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The Best Power Cages/Racks That Will Last You Centuries

March 5th 2020

When you want to design a home gym or create a commercial gym, you want to only buy the best power cages and the best power racks.

I was doing my research, trying to distinguish between these two items.

However, so many companies use both names interchangeably that it would not make any sense trying to separate the two names.

But if we are truly technical, a half rack should be considered a “power rack.”

In today’s marketing and strength industry jargon, a power rack will be enclosed with two safeties along with a pullup bar attachment.

Sounds familiar?

Exactly the same as a power cage except that a power cage accurately describes the equipment better.

But enough of that.

Let us go into what are the best power cages you can get for your hard-earned coin. 

And for the record, this will not include any budget-friendly power cages.

I have reviewed my thoughts about cheap power cages and they are not something to turn away from.

But for the sake of this article, we will review all THE BEST equipment created for your power rack needs.

Attachments, stability, everything you could ever think about or want, I got you covered down below:

Best Power Cages

These are some of the greatest power cages in today’s strength and conditioning market. Choose any one of these and you should be set for life:


  • American Barbell Power Rack
  • FringeSport Floor-Mounted Power Cage
  • Titan T3 Series Power Cage
  • Titan X3 Series Power Rack
  • Rep Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack


But our guide would not be the best if you did not have a comparison chart:



American Barbell


Titan T3

Titan X3

Rep Fitness

Frame Hardware

3″x3″ 11-gauge steel, 3/4″ hardware

2″x3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware

2″x3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware

3″x3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware

3″x3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware


48”x75” deep

48.5”x34” deep

53”x32” deep

52”x46” deep


Weight Capacity











80” or 93”







Pull-up Bar






Hole Spacing












Pin & Pipe Safeties






Band Pegs





Separate purchase

Plate Storage

Yes (8)

Yes (4)

Yes (4)

Yes (4)

Separate purchase



Can be



Can be 

With a table to quickly scan over, you can instantly tell what discrepancies there are.

This can help you pick out your dream power rack without the headache of flipping through the specs on multiple tabs.

American Barbell Power Rack

In terms of hardware and material used, American barbell has the sturdiest setup.  

Its 3”x3” 11-gauge steel is 1” thicker than most of its competitors.

It also used ¾” hardware instead of 5/8”, making it a bit more rugged.

This is exactly what you want to look for in a power rack.

Your power rack should not be moving nor should it want to topple over.

It should stay firm in its place and it should stay that way.

In addition to its 75” depth and double the amount of plate storage as the other power cages, this power cage would almost be the ideal choice.

What is the issue?

It does not have Westside spacing in the bench press area.

As a result, some hardcore lifters might not be able to bench properly in this rack.

It is a very sturdy rack and would find a great home, nevertheless.

Power racks like this one are usually bolted down for security.

If you are getting yourself a premium power rack, why risk your health and peace of mind by not following the company’s safety protocol.

But if I am being honest, unless you are going kipping pullups or are running into your power rack when you rerack the weight, you should be fine unbolted if you have a lot of weight in the storage pegs.

But for power racks like this one, storage weight is used and it is additionally bolted into the ground.

FringeSport Floor-Mounted Power Cage

The FringeSport power cage would be my pick in the most balanced power cage available.

Why would I make that statement?

It meets the criteria of 2”x3” 11-gauge steel 5/8” hardware specs.

It has a weight limit of 1000lbs on the J-hooks

It has 2 pullup bar variations.

It comes with free band pegs and weight storage options.

It also does not need to be bolted into the ground and can be freestanding on its own.

This is rare for power cages of this size because all power cages require you to be bolted onto the ground.

This is for safety reasons and it may be inconvenient.

However, you want to be safe rather than dead under the rack that just fell over.

Compared to the other 4 racks, this rack, by far, takes up the least amount of space.

Titan T3 Series Power Cage

The Titan T3 Series power cage comes in two versions, the 24” depth and the 36” depth.
Titan has a great reputation for making equipment that lasts and this power cage is no exception.

A 2″x3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware construction of the entire setup makes it one heck of a power cage.

And it shows as it is stated to have a 1100lbs weight limit on the J-hooks.

This is one of the shortest power cages being compared but if you are doing pullups or muscle-ups, you will need to add a few more inches as well.

So, in the end, you should assume the worst-case situation.

This is one of the heavier power cages, weighing in around 254lbs.

This makes for a great counterweight for you to not be able to tip the power cage over.

As mentioned before, J-hooks are complementary along with band pegs and storage pegs.

In general, this is a very wholesome power cage and you can tell that heavy-duty material was used to create this product.

Titan X3 Series Power Rack

The Titan X3 power rack is like the big brother to the T3 series power rack.

The hardware is a little bit bigger, a 3″x3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware compared to the 2”x3”, 5/8” hardware of the T3 series.

Would you notice a difference if you are working out in this rack?

Absolutely not.

And based on my research, you will have no worries about purchasing the X3 series over the T3 series.

The only thing you might notice is that the X3 series is a bit thicker and would feel more sturdy.

Rep Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack

The Rep Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack is one of the most customizable power racks of the ones we compared today.

But let us analyze the hardware first - a 3″x3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware makes it one of the more thick power cages.

With that said, it has a 1000lbs weight capacity.

Nothing to look down upon since it can still hold up your heavy squats and bench presses.

But what is probably the biggest game-changer is that this power rack has so many different accessory parts that you can purchase.

You can either have a barebones power rack or load it up with some of your favorite commercial gym tools.

Here is what I mean:

  • Different heights, 80” or 93”
  • Crossmember length (these are your safeties), 24”, 30” or 41”
  • Weight Storage (depends on the color)
  • Custom pullup bar selection (4 choices: 1.25” standard, 2” axle, multi-grip, or globe-front)
  • Safeties, 3 selections - pin-pipe, strap or flip-down
  • J-hooks, 3 selections - standard, flat sandwich, or round sandwich
  • Other accessories, landmines, dip attachment, weight horn, band pegs, lat/row attachment, leg-roller, spotter arms (for the front), rear base stabilizer, front foot extensions

You can customize what you want in a power rack and that is more power for the customer.

You are guaranteed a standard pullup bar, safeties, and a standard J-hook.

That is the base model and what is shown in most of the pictures as well.

And whether or not the Rep Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack can be a freestanding power rack or not, that depends on your usage.

If you have 500+lbs of accessories attached to your power rack, you might be able to get away with a few heavy squats here and there. 

But this power rack was designed to be bolted into the ground.

Why skip this important safety precaution if you paid a premium for extra equipment and high quality material?


And there you have it.

Five awesome power cages that you WILL NOT REGRET purchasing.

Now, time to answer some frequently asked questions that you may have:

What are power racks used for?

Power racks are used for barbell training, specifically in the squat, bench press and overhead press.



They provide support for these compound movements by providing hooks at appropriate heights and safeties.

Most power racks and cages are bolted on the ground for added stability and lifetime usage. 

Do power cages come with a bench?

Power cages and flat benches do not come together and are usually purchased separately.

Flat benches, like this one, can be bundled together as a package with your power cage but this is not common.

Do power cages come with a lat pulldown?

Some power cages come with a lat pulldown, like the Rep Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack.



This is an additional cost since this is not part of the original design and will be considered an add on.

This is a standard practice because many companies have separated the lat pulldown from the power cage and have created two different products for them.

What is the best power cage for a home gym?

Depending on the size of your garage, basement or section of the house, you want to purchase a power cage that best fits your space at home.

With that said, not too many people can dedicate their whole house to be a gym-like environment.

So, right off the bat, we are working with a limited amount of space.

The FringeSport Power Cage is one of the smaller power cages, having a 48.5”x34” deep footprint.   

And depending on your space situation, you can pick a larger power cage as you see fit.

At the same time, power cages do not get massively bigger unless you want an elite level of weight storage options and multiple machine add-ons.

The average size power cage would be similar to the Titan X3 Series, with a 52”x46” deep footprint.

Should I purchase a used power rack or power cage that was for sale?

Used power racks and power cages can save you money but you should be wary of these purchases.

Condition issues must be examined thoroughly since this is the main problem for complaints.

Small dings and rust should be noted.

Though it might not seem like a huge difference, you do not want your power rack or cage to fail on you.

And chances are, there are very few used power racks and cages available for sale.


Because they are bulky, big and tedious to take apart and transfer over.

You have no choice if you need to get rid of it though.

But for most sales, all buyers would rather look to get a new power rack or cage.

Just the peace of mind that you have a quality product is enough to make you sleep well at night.

Should I get a Strongman yoke if I want to get a power cage?

If you are a Strongman competitor, you should definitely invest in a Strongman yoke since it may be one of five events in your contest.

And you do not want to be inadequately prepared.

If you are just training for strength but have more general goals, it really depends on your budget.

The types of exercises you can do on a Strongman yoke are very specific since they are mainly considered loaded carries.

Most strength athletes will not need a Strongman yoke because they are satisfied with results gained from just doing the squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press.

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