Missed A Workout, Should You Double Up The Next Day?

February 13th 2020

If you missed a workout, is it a good idea to double up the next day?

This means that you do the workout you missed on your next workout session in addition to what is scheduled.

Basically, two workouts in one day.

While there is no hard and fast rule, this does happen.

And for any aspiring strength athletes, it is my duty to provide you the information necessary to make the best-informed decision.

So, let us dive deep into this topic:

If I missed a workout, can I double up the next day?

You can double up your workout for the next day. You could also just skip it if you believe that there will be too much work on the same day. However, if you find yourself missing more than 3 workouts each year, it would be better to reevaluate your training program and goals.

Missing a heavy squat/deadlift day

This one is a judgment call.

Most likely, you should just skip the workout and just resume regular training.

You already lost a workout day.

Let us close that chapter and still carry on with your progress.

Because chances are, if you do double up the next day, this will affect future workouts which is worse for your progress.

Missing a light day

Most lifters will just double up the next day if they missed a “light” day.

This usually does not involve anything too intense and lifters find that they can just squeeze in this workout and their recovery is not tanked.

I missed two consecutive workouts

Okay, now this is starting to get alarming.

We need to go back to the drawing board and determine what your fitness goals are.

And from that, we can develop a proper strength training routine from you.

Each routine is valuable and should be completed with 100% effort.

If you skip workouts here and there and skip two consecutive workouts, you are really hurting your chances of accomplishing your goals.

How much weight will I gain if I skip a workout?

Nothing drastic will happen to your weight if you skip your workout.

I find that with these questions, the people asking them are not truly strength training.

They are probably lifting weights everyday, something I do not recommend.

They are not challenging themselves.

They are not making any progress.

They are doing the same things in the gym over and over again.

At that point, what is really your purpose for being at the gym?

Are you there for the social experience?

Quit worrying about what happens if you do skip a workout.

Instead, I believe that either one of three things is happening:

  • Your goals are not big enough for you to want them bad enough
  • You are complacent
  • You have not hit rock-bottom to spark change

Take control of your life and really determine if you want to gain strength, lose weight, etc.

For losing weight, supplementing it with strength training is a great way to get twice as many benefits.

For gaining strength, it really is one of the most efficient ways to do it.

I missed 2 workouts and started to skip the gym, what is going to happen?

To be completely honest, nothing bad will happen to you.

As you continue to be more sedentary, you will gradually become weaker and maybe gain some weight, depending on your dietary habits.

No one is forcing you to go to the gym.

However, it will not be easy.

Once the initial high of going to the gym has worn off, you will wonder why you are even there in the first place.

This can be seen from New Year’s Resolutions.

Stop telling everyone what you wish you want and just start doing it already.

Nobody will care about your progress or journey but they will support or take away from your results.

Either way, it should not affect you.

You know what you want and skipping workouts will not help you get closer to any fitness goal.

It only delays you from getting there.

For the last six, going on to seven years of strength training, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I missed a workout due to work, family, etc.

For vacations, I made sure to end my programs right before I go on any trips.

And even if I am in the middle of my program and need to go on a trip, you just need to make it work.

Though it is highly not recommended as you will find yourself ruining the trip for yourself and others, training needs to be done.

Plain and simple. 

I skipped workouts for extra rest

Sometimes, you will feel that your program is beating you to the ground.

This is one reason why all programs need to make sure they have systems in place where they can deload and autoregulate each individual lifter.

Not everyone has a coach to tell them what to do.

So, you will have to make that judgment yourself.

And a lot of the time, most programs do not tell you what to do when you are feeling tired.

Even after 12+ weeks of running the program, you do not know when to “take a break” or “take a deload.”

You are forced to do another Google search and you may see to take a deload every 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks.

Not exactly helpful.

And if you just take random breaks, you may feel that you are disrupting the momentum of your gym time.

For these lifters, you need to get by a structured program that tells you when to back off and when to take a light day/week.

It is the only way unless you want practice at determining when you should take a break.

And skipping planned workouts just because you do not feel great or something happened is not a valid excuse.

A great program should have your deloads and breaks scheduled far in advance, weeks, months, even years in advance.

That is how great a program can be for your progress.

Reevaluate your training (and goals)

Maybe your training is too hard and you are just so tired, you do not want to go to the gym.

Maybe your goals are something you no longer want.

So, the fire inside you stopped burning and as a result, you do not want to go to the gym any longer.

Only you can search inside yourself for answers.

Then, you can find out what you want to do from that point. 

Special circumstances

Of course, if something crazy happens, no one can really blame you.

However, even in extreme situations, you would still prioritize your training.

You just want to get to your goals THAT BAD.

But at the same time, we are human.

So, we do have emotions and situations do happen that force us to be away from the gym.

However, that is why willpower and discipline will always triumph motivation.

You need to learn principles, not chase numbers

Another reason why you seem to be skipping your workouts is that it might be getting too hard.

You do not see a point to continue because it does not seem sustainable.

This is one reason why you need to learn about strength training principles.

This is why you need a program that does not focus on chasing gym PRs but on lifelong learning.

What program am I talking about?


And my experience with it can be found here.

If you know that you are training the right way and with time results will come, would that not empower you to want to continue training?

Hell, it might push you to give it 110%.

This is why learning and principles and strength training systems might be the best thing that can ever happen to you.

Maybe getting stuck in this hole unlocked you to find more information about how to strength train efficiently and do it the right way.

Now, you are given an opportunity to learn more about strength training. 

To learn more about fatigue management and training frequency.


It is not the end of the world if you skip a workout.

You can choose to double up the next day or even just skip it in general and focus on the present workout.

Strength training is not black and white.

There are no rules to it.

If it works for you, continue to do what you are doing.

If it does not, find an alternative.

It has always been that way and will continue to thrive this way.

Train hard and stop worrying about the past.

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