How To Eliminate Small Biceps Syndrome Forever

May 23rd 2019

Come find out why your biceps are so small with or without training. If you have been training in the gym for some time, one of the most common goals you can have is to have big arms. This means having big shoulders, big triceps, big forearms and of course, big biceps. There is only one problem though. Your biceps are still small even after training. You have been doing a bodybuilding program, like Fierce 5, and yet it looks like you barely put an inch or two on your arms. So, what gives? Why are my biceps so small when I am training hard and doing everything right? Let us dive deeper into this issue and how we can fix it.

Why are my biceps so small?

Your biceps are small due to one or a combination of the following reasons:


  • Training too much too often
  • Having no structure in your training
  • Having bad form when performing exercises
  • Not respecting your recovery and nutrition


Too much training too often

If you have 8 bicep exercises for a bicep workout while going to the gym 5 times a week, I hate to break it to you - you are doing too much. If you ask any elite and world-class bodybuilder or powerlifter, one of the most common pieces of wisdom they shared is to simplify your routine. If you can make progress by only one exercise, that is the best case scenario. The key idea is that you should be aiming to do the fewest exercises possible in order to continue growth. And this makes sense.

If you overcomplicate things early on and make progress, you may not think about anything at the time. You may even think you figured out how to lift weights and discovered a cheat code. After a few months of the same routine, your body will adapt and the weights will get heavier. Eventually, you will need to do something else. What will you do if your routine is already complex? Make it even more obscure? This is not a great way to create a routine. It is better to start off simple and vary your workout accordingly afterward.

No structure in your training

If you are not on a program, that can be a big mistake. For many lifters, having a structured program allows them to focus on the big picture plans rather than just relying on their emotions. For instance, you may have 3-4 bicep exercises one day but feel that you should vary the number of bicep exercises you do each day based on how you feel. This is not a great strategy to implement since there are way too many changing variables in order to measure your progress weekly and monthly. Many lifters will find out very quickly how unsustainable this type of training is.

Bad form will haunt you forever

If you have bad form, that is a wrap for you. You are not really even training biceps during your bicep curls if you have bad form. For instance, when you do bicep curls, the only joint that should be moving is your elbow joint where you are trying to flex your biceps. If your body is swaying and your shoulders are in motion, you are really minimizing the amount of stress for your biceps. This will result in less progress for you.

Our bodies are trying to be the most efficient whenever we do any movements. This is why it is very important, especially for bodybuilders, to have the body awareness to realize that they are not isolating their biceps and then to restrain excessive movements so that they can target growth in a certain area. Let’s face it - it is incredibly inefficient to use your biceps in order to pick up a heavy object and lift it to your chest. We would want to use our legs, move our shoulders, etc. It is important to realize this and then isolate our biceps in order to get the results we want.

Caloric deficit and poor sleep

In order to build more muscle, you need to eat at a caloric surplus. In order to rebuild and synthesize new muscle, you need high-quality sleep. Without doing the right things outside of the gym, you are only completing one half of the equation. As you can predict, this will yield no results and a lot of disappointment.

How important is genetics in bicep growth?

You may have read and listened to many different strength coaches and internet strength celebrities about how genetics play a role in your muscular development. They will let you know that no matter how hard you try, you will never reach someone who has an easier time building muscle and gaining strength. I would disagree.

If you never take the first steps toward climbing a mountain, you will never reach the mountain. You could be the fastest walker on Earth but if you never take steps toward reaching your goal, you cannot demonstrate your potential. Sure, there are some people who have displayed that they are more likely to gain more muscle if they touch weights. There is no denying that. But there is something everyone has control over - your effort.

If you have already accepted defeat, there is no way you can reach your goals. So, change your mindset in the way you view yourself. You can do it. You are capable of all the limitless greatness here on Earth.

Forget what everyone says about your “genetics.” Focus on your goals and your road to greatness. If you want to develop big arms, go do that, even if everyone else tells you that it is a waste of time and that you will never make money off of that. If you want to be a professional bodybuilder, understand that sacrifices you will need to undergo and commit 110%. Go above and beyond what you need to do in order to reach your goals. And then, after a few decades of going after what you want, ask me again if genetics plays a big role.

Final takeaways

It is never a weakness to start building your strength. In The Way Of Men, it is impossible to survive without developing your physical prowess. Ladies, it is no detriment to also develop your strength as well. We are stronger than we are apart and freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs are just initial steps to a fruitful quest.

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