Will stronglifts help me get stronger?

December 14th 2018

What does it take to get stronger?

Is it the supplements? Is it the fancy workout programs? What is the real secret?

Lets focus on one thing first. The workout program. Specifically, your workout program!

Stronglifts 5x5 and many other linear progression programs are an excellent way of helping you gain back your strength. Though I have not ran Stronglifts 5x5 myself, I have been strength training for almost 6 years now. I have ran similar linear progression programs, such as Greyskull LP (Linear Progression) and Starting Strength.

Linear progression is exactly what you need in order to continue to build your strength up. As a beginner, you are not trained. In other words, your body has not adapted to lifting weights yet.

As a result, you will find that during the next few months to a year, you will experience rapid growth. You will notice this growth in your physique and your strength.

Why is that though?

Because it keeps you focused. It makes sure your attention is not scattered and that you can focus on building strength, building muscle and most importantly, building consistency.

Lets be real here.

You can find workout programs EVERYWHERE on the internet. There are thousands of workouts that can be downloaded in a few clicks. There are millions of videos on people telling you which program to choose from.

But there is nowhere on this planet where you can find the discipline to work hard and to acquire your goals as someone looking to get stronger.

How light should you start?

Stronglifts 5x5 recommends that you start off with the bar. The author purposely did this because he did not know where everyone’s starting weight were and this was a good general answer at the time.

Another reason why is that it helps build momentum. As the lifter completes more successful workouts, he/she will be motivated to come back again and again. This creates habit. This creates consistency.

This is all well and good for the true beginner. True beginners need time and effort in order to establish correct movement patterns and to remain pain free. At first, the weight should be light enough where you will focus on form.

But most people have some sort of lifting experience. Most people have lifted weights in the past. Most people have played sports when they were younger. So, in reality, this does not accurately reflect the true starting point for many people.

As more information is readily available on the internet, changes must be made. Lifters must adapt to the new era of information and be more efficient with their training.

I would recommend you lift weights to test where you should start off. Find your five rep max. Then, according to how you feel, subtract anywhere between five to twenty pounds from that and make that your starting weight. If you want to subtract a percentage off this new five rep max, you can take between twenty to thirty percent off and make that your starting weight.

This method is used so that you do not start too heavy in the beginning. You want to build some volume and intensity first before hitting weights that are somewhat challenging for you.


It is a great program to use. With hard work and consistency, you will be able to build your strength to its previous levels and beyond.

Stay positive.

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