Top 5 OHP Accessories To Increase Your Size And Power

May 25th 2020

You are looking for the best ohp accessories to get your overhead press stronger.

I am assuming you are running a program that includes the overhead press in your program. 

Otherwise, it would make no sense to wish your overhead press was stronger while not doing any.

You should be doing a minimum of 3 sets of 5 reps. 

This is a typical set and rep scheme to progressively overload.

But let it be known, the best way to increase your overhead press is by doing more overhead press.

Train your overhead press with your normal grip and continue to do so for more sets and reps.

This is the most efficient way.

But if you are looking for extra exercises to complete to train your shoulders, back, and triceps, let us dive into the accessories.

The best OHP accessories

Weighted Dips

An excellent accessory for your trips.

And depending on your body angle, it will really target your shoulders.

Obviously, you will not be doing bodyweight dips. You need something heavy.

You will need a dip belt and some weight in order to really overload your arms and shoulders.


If you stay upright as possible, you will place the maximum load on your triceps.

If you lean, you will target your shoulders a little more.

Dumbbell presses

You need to increase your shoulder size (and possibly strength as well).

One reason why you are stalling in your ohp is that you hit a temporary wall in terms of stimulus and growth.

You need to do just a tad bit more.

So, dumbbell presses might be your go-to exercises.

Many lifters train them with high reps. Good.

You will need the extra volume while not taxing your body too much from the heavy overhead pressing sets you did earlier.

And you can also go heavy with them as well (with a medium amount of reps.)

Your creativity is not limited in your dumbbell pressing.

Push Presses

This is another common ohp accessory but I find that it has split results.

It is worth mentioning since it is a great way to get more pressing volume into any workout.

The push press helps overload your workouts by working on the top range of your overhead press.

Usually, lifters can push press 1.1-1.2x their strict press. A little more if your push press form is efficient.

But the only way to find out is to include it into your workout for a couple of training cycles and see if it makes any difference.

Z Press

Nicknamed after Strongman Zydrunas Savickas (Big Z), the Z Press is an overhead pressing movement that requires you to stay as upright as possible.

You are not using any legs and are sitting on your butt. 

Z Press vs OHP

In terms of overhead pressing hierarchy, the Z Press might be a bit better than the strict press or around that level.

With that said, the overhead press will be the standard for 99% of lifters. 

So, everyone will make progress by just doing more overhead presses.

And for those who get strong enough to do more, they can decide on what accessories to include.

And the Z Press is excellent for an accessory. But do not let that stop you from making the Z press into the main movement or conditioning exercise.

You can definitely use the Z press for your working sets.

You can also use them at the very end of your workout. It really depends on what your goals are and how you want to achieve them.

Strongman Logs, Axles, Fat Gripz

In many general strength programs, they involve powerlifting movements or machine exercises.

You will use the barbell or some other device in your gym.

However, powerlifting and bodybuilding lack a lot of tools that can truly take your pressing to the next level.

Here is a video of the Strongman axle pressing:

And here is a video of the Strongman log press:

If you do not have Strongman equipment, you can try to make it or buy it.

You can also attach fat gripz to your barbell to simulate an axle bar. This can be very cost-efficient.

The main point of adding these movements to your program (if you are not a Strongman) is to have more exercise variation and to increase your pressing volume.

All of these exercises will work on increasing your lockout strength primarily. 

Your shoulder and core stabilization will also be trained.

Floor press vs overhead press

The floor press is mainly used as a bench press accessory to limit the stress on the lifter’s anterior deltoids.

With that said, it is still used for triceps and chest development, both of which are necessary for a big overhead press.

The floor press is more of a tertiary movement of the overhead press, very non-specific but it targets the upper extremities so some lifters may see some improvement in their overhead pressing abilities.

Overhead press progress

With regards to the ohp accessories, they should increase more slowly than your main movement, the overhead press.

If you are recovering correctly and training hard enough, your overhead press should increase with time. 

For a beginner, you can expect a 5lbs increase each workout.

For an intermediate, you can expect a 5lbs increase each week.

But for many lifters who have been training a while and have their overhead press stalled for a while, your main objective is to make sure you are recovering correctly.

After that, focus on not getting injured.

Then, your final goal is to increase your work capacity and your overhead press strength should increase as you are able to handle more volume.


These OHP accessories should take your pressing up a level or two.

But one of the most important things you should already be doing is to make sure your nutrition and sleep quality is great.

It is a common thing to just brush off but it has a great compounding effect in the long term.

Continue to do the right things for your body and your PRs are just waiting to be crushed.

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