What are some resources beginners can use to develop a good workout plan?

December 18th 2018

The best teacher in life…. is experience.

Are there resources beginners can use to develop a good workout program? Here is my 2cents.

Right now, there is a lack of discipline in the fitness community. There is a ton of great information. There are a vast amount of resources, resources our parents never even dreamed out when they were growing up. Yet, for some reason, the community continuously asks what are the best ways of starting a workout or what are the best ways of creating the best workout.

The truth is, it does not matter.

You could do random exercises at the gym and still make monstrous progress, if, you treat your recovery with upmost importance. Now, naturally, many people are against this sort of freedom because there are just too many options to choose from.

Which is fine. Not everyone is capable of handling a very loose program at the gym.

In fact, I am the same way. I find that I make better progress following a strict program than to just go to the gym blind. There is a level of responsibility I hold myself to when I know there are a series of exercises I need to accomplish for the day.

And the fact that strength training is difficult does not make the beginner jump for joy. But it does get the snowball rolling. Strength training will bleed benefits to all areas of your life. Strength training is just that powerful.

So, if your are looking for a strength training program, I do have some recommendations. Because I have tried them in the past. It got me to where I am today.

If you are a beginner looking to develop a good workout plan, my best advice for you… is to not create one. Instead, you should just go and try Greyskull LP or Starting Strength

And why these two programs? Out of the thousands out there? Is there something wrong with the other programs? Far from it...

What I am saying is this.

They work. They will get you stronger.

I have been strength training for almost 6 years now. These two programs work. I used starting strength to get to a 225 pound squat. I used starting strength to get to a 315 pound squat. I have used starting strength to get to a 365 pound deadlift. I have used starting strength to hit a 185 pound bench press.

Using these linear progression programs will help you gain some perspective on training philosophies. You will understand, with time, what makes programs work effectively. You will understand what intensity, volume, rest times, deloads, auto-regulation, peaking blocks, strength blocks, hypertrophy blocks…. all that good stuff. But before you do that, you need to first run a good program.

You need to experience the training plan firsthand, for at least one year. Then, you can begin to gain more insight about what works for you and what does not.

Your strength gains… they will come. But knowledge… that will take time to mature and grow.

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