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Longhorn Buffalo Bar Review, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

April 21st 2020

In this article, we will review the Longhorn Buffalo Bar, which is a cost-friendly version of the famous Duffalo Bar, engineered by Chris “The Mad Scientist” Duffin.

American Barbell Camber Bar

Longhorn Buffalo Bar Specifications

  • Weight: 48 pounds

  • Weight Capacity: Only test up to 800 pounds due to size restrictions.

  • Full Diameter: 32mm

  • Material: CR Steel

  • Knurl: Medium to slightly aggressive

  • Tensile strength:  165,000 PSI

  • Whip: None

  • Spin: Good uses 4 roll pins

  • Best Use: Squat and Bench

  • Length: 87.5" long

  • Sleeve Specs: 16.50" loadable sleeve with 50mm diameter -  Steel bright zinc plated

  • Shaft Specs: 32mm diameter

  • Dimension of the camber on the Longhorn bar? 15 degrees

My Thoughts?

Compared to the Classic Duffalo Bar, everything is almost the same.

This is great for us buyers to know that products are being made with high-quality material to fit our lifting needs.

Really, the only issue you need to ask yourself is the cost and very specific, physical specifications of your training program.

Buffalo bar vs Duffalo bar

The only physical differences is that the Longhorn buffalo bar is a bit smaller compared to the Duffalo bar:

  • 48lbs instead 55lbs (weight difference)
  • 87.5” instead of 95” (length difference)
  • 800lbs vs 1500lbs tested (load capacity difference)
  • Medium vs sharp knurling (knurling difference)
  • 16.50” vs 17.25” (sleeve loadable area difference)

To the average or even advanced lifter, you will hardly tell the difference.

With that said, if you are a bigger athlete, you may want to opt for the original Duffalo bar.


Nevertheless, this is a question that every keen buyer is thinking, is it worth purchasing?

And my answer to this is…. Yes, you will not be disappointed in the value of this product.

What is a buffalo bar?

A buffalo bar is a specialty bar that is made with a curve (called a camber) that alleviates stress from the lifter’s shoulders and chest 

For a video description, here is a great video to watch about what a buffalo bar is and what to expect:

What is the price of the Longhorn Buffalo Bar?

The cost of this specialty bar is $462 with free shipping!

How much does a buffalo bar weigh?

The Longhorn Buffalo Bar weighs 48lbs.

The classic Duffalo Bar weighs 55lbs,

For most manufactured products, a buffalo bar should weigh between 45-55lbs.

Why use a buffalo bar?


  • Due to the curved shape, it helps reduce the external rotational stress on your shoulders
  • For bench pressing, overhead pressing and even squatting, this bar improves scapula retraction and lat activation


Buffalo bar bench

The buffalo bar can be used during the bench press and overhead press but is mainly used for the bench press.

It allows athletes to perform a “deficit” bench press, allowing for a greater stretch and activation of the deltoids and chest.

Buffalo bar squat

The buffalo bar was primarily designed to improve an athlete’s squatting comfort.

With regular straight bars, many compound exercises force athletes to overwork their front delts and chest.

As a result, when it comes time to do squats, some athletes have a difficult time getting mobile and warmed up to create a secure shelf for the squat.

Some athletes work around this issue by taking a wider grip but they sacrifice a lot of upper back stability.

With the buffalo bar, your shoulders are placed in a more comfortable position while still being able to engage the upper back.

Buffalo bar and deadlifts

The buffalo bar is not used for the deadlifts. The buffalo bar is primarily used for the bench press and the squat.

For some lifters, the overhead press might be applicable as well.

The main focus of the buffalo bar is to allow lifters to get back into training without exacerbating pre-existing shoulder tightness or injuries.

If you have been training powerlifting movements for some time now, you might be aware of these effects (I know I have after 6+years of training…)

Benefits of a buffalo bar

The main benefit of the buffalo bar is to relieve any excess shoulder tension experienced while performing compound movements. 

While a straight barbell, it can be very easy to overload your front delts and chest.

The unique design of the buffalo bar allows lifters to bypass this concern and to continue to train smartly and efficiently.

Closing thoughts

The Longhorn buffalo bar is a beautiful specialty bar to supplement any normal barbell work.

Though it is normally used for the squat and bench press, it definitely has other usages if you open your mind to the possibilities.

It just depends on your training needs and goals.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your Longhorn Buffalo Bar from FringeSport here!

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