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Titan Fitness Yukon Bar Review | Buying Guide

August 18th 2020

The titan fitness yukon bar might be the perfect bar to use if you do not have a buffalo bar and/or you need some shoulder/elbow relief.

Even to this day, the teachings of Louie Simmons of Westside barbell remain popular in the sport of strength training.

One example of which is in the use of specialty barbells.

Specialty barbells, as the name implies, is a type of barbell that is different in some way than a traditional barbell.

They can be of different lengths, diameters, and shapes.

The type of specialty barbell we will be diving into today is the curved Yukon barbell from Titan Fitness.

In this article, we will discuss the origins of the Yukon bar, what it could be used for, it’s specifications, a highlight on some of its main features, a pros and cons list, and finally, my take on the barbell.

What is the Titan Fitness Yukon bar?

The Titan Fitness Yukon barbell is a specialty barbell that is made with a curved body.

It is the successor of Titan Fitness’s other curved barbell, the Bison bar, and is an upgrade in almost every aspect.

As mentioned in the introduction, curved barbells have been popularized by Westside-barbell with the Duffalo bar.

This type of specialty bar can be used for a variety of exercises and has a variety of benefits over a traditional barbell.

The only downside with the Duffalo bar is its price which is a whopping $600.

The Bison Bar and Yukon Bar were attempts by Titan Fitness to create a barbell with the same benefits but at a cheaper price point.

In the following section, we will discuss the implications of the curved body has on weightlifting, and what it can be used for.

What is the purpose of the Yukon bar?

The purpose of the bend on the body of the Yukon barbell is that it reduces the rotational demand on the shoulders.

This makes it so that for those with shoulder pain or shoulder limitations, they will be able to squat with this barbell.

Another benefit of the Yukon barbell is that it also allows for more scapular retraction and lat engagement during the press and squat.

This makes it so that it is safer to perform both these exercises as retracting your scapula helps prevent rotator cuff tears.

For the press, the angulation of the barbell also helps to keep the wrist in a comfortable, and neutral position.

Overall, this bar will help you increase your strength while keeping your body safe and healthy which is the reason why it is heavily utilized by professional strength athletes all across the globe.

Titan Fitness Yukon Bar Picture

Titan Fitness Yukon Bar Cost

The titan fitness yukon bar costs $219.99 (with free shipping!)

Titan Fitness Yukon Bar Specifications:

  • Overall length: 96”
  • Length handle to handle: 58 1/8”
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 17 1/2” 
  • Grip Diameter: 32 mm / 1.26”
  • Barbell Curvature: 6”
  • Coating: Black Oxide
  • Weight Capacity: 2,000 LB
  • Weight: 50 LB

96” length

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at these specifications is just how long this specialty barbell is.

Sitting at 96”, it is comparable to the original Duffalo bar which sits at 95”.

The longer length helps to increase the length of the barbell’s sleeves and also helps with maintaining the bar’s balance.

The only issue with the enormous length will be storage and for those who lift in a confined space.

In that case, you might want to find a way to fit this in your power rack before purchasing.

Weight of 50 lbs

This specialty barbell was designed to be as similar to a traditional barbell as possible when it comes to weight and its center of gravity.

At 50 lbs., it is very comparable to the traditional barbell weight of 45 lbs.

This makes it so that you can use a similar amount of weight as you normally would without having to worry about weight discrepancies.

This is one of the issues I have with specialty barbells that weigh anywhere from 20 to 80 lbs.

It starts becoming mentally taxing keeping track of what weight you are using for each exercise and for each barbell.

But with the Yukon bar, this problem is seemingly nonexistent.

2,000 lb capacity

The Yukon bar is advertised with a 2,000 lb weight capacity.

This is certainly more weight than anyone will ever use, but what’s important is that it is capable of handling heavy weights without bending or breaking.

And at 2,000 lbs, you have a decent enough safety net.

This is an upgrade from its predecessor, the Bison bar, which had a weight capacity of only 500 lbs.

Sleeve length 17 1/2”

This goes back to our last point about how similar the Yukon bar is to traditional barbells.

With a sleeve length of 17 1/2”, it is comparable to Olympic sized barbells with a sleeve length of 16”.

The greater sleeve length is especially useful for those who use rubber plates at home which are wider than traditional steel weights, meaning you can hold even more weight when using this bar.


The Yukon bar is knurled around the outer rings, as well as in the middle of the bar.

The middle knurling will help to keep the barbell centered on your back while the outside knurling will work to enhance your grip.

The knurling is a somewhat neutral and provides some traction but not crazily so.

Bronze Bushings

This barbell as designed with bronze bushings on the ends so that the plates can easily spin, making it much easier to put on, take off, or readjust the weights.

Bronze bushings are somewhat rare at this price point so it was a surprise to see such high-quality material be used for the Yukon bar.

Black Oxide Coating

The Yukon bar is made out of steel and is coated with black oxide.

Black oxide is a type of coating that adds a cool matte black finish, while also preventing rusting.

This is a great addition as it allows the bar to stay in mint condition even longer.

Titan Fitness Yukon Bar Pros and Cons


  • Similar weight and center of gravity to a traditional Olympic barbell
  • Black oxide coating helps prevent rusting
  • 2,000 lb weight capacity
  • Bronze bushing sleeves


  • Because of how long the barbell is, loading plates may result in the bar toppling over. This can be mitigated by positioning the barbell differently, but can be a pain to do, especially when unloading plates.

Final review

Titan fitness has succeeded in setting out what it originally planned to do.

That is, by creating a more budget-friendly Duffalo bar while maintaining all of its benefits.

Their first design, the Bison Bar, was to put it nicely, an embarrassing flop.

The Bison Bar’s power design was known as a joke in the fitness community with its poor strength capacity of 500 lbs and its design flaws.

The Yukon Bar not only fixed all the issues with the Bison bar, but it provided more in terms of features and benefits.

The increased size, weight, and design allowed for a stronger, steadier bar that more closely resembles the Duffalo bar which it was made after.

Overall, the Yukon bar is a great alternative to the Duffalo bar.

Titan fitness has truly succeeded in accomplishing what it set out to do.



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