work on thinking more and force yourself to spend more time thinking about what it is you actually want. Without a clear goal in mind, you will wander mindlessly without purpose. Have that vision planted in your mind so that everything you do in life is a step closer to achieving your goals.

How far in advance should you plan? A year in advance would be a good general starting point. There may be some short terms milestones you can set in place along the way in order to motivate yourself. But overall, a year’s journey would be plenty to shoot for and to reevaluate after you made it that far.

Solution 2 - Stop going to the gym

It is clear that if you are losing interest in going to the gym, there is a part of you saying that you need to stop things. Maybe you have reached all the goals you wanted. Maybe it is time to start a new routine. Maybe it is time to lose all your gains. Nobody knows these answers but yourself. But if you keep going to the gym when you are not interested, you will be unhappy. Long periods of unhappiness will lead to anxiety, stress, and depression.

So, one alternative is to quit going to the gym. Lose all your gains. But understand that when you do lose a lot of strength and muscle, you will appreciate them that much more once you understood all the power you lost.

You did not get your results

If you are a powerlifter and you just bombed a meet, it absolutely sucked. If you are testing your maxes at the gym and failed them, it would be a terrible experience. It stings knowing that you put it all your blood, sweat and tears into becoming stronger only to fail in the end.

Or maybe you are stalling. You are not making progress as fast as you were three months prior. This also sucks a lot since you are used to crushing your workouts. However, for the past few weeks, you have been grinding hard and the workouts only seem to be getting harder.

Solution 1 - Know that failure is temporary

Keep your head up high! Lifters need to understand that failure is only a temporary event. It is the start of huge PRs in the future. Without failures, you will have no reference experience to relate your victories with. Without failures, the victories will not feel as sweet as they can be. You know that you are the greatest lifter on the planet. So, why not have the self-respect and modesty to accept your gifts of failure today in order to crush the next workout with triumph.

Solution 2 - Set up a few short term goals

Make them realistic. It is one thing to set up one or two checkpoints along to way in order to make sure you are on track to hitting your long term goals. However, if you are arbitrarily creating superficial goals to hit, you may disappoint yourself in the end.

Solution 3 - Time to replan your program

For some beginner or intermediate lifters, you may need a different program after a few months or years of doing the same thing. Simply put, you cannot recover as fast as you used to in the past. So, you will need to structure your workouts a bit differently so that you are able to progress in the gym.

Let us wrap it up

It can be very easy to take your eyes off the big prize once you are in the trenches, working hard to inch closer to your goals. Do not forget that you should also be having fun while working towards your goals. It would suck if you hated the journey it took in order to achieve greatness. No sane person would put themselves through that much torture. At the same time, know that some resistance is healthy and that in order for you to keep growing stronger, you will need to face your demons, both externally and from within.

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